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FishingNosara’s Costa Rica Fishing Report features the best catches from our Captains plus includes news, fishing advice, and updates on all of our Costa Rican projects.

What started as a simple mailing list has grown over time to include full-color photographs of the best catches, links to videos and client-submitted reports. 

We hope that the Fishing Report keeps our community of clients feeling connected until they return to Nosara and helps upcoming clients get properly excited for their Costa Rica Vacation!

Suggestions, or contributions? Feel free to send an email.

Tight Lines y Pura Vida!

The Captains, crew, and staff of FishingNosara


November 26, 2015

Our old pal Eric Dixon is back in Nosara and he scored several Sailfish releases on the first of several days fishing on the Discoverer.

This Colorado-based angler is a hardcore fisherman and we expect great action for him this whole week.

Off to a great start!

November 24, 2015

The Explorer got in on the hot Yellowfin Tuna action with a bevy of big Yella Fellas scored by Craig Sutton and Javier Hernandez.

Mmmmm…looks like Sushi tonight at the Nosara Paradise Rentals campus!

November 24, 2015

The battleship Discoverer broke the ice for the team with the first Marlin release of the season on November 24 with client Delton Hollmann.

Great work by Captain Carlos and Mate Juan Carlos on this beautiful billfish release!

November 21, 2015

The Wanderer continues her consistent fishing with a nice Dorado and a Sailfish release.

Unfortunately this Dorado managed to snap one of our rods, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Nice work by this fun fishing family!

November 19, 2015

The barroom brawler Explorer scored a nice array of Yellowfin Tuna with client Joseph Lyman.

These tasty morsels make great filets and of course excellent sushi. Great work by the super panga!

November 19, 2015

Master angler Waynes Estes just shattered our record for largest Yellowfin Tuna catch. This MASSIVE monsters easily weighs in over 150lbs.

Even more impressive is that Wayne caught this beast on a spinning rod!

The bite came late in the day, and the fight continued into the dark.

Finally First Mate Alex got the monster on board…at first we only had these low-light phone pics of the monster:

Then Captain William saved the day by sending along his full-color shots, where you can see this Yellow Submarine in all it’s might!

Wayne also caught an 80lbs. Yella earlier in the trip, which on any other day would be the highlight of the day:

November 19, 2015

Mark Roberts also enjoyed the Yellowfin Tuna mancha that showed up in late November.

Captain William stalked this big school of porpoises and the Wanderer plucked seven tasty Yella Fellas from beneath their beaks.

Awesome work by the flagship!

November 18, 2015

The Discoverer is back in action and Captain Carlos scored a quartet of fearsome Sailfish for his clients.

Vesa Luomaranta and her group were all smiles after these four trophy fish releases.

Great work by Captain Carlos and Mate Juan Carlos on the battleship!


November 15, 2015

Jon Branson is the latest in a long line of Texas anglers who’ve scored big on the flagship Wanderer.

Captain William is stoked to be back on the water and he picked up right where he left off last season with this nice Sailfish release.

Later in the day they found a large pod of feeding porpoises and the Wanderer deftly pulled a beefy Yellowfin Tuna from under Flipper’s nose:

Great work by the flagship during her glorious return to the water.




Just wanted to let you know that we returned from our trip yesterday and had a great time.
The staff were outstanding both on the boats and in the office.  We truly enjoyed our stay and look to return at some point in the future.  Possibly the fishing tournament in April.
Please let everyone one know that we really appreciated their hospitality.


 Jon R. Branson

November 13, 2015

We were stoked to welcome some new European friends for a week of great inshore action on the Adventurer.

These hard-fishing folks found us through Tightlines NL and brought their ‘A’ game to the waters around Garza Bay.

These big Rooster fish releases were a sign of great things to come.

Their haul included lots of Spanish Mackerels, Jack Crevalles, and the ultra-rare Blue Jack Trevelly.