March 9, 2014

Fantastic action for FishingNosara Hall of Famer George Shipley on the Explorer. Waaaaaaay back in February 2011 Mr. Shipley earned enshrinement with the first double billfish day in the history on the then-new Super Panga.

Looks like he remembered the formula!

This double release was the highlight of the day that also featured a three solo Sailfish releases:

Plus a real nice Wahoo:

Add a late-day Dorado and you have a feast for the Hall of Famer.

Excellent work by Captain David and Mate Kevin to deliver the goods for this awesome angler.

March 14, 2012

Our old friend George Shipley returned to the blue waters of Garza hoping for a repeat of his excellent performance on the Explorer back in February 2011. With his young son in tow, Mr. Shipley opted for the more spacious Wanderer and once again he was face-to-face with a mighty pacific billfish.

This Pacific Sailfish weighs about 135lbs. and is a wonderful example of the beasts that lurk just a few miles off of our shores. Great work by the crew to ensure the safe release of this majestic beast.

February 13, 2011

Great news from the Explorer! Client George Shipley had a banner day on the 26′ Super Panga with the boat’s first ever Double Billfish day. Captain David pointed the Explorer just a little more offshore than usual, and just like that this 200lbs.+ Striped Marlin came tearing through the spread.

A quick fight and a photograph later, then it was time to get the lines back out and go for number two. Before long they had nabbed this 100lbs. Sailfish to complete the day.

These are outstanding results for just a 5 hr. trip, and Captain David has shown that the Explorer can deliver great fishing action usually thought possible on boats twice her size.