December 31, 2011

Senior Eduardo Berrios has become a great friend to FishingNosara over the last year since his first in early January 2011. To celebrate the New Year he brought three generations of the Berrios family to the Explorer and they had a magical trip.

Captain David and Mate Pipio were honored to welcome Eduardo’s father and daughter and show them a great day of inshore action. Throughout the half day trip they caught three White Tunas, a Cierro Mackeral, a 20lbs. Blue Jack, a Barber Snapper and eight Bonitos. That’s a lot of rod-bending!

The highlight of the day was a 30lbs. Dorado that is unusually large for such shallow depth. Seems like he wandered inshore right into the Explorer‘s spread and Abullo Berrios knew exactly how to bring the big fish home. Great catches by all three generations of Berrios!

Check out the video that Eduardo posted to our Facebook  page from the boat! This 21st century stuff is getting out of hand folks.

Surrounded by family and with excellent fish in the box; Great way to end a fantastic year for FishingNosara!

December 31, 2011

Neil Sawyer and his buddy joined Captain William and First Mate Alex on the Wanderer for a day of fishing that would produce a very rare and elusive species: the Blue Jack Crevalle. This fish occupies the same reef shelf as it’s more common silver colored brethren yet is much more reclusive and is usually hesitant to emerge from the reef to strike.

Sometimes in fishing you get things you can’t explain and such big Blue Jacks hitting on surface-bobbing topwater plugs is a bit mysterious. Neil wasn’t concerned with an oceanography lesson cause when the lines popped off the South Carolina angler had the skills to put this Blue Jacks on ice.

They followed up with a few more standard-issue Jack Crevalles and these boys are sitting on enough sushi to stay fed well into 2012.

Excellent work on a unique fish by Neil Sawyer and the mighty Wanderer.

December 28, 2011

Gary Stacey booked the Wanderer for a full 8 hour day on the blue water and the flagship delivered the goods for this Missouri-based angler. The spinning porpoises led the way to a large mancha (school) of feasting Yellowfin Tunas.

The boys broke out the topwater plugs and the big Yellas couldn’t resist. Gary has plenty of sushi eating to do in the near future, as once again the fishbox of the mighty Wanderer just can’t stay clean!

December 27, 2011

The post-Christmas fishing blitz means that it’s all hands on deck for FishingNosara. Three boats had trips today and all of our Captains report excellent catches.

Atlanta based client Joel Adler split his group between our two mid-sized vessels, the 23′ Nice n’ Tight and the 26′ Explorer.

Captain Eduardo struck early and often with a MASSIVE Amberjack, a beefy Dorado, and a nice Yellowfin tuna for the dinner table with clients Ed, Pete and Deena.

Captain David on the Explorer reports a Yellowfin tuna backed up by a Yellowtail Snapper and a Rock Snapper with Mr. Adler.

Kevin Killerman enlisted Captain Vibert and the 32′ Aimee Marie for a half-day of inshore fishing and he piled the fishbox high with 7 Jack Crevalles. Nice work by the Master Captain and a great first trip back for the Aimee Marie which has been undergoing maintenance recently.

Great action by the whole FishingNosara team!

December 26, 2011

Oklahoma boy Kevin McCarthy spent his Christmas fishing with Captain William and Alex over on the Wanderer and had such fun on the blue water that he came in this morning looking for more!

This time he enlisted Captain David and Mate Pipio of the inshore brawler Explorer to anchor up and see what was lurking on the reefs. They fished from around 8am to noon and caught a nice White Tuna, 10 Bonitas, and a feisty little Jack Crevalle.

Great work by Kevin, Captain David, and the 26′ Super Panga Explorer.

December 24, 2011

Nice action on the Sportsman for client Chad from Montana. Captain Eduardo took the 32′ Shamrock offshore to the blue water break and found some fishy activity out in the deep water.

They raised up a beautiful Sailfish that tore through the spread robbing baits; it was too evasive this time and got away clean. However Chad backed-up that near miss with a big old Dorado estimated to weigh 40lbs.

Fresh sushi followed up with grilled mahi steaks…That quite a Christmas dinner right there!

December 23, 2011

FishingNosara is famous for our 2.5hr. Sunset fishing trips. These short excursions are a perfect way to acclimate novice anglers to the craft of Costa Rica sportfishing and also delivers a breathtaking view of the golden Pacific sunsets.

Claire and Chris Lehto joined Captain David on a sunset trip and made the most of the 2.5 hours: They caught three nice Yellowtail snappers and a meaty Cubera Snapper estimated to weigh 25lbs. Fantastic work in no time at all…another great sunset fishing trip for the Explorer.

December 23, 2011

The billfish have been thick the last few weeks so when client Mike Brown booked a full 8hr. trip on the Wanderer that there would be some billfish action. Captain William pointed the flagship south and headed offshore to the blue water break.

The Sailfish came in hot and heavy just after 1pm and they began attacking in waves. Mike and his posse had a shot at 4 sails and ended up with two safe releases.

They also had a curious Marlin whack the teaser but the fish did not eat this time. In addition, they lost a nice Dorado.

However the Christmas season is about relishing what you do have not what you are missing, and Mike Brown’s group had two amazing billfish release.

December 21, 2011

Client Dave Eisner and his posse had a magnificent Marlin release on the Wanderer today! This 200lbs. behemoth nailed the starboard side outrigger bait and the fight was on for the Philadelphia-based angler.

Captain William kept the big blue beauty perfectly angled for the fight and First Mate Alex backed it up with a textbook billfish release.