August 10, 2011

It has been ‘Sailfish City’ ever since the rain cleared up two weeks ago, and August 10 will go down in history has one of the best days in FishingNosara history. Both the Wanderer and Explorer released big sails today, plus Captain William delivered some of the best fish-fighting photos this report has ever seen.

Martin Epstein from Florida has four trips scheduled this week and his first day on the Wanderer got his acclimated to the fantastic fishing we have in Nosara. Things got started quickly with a nice 35lbs. Dorado in the fishbox and sushi on the plate.

Later Captain William expertly found the blue water / green water break and First Mate Alex switched over to brightly colored lures to take advantage of the clear water. The Sailfish were thick and came swarming through the spread in waves.

After the first five releases and with First Mate Alex’ arms about to fall off, Captain William masterfully billed and released the final Sailfish. The Wanderer’s scorecard shows 6 Sailfish, all released.

Marty and his posse have two more days on the Wanderer and a trip with Captain David on the Explorer booked for this week, so look out for Mr. Epstein to continue his assault on the blue water.

Speaking of the Explorer, client Tyler Malmstrom from New Jersey caught the fish of a lifetime with Captain David very close to when the Wanderer was fishing. So close that Captain William snapped this amazing sequence of the entire fight all the way from the hook to the capture/photo to the safe release. Amazing photos of an amazing fish!

Here is the email we got from Manuel:
I have to tell you man. Tyler had one of the best trip he ever had in his life. He released 4 sails and lost 2. He never caught big fish before.

When he booked with me he said, “Manuel, I want to catch big fish.” I said, “Let’s do it man”. This guy was totally crazy this afternoon.

Regular readers of this blog always inquire as to the authorship of this thing…basically “Who writes the blog?” The fact is that it is a communal effort between Craig and Matty in the US office, the Captains/crew taking the photographs, and Concierge #1 Manuel passing the information between these two elements separated by 1500 miles and a language barrier.

Great work by the Captains, Clients, and crews…and especially great work by Manuel #1. Pura Vida!

August 9, 2011

Robert Barrett and his boys from Orlando, FL had a nice trip on the morning of August 9 on the Wanderer. They started on the bottom fishing with our Cuberra Snapper Tactic and guess what? They caught a 35lbs. Cubera Snapper along with three Yella fellas.

The good fishing continued offshore as they topped off the trip by releasing two nice Sailfish. The first one came in on the long shotgun line and David (on loan from the Explorer) billed and captured this beauty. Nice work by the young Mr. Barrett to keep this fish healthy for its release…even First Mate Alex was impressed by the boy’s strength in keeping the fish off of the gunwale:
The next Sailfish was business as usual for First Mate Alex:

Great performance, no? This super-productive day shows what is possible even this late into the season. Great work by the Wanderer and Roberto Barrett!

August 8, 2011

The Bickel Brothers (Jeff and Brian) had a huge day on the Wanderer on August 8 with Captain William keeping them on the fish and Alex maintaining an irresistible spread. They went offshore a few miles and pulled our high speed lure rig with excellent results.

The Sailfish action has been hot and heavy this month and this day was no exception. The Bickels released four of the mighty fish and missed out on two additional Sails. They also added two nice Dorados for the dinner table that tipped the scales at over 25lbs.

Great late-season action by the Brothers Bickel and the famous Wanderer.

August 5, 2011

After several trips on the Wanderer, Rick Egan made his final lap around our fishery on August 5 hoping to cap off his trip that has already included great bottom fishing action and numerous Sailfish releases.

He chose Captain David and the Explorer for a morning half-day and they got off to a quick start with three Bonitas and a two Jacks (20lbs. and 35lbs.)

Mr. Egan also lost a big Roosterfish on a topwater Williamson Jet Popper close to the boat. It was a monster and it hurt Rick’s heart to not get him into the boat for the picture, but even though he still had a great time. Plus they got a smaller Roosterfish:

August 4, 2011

Decent fishing today with both the Explorer and the Wanderer reporting filets in the box. In the morning Captain David was joined by Judith Ricci for a 3 hour morning session on the reefs and had some nice early strikes from Bonitas on the Planer/Spoon rig. Then they drifted some bait chucks over the reef and caught this beautiful Yellowfin Tuna.

August 3, 2011

After a nice warm-up trip on the Explorer on August 1, Rick Egan booked the most famous Wanderer for a run offshore after the big sailfish. Captain David signed on to assist First Mate Alex on the big blue beauty and Captain William took her out to the same spot the Explorer worked over with the Jake Davies group.

Clearly this combination of world class anglers, crew, equipment and advance recon of the bite spelled disaster for the hungry Sailfish as the Wanderer and Rick Egan released 5 Sailfish, including the legendary Double Header Release.

Alex and David worked hard all day to ensure safe releases for the fishes and fun times for the clients.

Great work by Captain William, First Mate Alex, David, and the whole Egan group to guarantee the safety of these majestic creatures. All 5 fish were released alive and healthy…and ready to be caught again!

August 2, 2011

Captain David had an amazing trip with client Jake Davies from New Smyrna, FL and his posse. You know it was a good day when you take this kind of picture:

They headed offshore early in the morning and stayed on the Sailfish as long as they were biting. Using the high-speed trolling tactic and lots of strength on the reel, Jake’s group had four releases on five potential hits. Great fishing for these guys!

Jake lost a nice Dorado, but fortunately they made a stop at the inshore reef/fish market on the way in and caught 2 hearty Amberjacks. Great work once again by barroom brawler Explorer and the incomparable Captain David. Here is an Jake sent us:

Just wanted to say thanks to the boys at FishingNosara! We got into some big sailfish which really made the trip! Captain David and the mate were awesome and we will definitely pass the good word to our friends. Pura Vida Jake.

August 2, 2011

The Wanderer relaxed today with a nice nature tour.

First he was happy to welcome the Portel family for a morning nature tour where they saw dolphins, birds, whales and some particularly amorous turtles.

This is a common site in our area since we are just a few kilometers south of the Ostinal National Refuge which host one of the largest sea turtle spawning in the world.

August 1, 2011

On August 1 Jacksonville angler Rick Egan enlisted Captain David and the Explorer for a full day of fishing. Like all of our North Florida friends, Mr. Egan had a productive day with some nice filets for the table.

The morning was a bit slow, but by mid-day Rick had a nice Yellowfin Tuna in the box and a schoolie-sized Dorado. Rick was all smiles after this trip.

July 31, 2011

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so when the Wanderer welcomed Lone Star gal Debbie Griffith and her posse from Cypress on July 31 it was clear that only the BIG fish would have to be worried. Captain William hunted down a large school of feeding porpoises and put the Wanderer right alongside the feeding frenzy as First Mate Alex and the boys threw Williamson “El Poppers” to the surface-striking Yellowfin Tunas.

They caught two monster Yellowfin Tunas over 60lbs using this top water casting tactic. Later in the day they drew the attention of a big Sailfish but couldn’t quite bury the hooks. Still, all is well with over 120lbs. of Tuna in the fishbox…enough to feed an appetite the size of Texas.

You can tell from the pictures that these are some Heavy Yella Fellas!