February 1, 2012

Legendary day for the mighty Wanderer and the Zach Condon group. This New Hampshire-based angler has seen the results put up by Captain William and First Mate Alex for other New Englanders (most recently the Mukon family) and he immediately booked a full day on the on the flagship.

Zach said they wanted billfish…Fishin’ Accomplished!

As usual the big blue beast delivered the goods for these clients who released a MASSIVE 300+lbs. Blue Marlin and backed that up with a 180lbs. Striped Marlin. They also had a Sailfish but lost it right next to the boat, literally inches from the second Grand Slam of the young season for the Wanderer.

First up was the bad Blue Marlin…this guy is a monster even by Costa Rican standards! Amazing teamwork to safely land this monster and set up a safe Marlin release.

Looks like we need to get a wide angle lens for the camera!

We talk a lot about successful billfish being the result of combining the right boat, angler, and tackle for the job. This dedication to teamwork and precision was on display an hour later when another bodacious billfish beckoned.

Look at this picture from the Striped Marlin battle, and take careful note of everyone’s eyes:

  • The angler’s eyes are on locked on the fish and she is focused on maintaining tension and winning back line from the Marlin.
  • Her assistant is baling the line back on to the spool properly, thus freeing the angler from worrying about the tackle.
  • First Mate Alex is watching the tip of the rod for clues on the Marlin’s next move. He can tell by the faintest jerk or vibration of the rod tip if the fish is about to take off running, dive deep, or charge the boat…by transmitting this info to Captain William at the tiller he provides the Wanderer with a split-second advantage over the Marlin.

Focused Angler + Proper Tackle + Captain/Crew teamwork = Great Marlin Releases!

What an outstanding trip for Zach Condon! This was certainly a trip for the ages and another Hall of Fame performance for the mighty Wanderer.

December 21, 2011

Client Dave Eisner and his posse had a magnificent Marlin release on the Wanderer today! This 200lbs. behemoth nailed the starboard side outrigger bait and the fight was on for the Philadelphia-based angler.

Captain William kept the big blue beauty perfectly angled for the fight and First Mate Alex backed it up with a textbook billfish release.

December 12, 2011

Our great friend Jeff Grosshandler and his uncle Arthur enlisted Captain William and First Mate Alex for an offshore billfish hunt today on the mighty Wanderer. They set off for the blue water and had two good shots at Pacific Sailfish.

These guys are used to fishing the brutal waters of the Northeast Atlantic where a 120 mile trip to deep water is the norm. Quite a change of pace to ride for 15 minutes and be in 600 feet of water!

The first one spit the hook, but his buddy gulped the ballyhoo from the long shotgun line and the fight was on!

The mighty Sailfish bucked and danced, tail-walking and grey-hounding  the whole way but Arthur Grosshandler kept tension on the line as Captain William expertly backed the Wanderer toward the fish.

A brief fight ensued and First Mate Alex professionally handled and released this beauty unstressed and unharmed.

“We had a good fight and my uncle and I had a great time. Alex and William really are a great team, Alex very much impressed my uncle….he was smiles ear to ear. Plus the weather was great and hopefully we will get some more on Wednesday.” -Jeff Grosshandler

We’re looking forward to it…can’t say the same for the fish though!

July 8, 2011

Robert and Geoff Birtalan delivered a Hall of Fame performance on a fantastic 5 hrs fishing trip on the Wanderer. They had 8 Sailfish come tearing through the spread throughout the day and successfully caught and released five of these beautiful behemoths.

The highlight was this awesome Double Release; excellent work by First Mate Alex to ensure the safety of the fish, crew, boat and anglers.

All of this billfish releasing will work up an appetite, so Mr. Birtalan also brought home this tasty 15lbs. Dorado.

June 16, 2011

The Yellowfin Tuna have been all over the recent fishing reports, however the Explorer always seems to have another trick up her sleeve. Captain David stumbled upon a hot spot of the elusive Rainbow Runners this morning and with newlywed clients Jennie and Johnny on the reels, they piled the fishbox to the brim with 10 of these tasty morsels.

The Rainbow Runner (also called Rainbow Tunney) boasts delicious white meat and is a very challenging fish to hook and a strong fighter. It has been quite a while since a boat managed to wear out this many Rainbows. For an idea of how strong the Rainbow Runner can be, check out this picture:

Notice that while Jennie has the rod doubled over, Captain David has a firm hold of the fighting belt in one hand and a white-knuckle grip on the 3 inch. Stainless Steel superstructure of the Explorer. Without this chain of strength, something would have been swimming away (either the client or the fish).

Great job Captain David and congrats to the bride and groom. May the ‘Pura Vida’ spirit stay with you for all of your years together!