July 20, 2014

The infamous Wanderer struck again on July 20! Clients Sebastien and Rene Bire took the blue beauty offshore for a 5 hour trip and scored a MASSIVE Blue Marlin!

The combinations of Captain William’s expert boat handling and First Mate Alex’ angler coordination in the cockpit spelled doom for this mighty billfish.

Released alive and well after the photos, this Blue Monster is certainly the fish of a lifetime for the Bire posse.

“This fishing trip was my first and it was amazing, got surrounded by almost 500 dolphins at first and then they got us at the right spot to bring out a 450pound Blue marlin! The team was really nice and the boat was perfect. Amazing day out, thanks FishingNosara!”

June 12, 2014

Wayne Hopkins snagged a legendary Blue Marlin release on June 12 with the mighty Wanderer.

Wayne has fished out of Garza for years, first appearing in our fishing report in 2010 with a nice Sailfish release.

Clearly this massive Marlin is a new high-water mark for Mr. Hopkins. Great work by Captain William and First Mate Alex on this wonderful release!

May 28, 2014

Captain David has brought his decades of fish-finding skills to the new battleship, and the results have been immediate and astounding. On May 28 he locked up two big bad billfish for his clients.

Mate Kevin released this Sailfish at 10:30am (above) and scored a nice Blue Marlin just after 1pm.

The Discoverer has come out of the gate like a thoroughbred and we can’t wait to see more multiple Marlin mania from the battleship.

May 24, 2014

Dr. Bart Carey and his crew had a knock-out day on the Wanderer with not one, not two, but THREE Marlin releases.

The second Marlin came hot of the heels of the first, with only 45 minutes between releases.

They scored this tasty Dorado for the fishbox:

The final send-off was this amazing above-the-water Marlin fight. Check the action on this beast:

Great safe releases by First Mate Alex underscore another magnificent performance by Captain William and the famous Wanderer.