September 29, 2022

Dan Johnson from Hatteras NC took friends Antonio Carrillo Carrillo, David Barrantes, and Diddier Gutierrez for a full day fishing on the

They caught 21 Red Groupers, two Congrios, one Dorado, and 20 Pochotes.

The whole crew and other guests enjoyed the catch prepared at Marlin Bill‘s Restaurant

March 4, 2022

Hatteras, NC angler Dan Johnson added to his considerable angling accomplishments with this amazing Wahoo catch on March 4.

Also on board the the Discoverer were Dieter and Antonio Carrillo.

A Wahoo of this size is caught in our area once or twice a year, and you know that this group appreciates this rare and elusive monster. They also added some nice Yellowfin Tunas for variety.

February 10, 2022

Dan Johnson finished off his fishing adventurer with FishingNosara on February 10 on the Explorer with his new right-hand man Antonio Carrillo.

Dan wrote us a very nice letter at the end of his trip:

To everyone at FishingNosara:

Let me tell you I am grateful and thankful that you are my very special family.

I have just completed my 5th trip and stay with you and fished a dozen times in a 5 month period.

I want to express my appreciation for the friendship I have with all of you.

I have been coming to Costa Rica for 25 years and have never felt more at home anywhere else.

You are all the best.


Dan Johnson
Hatteras, NC

January 9, 2022

Dan Johnson of Hatteras, NC returned to the Wanderer on January 9 with Wilber Carrillo, Antonio Carrillo, and Manuel Obando.

Wilber had the big fish of the day…his first-ever Blue Marlin release. In the afternoon, they crush a school of Yellowfin Tunas and Dorados.

Big smiles from Captain William and this fun-loving crew!

March 29, 2021

Dan Johnson from Hatteras, NC took his three Immigration Officer friends Antonio Carrillo,
Luis Rodriguez Valdez and Carlos Ramirez Garcia for a day on the Explorer.

It was Luis’ and Carlos’ first day ever fishing in the ocean.

Everyone had a great time catching groupers and exotic bottom fish

At the end of the trip they had a great meal at Marlin Bills with the catch.