July 25, 2016

Paul Reynolds and his posse took Sailfish City by storm with Captain Alex leading the way for a landmark day of billfish releases.

The highlight was this wonderful Double Sailfish release, expertly coordinated by Mate Kevin in the cockpit.

After the double, the Sailfish got charged up and lined up for their turn to be released.

Great consistent action all day for the Harvester

They even added some meat for the fishbox with a handful of Yellowfin Tunas:

July 20, 2016

Anthony Johnson rocked the house on the Harvester with a hybrid inshore/offshore pair of trips for the memories.

These big mean Sailfish were hungry when Captain Alex found them, challenging Mate Kevin to bill and release them safely.

The next day they stayed inshore and gathered live bait for a deep water hunt:

In the afternoon they headed inshore and fought Snappers on spinning tackle.

What a haul by Mr. Johnson!

July 12, 2016

Phillip Jones bought the heat with Captain Alex on the Harvester on July 13.

The big Pacific Sailfish were hungry and hard charging early in the day.

Mate Kevin did get to bill these monsters safely and quickly, ensuring all safe releases.

Looks like they caught nearly a dozen big billfish on this trip!

The last one of the day was arguable the highest-flyer…look at this dance this one put on for the crew: