November 14, 2011

Javier did it again! With overcast skies in Nosara bringing the big snook to the river mouth, it should be no suprise that El Jefe was nearby with road and reel at the ready.

Looks like another full skillet at Javier’s house. Proof again that there is great land based fishing here as well as big-time deep water sportfishing. Bring your light tackle and/or fly rods and join Javier at the river mouth!

November 7, 2011

El Jefe has struck again! Javier Hernandez is the unquestioned master of shore fishing at the Nosara River mouth; basically this guy can catch a dinnertime Snook easier than you can order a Big Mac at the drive-thru.

Remember that FishingNosara isn’t just about offshore blue water behemoths…we offer a full range of options from kayaking expeditions to shore/beach fishing. You can use our top-grade tackle or bring your flyrod for a true test of angling skill.

June 28, 2011

Javier Hernandez, Shore Fishing Expert

Nosara Paradise Rentals General Manager Javier Hernandez is the premier authority on outdoor adventures in Nosara. He has led many of our new Kayak Safari Tours and has developed a sixth sense for the super snook of the Nosara River Mouth.

Javier is a master of fishing the Nosara River mouth for tasty and challenging Snook. He is our go-to guy for Fishing Safari Tours and pictures of his catches are all over thisreport …basically if the picture has a Snook in it, Javier is either holding it or is the one who took the picture.

Here’s one he caught on his birthday:

Check out this beauty that dazzled his son Dario:

Get used to it buddy…Daddy is a fisherman!

May 25, 2011

General Manager of Nosara Paradise Rentals Javier Hernandez took a trip up to the Nosara River mouth for a late-night shore casting battle with the monstrous Snook who frequent this area.

Armed with a Rapala lipped lure and a regular spinning rod, this Snook was no match for Javier. He also lost a MASSIVE Snook but there are plenty more in this river.

Don’t forget that we have more to offer than just blue water fishing…the mountain-fed rivers that roar through this area bring an abundance of life with them. Either from shore or from a kayak, it is not unusual to haul in great Snook like this one.

Great shore fishing by El Jefe!