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FishingNosara’s Costa Rica Fishing Report features the best catches from our Captains plus includes news, fishing advice, and updates on all of our Costa Rican projects.

What started as a simple mailing list has grown over time to include full-color photographs of the best catches, links to videos and client-submitted reports. 

We hope that the Fishing Report keeps our community of clients feeling connected until they return to Nosara and helps upcoming clients get properly excited for their Costa Rica Vacation!

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Tight Lines y Pura Vida!

The Captains, crew, and staff of FishingNosara


September 12, 2014

Just because the boats are afraid to fish does not mean the fish are afraid to eat.

The never-quit Explorer is powering through this ‘off-season’ with three great trips with newlyweds Veronica and Larry Tatum.

On September 9 they ventured offshore for the first of three 5hr. trips and scored a pair of Sailfish along with a nice bycatch of Rainbow Runners and Mole Snappers.

The next day they added another nice Sailfish, plus another pile of Snappers.

Larry also got the best of this 25lbs. Rooster Fish:

Nice fish-handling by Mate Fico to see this fish to a safe live release.


September 12 was getaway day, and once again Larry and Veronica found Sailfish success.

Great work by the legendary Explorer and the fearless Captain Carlos.

September 7, 2014

The Wanderer‘s final trip of the season was a special treat…Chief of Security Eduardo Hernandez invited some of his friends and family from San Jose for an inshore trip and their long hours of driving paid off big time on the flagship. Check out this monster Snapper they pulled off the reef:

Great way to end a banner campaign for the mighty Wanderer!

Now is time for some light maintenance and serious down-time for the hardest working and best fishing crew in Garza: Get some rest Captain William and First Mate Alex…November is right around the corner!

September 5, 2014

Craig and Matty took a break from boat work to go fish-hunting on the Wanderer, and while they took turns missing Sailfish and losing Cuberas, Nosara Paradise Rentals Chief Mechanic Senior Marino scored this sweet Dorado.

Nice work Marino! At least someone around here knows how to fish.

September 2, 2014

Our great friend Brooke Sheilds is in town and brought her son Oliver and sister-in-law Maria Yetty for an inshore fishing adventure on the Wanderer, and they scored an excellent Cubera Snapper:

Great work by young Oliver who has been fishing with us for several years…he has grown into a top-notch fisherman and we always look forward to his visits.

September 2, 2014

Captain Carlos finished the season on a strong note, with multiple excellent Sailfish releases on the scorecard for late-August.

The 26-foot Super Panga is a known expectation-shatterer, and her performance this season should silence anyone who says you need a big boat to catch big fish.

Anglers young and old alike found billfish success on the barroom brawler, plus Captain Carlos added some nice Yella Fellas for the filet bag.

Another year, another great performance from Captain Carlos and the unstoppable Explorer.

August 30, 2014

August 30 was getaway day for Bill Harris and the posse, and they rounded out their trip with an excellent outing to Sailfish City.

After an early pair of Sailfish releases, Captain William discovered a big school of porpoises on the feed…guess what they were feasting on?

That’s right: Beefy Yellowfin Tunas taste good to all mammals, both primates and cetaceans.

All these feeder fish attracted a few more Sailfish, which Team Harris released with glee.

Great work by this class of Hall of Famers on an excellent week of fishing.

August 29, 2014

Team Harris had another outstanding day on the flagship Wanderer with a chocked-full scorecard of Sailfish. They got a pre-dawn start as Captain William put them out in front of a swarm of beautiful Sails:

These fish were fired up but this group of Tampa, FL anglers put the heat on them with stiff drag and fast reeling.

Great releases all around as the Wanderer continues to set the bar for great Costa Rican sportfishing.

August 29, 2014

Captain Fico has his game dialed-in on the Adventurer and finished the season on a high note. Check out this wide array of inshore species pried up by the 23-foot pocket knife:

Rock Snapper and Yellowtail Snapper


Amberjack and Snappers

Big Amberjack

Yellowfin Tuna

White Tuna

Cierro Mackeral and Ponpano.

That’s a heck of a lot of varietey for just one week of fishing. Masterful work by Captain Fico and the Adventurer!

August 28, 2014

Small angler, small boat, big fish:

That’s how we roll on the Explorer!

August 28, 2014

Returning Hall of Famers Bill Harris, Brady Harris and Elie Bedran are back and they brought fellow anglers Scott Cox, Mark Scott and his dad Lee Scott along for this Costa Rica Fishing adventurer.

The mighty Wanderer was the chosen vessel as Captain William set out for Sailfish City.

First Mate Alex put out an irresistible spread that courted five Sailfish releases.

 I meant ‘irresistible’ to Sailfish, buddy.

“Craig, wow what a fantastic day. 5 sails, 2 mahi.” Mark writes. “Great day, action was great plus 5 strikes and 2 billfish up on the teasers.
Dude what a day, I got to see my dad at 70 get to reel in his first billfish..priceless.”

“Thanks for giving us this opportunity.”

This group of Tampa Bay anglers also scored a couple of nice Dorados, highlighted by this deck sweeper:

These guys have two more full days of action planned and we are all stoked to see what they haul in next.