June 29, 2012

Spread the word to the local billfish popluation…the Adventurer has struck again! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that a 23 foot panga with tiller steering would stand up to the mighty Pacific Sailfish that populate our stretch of water, but the fearless Captain Carlos proved that last month’s sailfish release with Josh Walker was no fluke.

What a beast! Hats off to Captain Carlos for coordinating the strike, fight, and most importantly safe release of this majestic marine monster.

The angler for this release was from Marta Baez’ family and you can see from these excellent photos that this legendary Sailfish release was only part of their unforgettable Costa Rican vacation.

The absolutely wore it out in Nosara: ziplines, kayaks, horses, and of course one of the most memorable Sailfish releases of the season.

Pura Vida to the Baez Family!

November 14, 2011

Javier did it again! With overcast skies in Nosara bringing the big snook to the river mouth, it should be no suprise that El Jefe was nearby with road and reel at the ready.

Looks like another full skillet at Javier’s house. Proof again that there is great land based fishing here as well as big-time deep water sportfishing. Bring your light tackle and/or fly rods and join Javier at the river mouth!

October 10, 2011

FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals have kept the foot on the gas despite the off-season rainy conditions and the subsequent effect they have on conditions in Nosara. Check out this shot from our buddy Coconut Harry of the gas station in Nosara:

Manuel contributed this shot from earlier in the week:

Still, work continues around the Nosara Paradise Rentals campus as we prepare to make 2012 a banner year. Casa Neptune was the final house to get a fresh coat of paint and it came out perfect as always.

Meanwhile Captain David and Cumy have given the trusty Land Cruiser a thorough bumper-to-bumper inspection and she is all set for another great year ferrying our clients to and from the airports, not to mention hauling the boats in and out of the water!

Captain William and First Mate Alex have the Wanderer almost all the way tightened up and ready for another season of great fishing; Alex applied his carpentry skills to this new tabletop in the cabin which will serve as a great place to prepare tackle at the start of the day and prepare sushi at the end of the day!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and FishingNosara is proud to introduce our new Pink Safari Cart! A portion of the proceeds from the rental of this beautiful buggy will benefit breast cancer research…not just in October but forever! Special thanks to Craig Sutton Jr. of All Jakd Up Motorsports in Jacksonville for the custom paint job.

Finally, Craig and Matty are beating a path all over the Southeastern US promoting FishingNosara. We have begun offering a stellar vacation package at select Coastal Conservation Association Florida events and have had super time meeting all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts at the banquets.

Also Craig has been making the rounds at the New Smyrna Billfish Invitational and the El Pescado Tournament spreading the Pura Vida spirit. We are looking forward to the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show later this month as well. If you’re in the area c’mon and see us!

July 17-23 Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament

We are super-stoked to be a sponsor and exhibitor of the 2011 Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament once again. This tournament is the mother of all Kingfish Tournaments and FishingNosara has pulled out all the stops for this great week of fishing.

A free trip to Costa Rica will be raffled to one lucky winner. Also we will be running a complementary shuttle service in our brand-new 6 Passenger Safari Cart from the parking lots to the main tournament entrance.

Of course there we will be loading people down with coasters, coozies, hats, shirts and tons more promo items.

Look out for Craig and Captain Jack on the leaderboard later in the week as the general tournament gets rolling. Looks like perfect conditions and lots of Kingfish. Come on out to Sister’s Creek and say hello! Pura Vida!

Safari Cart Progress Report – July 2011

The Safari Carts are already a huge success so if you want these cool wheels for yourself, remember to book ahead of time.

Safari Carts Nosara

Even the bird are squabbling over who gets the Cadillac!


6 Passenger Safari Carts

Mitchell McQuien Golf Cart Tech
Please welcome Mr. Mitchell McQuien who has joined Captain Jack in the Golf Cart Shop to get these new beauties ready for Guiones Beach.

CHECK OUT: Safari Cart Garage section of the FishingNosara Blog.

May 7, 2011

Fishing was slow today, but back at the Nosara Paradise Rentals campus the construction of the new Safari Garage is moving along splendidly. The pillars are all up and the roof beams are in place.

This project is far ahead of schedule and should be completed very soon. Great work as always by Javier and the rest of the team!