March 26, 2019

The Harvester and angler John Baumgart scored the first big haul of the season for Yellowfin Tuna.

We have scored scattered Yellowfins this year, but not this big or numerous.

This is a great sign of the second high season which is right around the corner.

The last fish of the day was also the last fish ever for this rod which snapped off under pressure…that’s what happens when you battle the world’s baddest fish!

However the fish didn’t fare much better than the rod:

May 25, 2013

Wanna hear about the best boat in Garza? How about two Marlin releases on the Wanderer for two different charters on the same day?

May 25 will now be remembered as the day of the ultimate Marlin Doubler Header with client Janet Storey releasing a 300lbs. Blue Marlin at 10:11am and then client John Baumgart releasing a 400lbs. Blue Marlin at 5:29pm!

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Janet’s Marlin was a real thing of beauty; big, strong, and tough as a bear. But even this monster wasn’t prepared to do battle with an angler from the hard-fishin’ Glades region of Florida surrounding Lake Okeechobee!

Janet set everyone straight later on Facebook: “I caught the 300# Blue Marlin. William and Alex are a great on the Wanderer. Can’t say enough good things about Craig and his staff. We enjoyed it all.”

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After a safe release by First Mate Alex, Captain William brought the Wanderer home to Garza to let off the Storey group and pick-up FishingNosara Hall of Famer John Baumgart for his afternoon half-day charter.

The headed out to troll the same lane of water and put in a full 4 hours of hunting until the reel sang out the song of a Marlin strike! Remember that this is a game of time investment and a slow start makes a nice prologue to a great fishing story.

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Amazing fish by John Baumgart and great fishing handling as always by the incomparable First Mate Alex.

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Days like this one are rare for sure, but when you have the right boat, tackle, and crew for the job there is always a chance for great action like this on the best boat in Garza, the mighty Wanderer!

May 21, 2013

John Baumgart is a returning Hall of Famer who last year boated multiple Sailfish and one of the biggest Snappers ever caught here. This week he has three trips planned and got things started with an excellent Sailfish release on the Wanderer.

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Check out that old-school shirt. That is the first style we ever had (2008 I think) and it looks like it’s held up through a few fishing trips.

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Great start to the week for John; Stay tuned as this Florida-based anglers continues his marine onslaught.

June 25, 2012

After two steller days of fishing earlier in the week, John Baumgart returned to the Wanderer for a final day victory lap around the blue water. This magnificent Pacific Sailfish showed up to send off Mr. and Mrs. Baumgart.

This is nearly as big as his Sailfish earlier in the week on the 22nd and combined with his gigantic Cubera with Captain David on the Explorer it is fair to say that John Baumgart put a beating on these fish. Great way to end a great week of fishing in Costa Rica!

June 23, 2012

John Baumgart had a monster day on the Explorer with Captain David. They set up shop on top of the reef at Pincha Padre and the action was productively fruitful.

They piled the ice box high with two Dorados, six Bonitas, and a tasty Barbero Snapper. They unquestioned highlight of the trip with this meaty 60lbs. Cubera  Snapper.

Looks like John has his filets covered for the rest of the week…in fact he may have a little extra to go around!

June 22, 2012

Client John Baumgart and his wife set off on their first of three fishing trips with FishingNosara on June 22. They chose the mighty Wanderer for their inaugural trip and within the first hour of trolling were rewarded with this mammoth Yellowfin Tuna.

First Mate Alex put out the billfish spread and around 11am a big mean Pacific Sailfish had gulped the hook and was pulling against Mr. Baumgart with all of its strength.

All eyes were on John as he slowly won back line from the monster and brought her alongside the Wanderer. Captain William displayed his mastery of boat handling as he cut off this creature’s attempts to outflank the flagship.

Good game, shake hands.

As always this billfish was safely released and we look forward to catching her another day. Great start to the week for Team Baumgart.