August 14, 2010

Craig Sutton and the Inside Sportfishing crew had one thing on their minds when they hit the water on August 11th: Marlin.

This bad boy came tearing up the spread and hit the naked ballyhoo rig so hard it almost pulled the rod holder right off the boat. After an amazingly acrobatic 25 minute fight, the fish was finally in range to be billed. With the stress of the fight and the huge stature of the fish, we decided to release without removing it from the water.

On the final day of filming, the crew got a Blue Marlin hooked up and tailwalking for the cameras, but this one got away. They retreated to the reefs and caught a whole boatload of Yellowfin Tunas and Dorados.

Look for episodes of Inside Sportfishing from Nosara in the near future. It was a blast to host these seasoned world travelers and treat them to some world-class fishing and down-home fun!


August 9, 2010

It was as real special honor to welcome Sam August, Shea McIntee, and the rest of the Inside Sportfishing crew to Nosara for a week of enjoyment in our little slice of paradise. They took several Costa Rica Safari Tours of the surrounding areas and absorbed the pura vida culture, food and fun.

They kicked off the first of their three full days fishing with a real treat: The Return of Travis Tabor! That’s right, he was back on the Wanderer to finish the Grand Slam.

All eyes and lenses were waiting for Travis’ Rooster to rear it’s head. First thing in the morning, he nailed this 30lbs. Rooster Fish, completing the Costa Rica Grand Slam. Throughout the day the TV show crew boated a half-dozen Yellowfin tunas.

Congratulations Travis, you have accomplished one of the rarest feats in Fishing.
Pura Vida Amigo!

August 6, 2010

On August 6th client Scott McKee and his friends were on the Wanderer for the first of three full days fishing. On the first trip they caught a nice-sized Dorado and hooked up but lost a pair of Sailfish.

August 7th was the high point for Scott McKee’s party as they caught two fish of a lifetime. First up was this 100lbs. Sailfish (above) that put on a real show for these anglers. After a safe release, they set their sights on the big daddy Blue Marlin.

What a fight! This guy was a heck of a catch and he wanted no part of a photo session. This is as close as he felt like coming, and Scott clearly had no problem with that. The party rounded out their trip on the 3rd day with a nice Yellowfin tuna and a brutish Amberjack.

August 5, 2010

On August 3rd we welcomed our new friend Travis Tabor for the first of five full days fishing. Travis is a fellow First Coaster (he hails from St. Augustine) and he brought some trademark Florida enthusiasm with him.

The first day was a little slow, but his second trip things picked up in a big way. On August 4th Travis started off the day with two awesome Sailfish releases.

Then a big bad Blue Marlin came tearing through the spread and hit the high speed marlin rig like a steam locomotive. After a brief but vigorous fight, they boated and released this incredible Blue Marlin.

August 5th was full of action but with more humble results. Captain William put Travis on a couple of Sailfish, but they managed to escape this time. They rounded out the evening on the inshore reef and filled the sushi trays with an assortment of tunas.

With the Sailfish and Marlin in the bag, Travis decided to make a run at the legendary Costa Rica Grand Slam. Next up was the red devil known as Cuberra Snapper.

Using FishingNosara’s exclusive Cuberra Fishing Tactic, Mr. Tabor hauled in this evil looking 45lbs. Cuberra off the bottom despite this species’ reputation for fighting like the devil. Nice smile by the way!

Could Travis catch the elusive Rooster Fish and complete the Costa Rica Grand Slam? The suspense would build as we’d have to wait a few days to find out.

July 30, 2010

Captain William and the crew barely had time to say goodbye to Jody Barone because the Wanderer was booked for a Sunset cruise that evening.

Client Ronald Smith and his party enjoyed a cool sunset cruise. They caught a 20lbs. Amberjack and enjoyed pods of whales and packs of dolphins. As usual with the Sunset cruise, fishing is optional but relaxation and fun are mandatory!

July 30, 2010

July 30th was a busy day on the Wanderer. First, client Jody Barone was on board for a half-day fishing for the big billfish. They trolled all over the area and got lots of bites. Unfortunately they lost a big Marlin but they hooked up some Sails.

It was all smiles by the end of the day; they had caught and released two MASSIVE 100lbs. Sailfish. Awesome job!

Captain William and the crew barely had time to say goodbye to Jody because the Wanderer was booked for a Sunset cruise that evening.

July 29, 2010

On July 20th clients Doug, Ken, and Gina booked the Wanderer for a day of fishing and fun. Doug writes, “On the first trip, we had a nice Marlin hookup but after an hour, lost the battle. ¬†Later that day, I landed a nice sailfish estimated at 125lbs.”

Doug was so stoked that on July 29th he enlisted his buddies Earl and Kevin to head out for another trip. Once again, They were on the hunt for Marlin. Doug writes, “On the second trip, we had six Marlin strikes but unfortunately no hook-ups. We did find a nice barrel floating and holding bait fish. We ended up landing four huge Dorado – 50lb-70lb range.”

He was all smiles back on shore. “Captain William, David and¬†Alex were a ton of fun to fish with. I would recommend Captain William, the Wanderer, and it’s crew to anyone. These were two of the best days I spent during my month in the Nosara.”

Catch a Cuberra With This Unusual Fishing Tactic

The world record Cuberra Snapper was caught in Freeport, Texas and weighed over 150lbs. This catch was a rare accomplishment though as most them weigh between 20lbs. and 90lbs. They are burnt orange in color with flecks of brown along the dorsal fin. They are close relatives to the Dog Snapper with the only obvious difference being that the Cuberra lacks the canine-looking fangs of the Dog Snapper.

Catching huge Cuberra Snappers is a feat worthy of the most dedicated angler. Using relatively standard equipment and this unusual fishing tactic, you too can enjoy success on these hard-fightin’ monsters.

First, we rig our live Bonita (also called Black Tuna) to a Penn International 50W off both long outriggers. Each of the tunas are trolled with a J hook in the head of the fish and a circle hook in the fish’s back. The speed is set at a brisk 2.5 knots to keep up with the Bonitas. Be patient for about forty-five minutes. Though the surface seems calm, eighty feet under the deck those two feisty Bonitas are making a big fuss.

The big Cuberra Snappers will start poking their heads out of their deep hidden holes in the reef to investigate what the fuss is about. Realize that a fully-grown Cuberra Snapper is not stupid; A 40lbs. Cuberra is 25 years old, a 60lbs. over 40 years old and over their long lives their instincts are honed to avoid being caught. On the rare occasion they hit a a hook, they are typically close to their hole in the reef and can cut the line on a coral chunk. However, if you can create a big enough believe it is safe to eat and will come up to feed.

Now reel up the baitfish and reverse the hooks in the black tuna, inserting the circle hook just below the fish’s rear to force the baitfish to swim straight to the bottom. With the Cuberra out of the reef, he can’t resist a tasty meal swimming right towards him.

HOLD ON! Usually the cuberras will be within 40ft. of the surface and they are STRONG! You will need at least 25lbs. of drag, and perhaps an extra crewman to keep you in the boat. Be prepared for a tough quarter-hour duel; these fish are not the most mobile once hooked but they are strong as ox. Catching these great tasting trophies are truly a high point in any fisherman’s career.

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July 11, 2010

2010 Ancient City Kingfish Challenge

37.70lbs. King Mackeral caught by Craig Sutton on Fishtastic.

Captain Craig Sutton and the Fishtastic came in second place in this year’s tournament. First Mate Carl, Andrew, and Paula were on the crew for the catch, which was in first for the whole first day and most of the final day, but that’s fishing.

We were honored to give away a week in Nosara to the lucky winner of the raffle. Great work by the crew, the staff, and Capitan Craig!

July 6, 2010

July 6th was a family day of fishing on the Wanderer when client Andrew Egbert and brought the whole gang along for a great half-day fishing.

The lines were popping and the rods bending to the tune of four 15lbs. Yellowfin tunas, three White tunas, a ponpano and a 12lbs. rainbow runner. The kids had a great time and the weather was perfect. Great work by the crew and the Egbert family. See you again soon!