December 6, 2017

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Roger Bowgen has returned for a mighty week of fishing with Captain Alex on the Harvester.

Big Sailfish were among the highlights of the trip, which also featured these nice Dorados.

This double Dorado hookup was a sign of good action to come, as the rest of the day was spent reeling in nice green morsels.

Great work by the mega panga!

Ship of Fools Tournament Recap – April 10, 2016

The FishingNosara team competed in the 2016 Ship of Fools Tournament on April 9-10 and we are stoked to announce that once again Captain William and Bob Pease put the Wanderer in the money:

More importantly, all four FishingNosara boats were in the running for a top spot throughout the weekend.

The tournament began early in the morning on April 8 as Garza Bay was buzzing with excitement.

Captain Fico on the upstart Explorer was leading the team after the first day with seven Sailfish releases report by Roger Bowgen and his group.

Captain William and the mighty Wanderer snagged six Sailfish plus a last-minute Dorado; meat fish serve up a potentially tie-breaking 25 points and would this one would turn out to be essential.

Captain Alex and Hubble Keller on the mega panga Harvester were slotted right behind with six Sailfish released and caught a nice Dorado:

They actually released three more Sails, however the camera with those pictures got accidentally sent to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Matt, Craig, and Paula from the US Office rounded out the team’s results with four Sailfish released on the Discoverer.

On the second day was a big decision: head North to try to catch the tail end of the swarm of fish that was yielding double-digit releases a week prior, or cut South and try to anticipate the next school.

The Discoverer and Explorer went North, and that decision proved to not be the right one as only four fish were caught between the two boats.

We took advantage of every bite, but there just weren’t enough fish to stay at the top of the scoreboard.

The Harvester and Wanderer went South and they hit paydirt with multiple Sailfish and Marlin releases…Marlin are worth triple the points of a Sailfish in this tournament.

Captain Alex kept his momentum up from a productive first day and captured several more Sailfish releases.


Captain William scored the big fish of the day with Bob Pease’s epic 2 hour fight ending in a MASSIVE Blue Marlin release.

The Wanderer made up for the time lost fighting the big fish by closing the day with a Double Sailfish release.

This flurry of billfish action late on the second day propelled the Wanderer into the money for the third time in four years.

On Sunday was the legendary Ship of Fool’s Fiesta at Pacifico Azul in Garza:

Great food, great music, and great times were had by all the teams and all of the Garza community came out to celebrate.

On top of the scoreboard this year was the Old Squaw:

Followed up by the High Roller:

The Largest Tuna prize went to Siempre Algo:

As always the events were run masterfully by the Tournament Staff including Marlin Bill, Angie, and the Judges.

We look forward to competing in the 2017 Ship of Fools Tournament and once again seeing FishingNosara boats challenging for the top spot.

The FishingNosara Tournament Series continues this December as we are entering all four boats into the Dreamstarter Tournament:

If you have what it takes, get your best anglers together and reserve your spot in this event.

March 1, 2015

Roger Bowgen and his posse returned to the Wanderer for a fantastic full day trip to the blue water.

Last trip they scored a bunch of Marlin releases, and on this trip they put a whipping on a nice number of Pacific Sailfish

They scored two early releases, then got a taste of the Wanderer‘s true might with a Double Sailfish release.

The action stayed strong all day, with eight total Sailfish releases by sundown.

December 20, 2015

Roger Bowgen doubled-down on his first great day of fishing with another world-beating performance with Captain William on December 20 with ANOTHER Mighty Marlin release!

Scored by Roger’s son, this Striped Marlin a true fish of a lifetime!

They also rallied up three Sailfish, including one especially high-flyin’ specimen.

Safe releases all around by the incomparable First Mate Alex.

The Bowgen Boys also walloped a beautiful Yellowfin Tuna.

Add those filets to that trophy case full of billfish releases and you have another fantastic trip delivered by the mighty Wanderer.

December 18, 2014

Roger Bowgen and his family scored big on the Wanderer with a nice Striped Marlin:

Masterful fish handling by First Mate Alex means that we will see this beauty again down the road.

These Connecticut anglers also notched the scorecard with two nice Sailfish releases and tasty Dorados on ice.


Roger was all smiles when they got home. “We had a great time on the 18th December on the Wanderer,” he wrote in his email. “Capt. William and Alex are certainly a five star team.”

Great trip by the Master Captain William and the flagship Wanderer!

December 19, 2013

Roger Bowgen brought his family to Nosara from the bitter cold of Connecticut and not only did they get treated to a week of tropical sunshine, but also had a mammoth day of Sailfish releases on the flagship Wanderer. 

The note attached to the fishing booking sheet read: “Son’s Birthday…target billfish”

Captain William took this family to Sailfish City. As usual the furious action kicked off early and didn’t relent until the end of the day.

Happy Birthday! Young Mr. Bowgen broke the ice with this excellent Sailfish at 9:30am, then it was sis’ turn to battle a blue water behemoth.

With a little help from the birthday boy she released this thick Sailfish around 11am.

Another sneaky Sailfish came calling and met the same fate as his brethren…a safe release by the super First Mate Alex.

After lunch the adults got their turn when a  pair of skywalking Sailfish took the bait.

These two sails were nearly simultaneous released, however this beast on the port side was too fired up to hold on to for long.

As a final curtain call, Team Bowgen executed the very challenging Double Sailfish release late in the day.

No help required for this pair of seasoned Sailfish scrappers…Under First Mate Alex’ supervision they pulled off the double release like old pros.

The Bowgen’s got more than just great release photos from this trip: Check out the big Dorado and tasty Yellowfin put on ice by these Northeastern anglers:

Excellent work by the flagship under the command of Captain William!

Here’s and email we received from Roger:

Good morning Craig!
Before 2013 disappears completely over the horizon, I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you to you and your crew  in Nosara. You have a first class, professional,operation in Costa Rica and as you know from the photographs/blog we had an amazing trip.
Both Captains and Mates are to be congratulated. For my son, his 21st birthday will never be forgotten
Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014!
Roger Bowgen