July 2, 2011

Richard Reiner had a nice day this morning with Captain David on the Explorer. They stayed near Garza Bay and bottom fished the reef under the Kingfish green water. Though they lost a nice Dorado, they did catch a nice 30lbs. Cubera Snapper and two 15lbs. Yellowfin Tunas.

They also caught this wee little Cubera but threw him back. Clearly this day’s haul will make for some fine dining back on shore. Great work Captain David!

July 1, 2011

After yesterday’s amazing 90lbs. score, Chuck Harris, Rick Blackburn, Rick Damron, and Scottie had the Yellowfin Tuna on the ropes for their final day of fishing on the Wanderer. With Captain David on loan from the Explorer and Concierge Numero Uno Manuel on board, they once again utilized ‘El Popper’ and ceder plugs to present a spread that the Yella Torpedos could not resist.

The first few fish were in the 15lbs.-20lbs. range and they got bigger with each catch. With four footballs in the fishbox, boys were shocked by a line ripping off like it was hooked to an oil rig. A knock-down drag-out brawl ensured, with the boys emerging victorious. Think of it this way… have you ever made this face:

In not, it is because you have never caught this fish:

This is a Hall of Fame catch if I’ve ever seen one…the perfect end to several solid days of fishing on the Wanderer. Give it up for Captain William, First Mate Alex, Mate David and this fine team of anglers!

June 29, 2011

The Wanderer has become the favorite choice for family fishing trips and novice anglers learning the craft of Costa Rica sportfishing because of her luxurious amenities and smooth ride. Today’s trip proved that she is also fit for a quartet of hardcore anglers to get down to serious business.

Rick and his posse booked the Wanderer for a full day of reef warfare and they stacked the fishbox full of casualties. Highlighted by a pair of 30lbs. Amberjacks and a 20lbs. Cubera Snapper, these fellas were dealing bending rods all day long.

Great catch for the dinner table to match their previous Sailfish release! As always the Wanderer is up to any conceivable angling challenge

June 28, 2011

Javier Hernandez, Shore Fishing Expert

Nosara Paradise Rentals General Manager Javier Hernandez is the premier authority on outdoor adventures in Nosara. He has led many of our new Kayak Safari Tours and has developed a sixth sense for the super snook of the Nosara River Mouth.

Javier is a master of fishing the Nosara River mouth for tasty and challenging Snook. He is our go-to guy for Fishing Safari Tours and pictures of his catches are all over thisreport …basically if the picture has a Snook in it, Javier is either holding it or is the one who took the picture.

Here’s one he caught on his birthday:

Check out this beauty that dazzled his son Dario:

Get used to it buddy…Daddy is a fisherman!

June 26, 2011

We went fishing on Nice ‘N’ Tight with Captain Eduardo on June 26. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable experience! Captain Eduardo was extremely helpful, professional, and an all around great man. He made our fishing experience so much fun.

Eric caught a pompano and 40lb amber jack! I had fun catching trigger fish!

After our catch being cut into fillets and returning to Casa Tucan, we had lovely fish tacos and grilled fish steaks prepared for us and the other hotel patrons! We were all very excited! Thanks again and if we make it back to Nosara, we will definitely be seeing you. As promised, here are pictures of our catch!

Pura Vida!

Christina and Eric

New Jersey

June 25, 2011

Some nice billfish action on the water today for the Wanderer and the Explorer. The blue beauty was out hunting for a half-day and had a swift pair of Sailfish come tearing through the spread. One pickpocketed the long lines for the ballyhoo, but his hunting buddy wasn’t so lucky. A quick fight ensured and the Wanderer released an awesome Sailfish.

Meanwhile on the Explorer a gigantic Blue Marlin was hooked up for a few minutes but got off. Believe me these big fish don’t get so big by getting caught every day! Captain David knows what to do when big billfish come calling, so expect to hear back from this big blue real soon.

June 23, 2011

Craig Sutton, US Representative for FishingNosara is in Nosara this week to wrap up the acquisition of two new Nosara Paradise Rentals’ properties. If you think that means the billfish are safe this week, you are wrong.

Craig was on the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer for a short afternoon billfish hunt. In the course of three hours they raised four sailfish and released one.

They also had a curious Dorado come through the spread knocking at the teaser and a few other mystery nibbles.

The rain is settling in for the weekend, but don’t be surprised if Craig sneaks offshore to dance with the lady in the blue dress sometime in the next few days.

June 22, 2011

Client Wendy Parker and Linda Jolly had a great day of action highlighted by a 60lbs. Rooster fish release. Rooster fish are a very exotic and unique species, so even though their release is not required by law (like Marlin and Sailfish), FishingNosara captains always release pez gallos.

Wendy did score two nice Yellowfin Tunas and a Ponpano for the dinner table, and got the thrill of catching the much-sought-after Roosterfish.

June 21, 2011

The Wanderer was pleased to welcome Jack Thames and his group from South Carolina for some inshore fishing on June 21. Jack is a very experienced angler and Captain William kept him on the fish with the rods bent.

First, Mr. Thames took advantage of the schools of Rainbow Runners that have been swarming through the area the last few days. Then one of the deep lines ripped off and the telltale red flash meant that the mighty Cubera Snapper had thrown down the gauntlet

Mr. Thames outlasted the big red Buick and was treated to a 60lbs. Cubera Snapper. Later in the evening they boated another great Cubera Snapper, though not quite as massive as the first.

June 20, 2011

Clients Ron Bias and Linda Branning were on the Wanderer for some billfish hunting today and they were not disappointed.  Ron is a good friend from Jacksonville, FL who we met at the Southeast US Boat Show a few months ago so we are extra-excited to report that he and Linda released this awesome Pacific Sailfish.

Safe release as usual by First Mate Alex and another superb job of hunting by Captain William. Clearly, the billfish bite has turned on and we hope to see several more nice releases like this one for Ron and Linda.