July 10, 2018

Paul Worthington kept his hot streak going with a fantastic follow-up performance on July 10.

A nice Sailfish was backed up by a delicious-looking Dorado. Great work by the Discoverer.

Here’s what Paul wrote in an email when he got back:

“Just a note to let you know we had a great time in Nosara. As always your local staff were knowledgeable, accommodating and  professional. From Marias breakfast to the guys in the office, along with those behind the scenes it was a positive experience!”

“I can’t say enough about Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin, so glad they have been reunited as a team! The fishing was good this time, but not great ! However I have been spoiled with great fishing in Nosara so many times my expectations are too high. I have fished around the world, but my number one destination has become Nosara…with FishingNosara.”
“Thanks to you and your staff.”
Captain Paul Worthington


July 8, 2018

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Paul Worthington returned to Nosara to add to his legacy, and on July 8 this Florida angler scored this awesome Blue Marlin release.

Later in the trip they added an awesome Sailfish release to the scorecard.

In addition to the trophy releases, Team Worthington put several big Yellowfin Tunas in the icebox.

January 12, 2017

The Discoverer put together a wonderful trip of trips for Paul and Jon Worthington, scoring a bevy of big Dorados and scoring some sweet Sailfish snatches.

Normally we fixate on the big billfish releases, but the real highlight was the boatload of Doardos that Team Worthington put in the fishboxes.

Look at the girth on these monsters!

Great work by the big battleship Discoverer!

July 6, 2016

The Discoverer welcomed back returning client Paul Worthington for a nice day of Yellowfin Tuna conquering. Check out this beastie:

Later in the trip Donna Bowler caught 40lb Dorado pictured with her husband Steve.

Then Paul finished off the trip with a 250lb Blue Marlin.

Fantastic job by Captain Carlos on the big battleship!

July 3, 2016

The BIG Yellowfin Tuna have arrive and Master Captain William put a big one on the money with client Paul Worthington on July 3.

This respectable Yella was in fact the warm-up round.

With a little help from Mate Johnson, this behemoth was decked after a solid one hour fight.


Enough trying to hold it up…let’s get to cleaning and filet this monster for the dinner table!