May 11, 2012

The Rick Blackburn and Chuck Harris group capped off their intense week of fishing with some near misses on legendary fish, but managed to salvage the day with four Dorados for the dinner table and one more Sailfish release.

Here’s Rick with at the Sailfish petting zoo. They raised a marlin on the teaser but couldn’t coax the big girl to eat. Still this was a great conclusion to a very active week of fishing.

You know Chuck had a blast because he has already booked his next Costa Rica fishing adventure…could Chuck Harris be the first three-time FishingNosara Hall of Famer? We’ll have to wait and see.

May 8, 2012

Things have stayed lit up for Chuck Harris and Rick Blackburn’s group as once again we have report of a mighty billfish released. This monster Sailfish came calling at 10am and was no match for this team of seasoned FishingNosara Hall of Famers.

Another safe release as always by First Mate Alex.

Later in the day this sandwich-size Dorado came onboard to give Chuck a little kiss. How sweet!

May 7, 2012

Team Harris wore them out again today on the mighty Wanderer with a GIGANTIC Marlin release! This Blue beastie is conservatively estimated to weigh 375lbs., though since we left her in the water it’s all a guess.

What an incredible run these fellas are on! This is their second Marlin in two days and they have more hunting planned this week. Stay tuned for some more great catches from these anglers.

May 5, 2012

Hall of Famers Chuck Harris and Rick Blackburn have planned multiple days of fishing on the Wanderer. On their first day they opted for good-eating fish so Captain William chased down a large school of big Yellowfin Tunas. Check out these monsters:

Mr. Harris and his pal Dave Wesmoss have booked the Wanderer and Explorer solid this whole week. It will be exciting to see what they pull in as they grow more seasoned to Costa Rican fishing by the day. With all these tasty Yella Fellas, they will certainly be well fed for the week!

July 1, 2011

After yesterday’s amazing 90lbs. score, Chuck Harris, Rick Blackburn, Rick Damron, and Scottie had the Yellowfin Tuna on the ropes for their final day of fishing on the Wanderer. With Captain David on loan from the Explorer and Concierge Numero Uno Manuel on board, they once again utilized ‘El Popper’ and ceder plugs to present a spread that the Yella Torpedos could not resist.

The first few fish were in the 15lbs.-20lbs. range and they got bigger with each catch. With four footballs in the fishbox, boys were shocked by a line ripping off like it was hooked to an oil rig. A knock-down drag-out brawl ensured, with the boys emerging victorious. Think of it this way… have you ever made this face:

In not, it is because you have never caught this fish:

This is a Hall of Fame catch if I’ve ever seen one…the perfect end to several solid days of fishing on the Wanderer. Give it up for Captain William, First Mate Alex, Mate David and this fine team of anglers!

June 29, 2011

The Wanderer has become the favorite choice for family fishing trips and novice anglers learning the craft of Costa Rica sportfishing because of her luxurious amenities and smooth ride. Today’s trip proved that she is also fit for a quartet of hardcore anglers to get down to serious business.

Rick and his posse booked the Wanderer for a full day of reef warfare and they stacked the fishbox full of casualties. Highlighted by a pair of 30lbs. Amberjacks and a 20lbs. Cubera Snapper, these fellas were dealing bending rods all day long.

Great catch for the dinner table to match their previous Sailfish release! As always the Wanderer is up to any conceivable angling challenge