March 17, 2023

Ryan Pugh performed brilliantly with the Discoverer on March 17. This BIG Dorado was backed-up by one of the biggest Rainbow Runners you’ll ever see.

The youngsters stepped up with some nice Dorados:

Team Pugh also bested a pair of excellent Yellowfin Tunas. What a great haul by Captain Carlos and the big battleship!

March 13, 2021

Hook the Future TV and Captain Don Dingman are back for more blue water action. This time they joined Captain Carlos on the Discoverer and took it offshore to Sailfish City.

“Epic day with awesome anglers Jack and Charlie! I’m so proud of these guys! 7 sails…. double headers…. cameras in their face and they absolutely rocked it!”

“Captain Carlos and Kevin put us in the bite! Can’t wait for tomorrow!”