May 1, 2014

Big catch on the Wanderer for Peter Sohlden’s crew. These guys put in the time this week with a full scorecard of Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and Cubera Snapper. Only one thing was missing…

BOOM! Big Black Marlin on the mighty Wanderer!

They also added another Sailfish release to their haul to finish out a great week of fishing in Costa Rica.

April 22, 2014

Bob Pease is a tough fisherman from Georgia and he scored huge onboard the famous Wanderer…Take a look at the monster Marlin released by this ole’ boy:

This Blue Marlin is estimated around 300lbs. and certainly is the fish of a lifetime!

Bob Pease put his mark on this fishery in August 2012 when he broke a then-team record with 13 Sailfish released in one day; that feat landed him in the FishingNosara Hall of Fame, and it is safe to say that he is up for another enshrinement.

This trip wasn’t a one-hit wonder…Bob and the boys also tallied seven Sailfish releases.

All this excellent hunting by Captain William made sure that First Mate Alex was wrangling fish all day!

Great work on all the safe releases on a dynamite day for Bob Pease and the famous Wanderer!

March 27, 2014

March 27 was a Banner day for Billfish on the mighty Wanderer. John Koons and his swamp posse was back on board the blue beauty for a day that would see several Sailfish released and one MASSIVE Marlin!

Once again the most junior members of the crew broke the ice with a pair of  excellent Sailfish releases before turning the rod over to the big boys.

At 1pm the boys pulled off a slick Double Sailfish release:


Everyone scored a Sailfish release, but the highlight of the trip came around 3pm.

This big Black Marlin took a lure and tried to run away with it, but Team Koons wasn’t hearing any of that!

After a vigourous 20 minute fight the whole team lined up for a picture with nature’s toughest predatory fish.

First Mate Alex finished the safe release with his signature move: a small kiss on the bill for this deadly pelagic!

Excellent work by the crew of the famous Wanderer to safely release this fish-of-a-lifetime!

March 25, 2014

Darren Cook and his son knocked out a pair of aggressive billfish today on the mighty Wanderer.

Young Mr. Cook strapped in to battle a Sailfish that charged the boat so hard it almost passed by Captain William’s helm station.

After the safe release, Darren found himself in a fight with a day-glo Striped Marlin.




February 18, 2014

Bob and Helen Goins turned in a remarkable performance on the mighty Wanderer with two Marlin releases along with a bunch of Sails.

Helen broke the ice early with a wonderful Striped Marlin release…like most of our CCA NC anglers these folks know what to do with a rod in their hands.

The Marlin have been soft-biting so far this season, so the ever-tinkering First Mate Alex has begun to experiment with brightly colored skirts for the ballyhoo.

These did the trick as the Goins group started racking up Sailfish releases in the middle part of the day.

The finale was also the highlight as Bob reeled in this awesome Blue Marlin.

Estimated over 300lbs., this is one of the bigger Blue Marlin you’ll see around here.

Great work by the Master Captain William and the Super Mate Alex on this amazing day of bill collecting.

February 13, 2014

Ryan Harrington and Mackenzie Ruhnke came to Costa Rica to tie the knot, but these honeymooners found out that tied to the end of their knot was this 400+ Marlin:

Captain David cut down the angles on the high-flying beast while Ryan put tighten the the screws on her.

Mate Kevin kept this monster under control, and saw to a picture-perfect Marlin release.

Later in the day they scored a few Sailfish releases to round out the trip.

Great times on the Explorer for the new bride and groom!


February 2, 2014

You gotta love this itinerary: 6 nights in Nosara, 5 days of fishing!

The hardcore angling quartet of Ben James, Brad Simons, Chad Langley, and Kevin Poole began their fishing odyssey on board the legendary Explorer on February 2.

To say they got off to a fast start is the understatement of the year:

This high-flying Striped Marlin ain’t the biggest bully in the schoolyard but he had moves like a welterweight champion.

Chad put the screws to this fish as Captain David did everything he could to keep her centered behind the cockpit.

Finally they got the fish alongside and the fearless Captain Carlos (on loan from the Adventurer) executed a perfect billshot and release.

Later Ben got into it with a very aggressive Sailfish, but once again this billfish was no match for the barroom brawler Explorer.

These boys didn’t go hungry either, as Kevin KO’d this nice Dorado and Brad added a tasty White Tuna.

Good start to what should be a legendary week of hardcore fishing.

January 15, 2014

Catherine Chase and Ron LaGro have been fishing with us since 2009, and the Wanderer always performs when they take to the blue water. Click this link to check out their prior trips; these two are pulled off the first Double Sailfish release!

Anyways, their trip on January 15 produced the baddest Black Marlin of the season so far…take a look at the shoulders on this gorilla:

Let’s watch from the hook-up to the release:


Ron LaGro fought the Black well, allowing it to tire itself out deep rather than allow it to put on an aerial display.

The fight was short and efficient and Alex executed a perfect release as usual.

Later in the day Catherine scored on billfish with this lovely Sailfish release.

Ron countered with a Sailfish release of his own to finish off the trip.

Amazing work by the flagship Wanderer and these super-angler clients.