November 9, 2014

Captain David has gotten off to a fast start this season on the battleship Discoverer.

On November 9 he welcomed some clients from the nearby Tierra Magnifica for a trip to the Dorado-chocked waters 5 miles from shore.

This is just a sampling of the excellent Dorado catches for these clients, who ended up with 12 magnificent Mahi-Mahi on ice.

Great work by the Discoverer!

October 24, 2014

The Discoverer is back in action after an extended off-season of maintenance and repair. Captain David is stoked to be back on the water, while the fish population is not nearly as enthusiastic to see the battleship prowling the surface.

Client Nick Townsend snared the first fish of the season…check out this sweet Wahoo:

A great start to what we know will be a great season!


August 4, 2014

Captain David has made life miserable for the local Sailfish populations this week, much to his clients’ delight. Check out this array of bad Sails:

Nice fish-handling by Mate Kevin means that these released monsters will be back for more action really soon.

The Discoverer also scored this nice Dorado; almost as green as the inshore water in the backround.

July 9, 2014

Garza Bay was rocked by a unusual swell event on July 6, which meant we had to pull all the boats from the water and wait for the waves to calm down.

Florida anglers Ken Cox and John Benton had to wait a day to kick-off their fishing expedition, but once the swell passed we were back on the water!

They got off to a quick start with a nice Sailfish release on July 7.

Also check out this wonderful Roosterfish release:

They followed up with some nice Yella Fellas for the ice box. “Just ate a pound of raw tuna. Like eatin butter,” said John. “Awesomest day of fishing ever.”

Things boiled over on July 9 when a MASSIVE Marlin hit the baits and put on a fireworks show for Ken Cox.




July 3, 2014

A swarm of Rooster fish have hit the area around Garza Bay and Captain David has put the Discoverer neck deep in the middle of them. Check out this nice 25lbs. specimen caught on July 2:

The next day the battleship welcomed a nice family of anglers and scored a nice Yellowfin Tuna backed up with a meaty Mangrove Snapper:

June 19, 2014

Katrisha Seata blew into town for one night, stayed at Nosara Paradise Rentals and went straight to Garza for a full day of fishing on the battleship Discoverer.

The elected to stay near shore and check the bottom for reef-dwellers, and were rewarded with this mammoth Rainbow Snapper:

They also scored on Yellowfin Tuna and small Dorados.

Nice haul from the fish market by Captain David and the Discoverer.

June 18, 2014

While Chuck and Rick were battling two Marlins over on the Wanderer, the rest of the Good Doctors put in big work on the battleship Discoverer. The highlight was this MASSIVE Black Marlin which took both Mate Keven and Mate Fico to subdue.

The followed-up with a nice Sailfish release and a couple of tasty Yellowfin Tunas.

Great work by Captain David on another legend-building performance.