November 29, 2021

Mark Perdue and Russell Morgan’s group released a world-class Blue Marlin with Captain William on November 29.

The Marlin release was certainly the highlight of this trip that also included an excellent Sailfish release.

Several nice Dorados rounded out the scorecard and will provide tasty filets for the dinner table.

November 29, 2021

The Discoverer pulled off the very challenging Double Sailfish release on November 29 with Tyler Brandenburg, Mark Perdue, and Richard Walden.

Great fish-handling by Mate Kevin to ensure the safe release of both fish above, plus this solo Sailfish released later in the trip.

BIG Dorados rounded out the day’s action.

Also this Monster Yellowfin Tuna led to a sushi party later at Casa Privada.

June 8, 2015

Mark Perdue joined the barroom brawler for two full days of fishing and they scored big with Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin.

“The first day we went out, we had a double hookup with Carlos and Kevin in the Explorer in the first 20 minutes.”

“Then we found an old dilapidated net about 12 miles out and caught a couple of 80lb Dorado and as many smaller ones we could catch.”

“Plus many small yellowfin tuna.  Caught fish around the net on almost every cast with spinning gear.”


July 7, 2012

Our new friend Charles Mark Perdue joined Captain David and Mate Carlos on the famous Explorer for a 3/4 day trip, however the action was so intense that he extended his trip to a full day once they got out to the fishing grounds.

We’ll let Mr. Perdue tell the story:

“Craig, thanks again!!  Fishing with your group was the highlight of my brother’s trip to Costa Rica. Two of my brother’s caught a Sailfish and one caught a small Dorado.  My Brother-in-Law caught a sail as well.  What was great about the experience, is my 3 brothers had never been off-shore fishing except in a big party boat.  So, needless to say…they were really excited when they got to land sailfish!.”

“David and Carlos, were very good and patient.  We stayed out longer….we were having so much fun. I may be down again the week before X-mas and if so, I will book another day or two with you guys.”