November 25, 2019

Tambi Katieb treated her boys to a big fishing party on board the Harvester on November 25. The guest of honor was this monstrous Sailfish.

Snacks for the party were provided by a batch of fat Yellowfin Tunas.


The boys even pulled off a double Yellowfin Tuna hook-up and catch.

Great work by the Katieb  family and the mega panga Harvester!

August 8, 2019

Our good friend Ed Smith brought his boys along for a day of fishing on August 8. This renowned outdoor photographer got a great subject for his folio, as Captain Carlos reports multiple 100+lbs. Yellowfin Tunas on ice.

Here’s what Ed posted to Facebook: “Unbelievable big tuna day fishing with Captain Carlos. Every fish pictured is over 100lbs. We are all destroyed and toast. According to Sean, its time to drink and celebrate. Pura Vida”

For good measure they added this super Sailfish release:

August 8, 2019

Alex Hernandez and his kids finished their week of fishing in Costa Rica with a resounding BANG!

Early in the trip they went offshore and scored multiple nice Sailfish releases.

In the afternoon they moved inshore and scored several Rooster Fish release. The big one is perhaps the largest of the season for the FishingNosara team.

August 2, 2019

Captain William pulled double-duty on August 2. The morning 5 hour session featured this stunning Blue Marlin release by angler Scott Swanson.

High off of this amazing catch, the mighty Wanderer welcomed Martin Claurl’s family for a fun afternoon of rod-bending:

This group left the boat flush with Yellowfin Tuna filets, plus added this unusual Needlefish for the ceviche tray.

The end of the mighty flagship’s ten hour day was this send-off from a monster Whale (baleena en espanol). What a treat: