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FishingNosara’s Costa Rica Fishing Report features the best catches from our Captains plus includes news, fishing advice, and updates on all of our Costa Rican projects.

What started as a simple mailing list has grown over time to include full-color photographs of the best catches, links to videos and client-submitted reports. 

We hope that the Fishing Report keeps our community of clients feeling connected until they return to Nosara and helps upcoming clients get properly excited for their Costa Rica Vacation!

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Tight Lines y Pura Vida!

The Captains, crew, and staff of FishingNosara


December 8, 2014

Captain Fico has the 23-foot Adventurer dialed in and he is doing damage on the inshore meat fish. He had three great trips this week, with this 60+lbs. Cubera Snapper at the top of the hit list:

A few days later he pried up this nice Yellowtail Snapper from the reefs at Pincha Padre. Not as big as the Cubera but twice as tasty on the plate.

Recently some meaty Dorado have swung inside of the blue water break and the sneaky Adventurer was there to welcome them to the buffet:

Who says you need a big boat to catch big fish down here? Don’t tell that to Captain Fico on the Adventurer!

December 7, 2014

The dynamic duo of Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin have taken the Explorer to new heights of Extreme Panga fishing. This week clients went toe-to-fin with several bad Sailfish…

…but the Brothers stopped them in heir tracks with safe releases all around.

The Explorer also took advantage of the schools of big Dorado that have come close to shore, and filled their client’s filet bags to the brim.

The Super panga also found success inshore with a fantastic family-style Rooster Fish release:

Man, even the Bonita and Jacks are big right now!

It’s a great time to get down on some Extreme Panga fishing!.

December 3, 2014

After a great start to their week over on the Explorer, Mike Burling and the boys took to the mighty Wanderer on December 3.

Captain William had the flagship primed for a big fishing day, but even he was impressed by this eight Sailfish release day.

The Sailfish have followed the blue water break close to shore, and our team has been reaping the rewards.

First Mate Alex saw to the safe release of the fish as usual as the big blue beauty continued to notch her scorecard.

December 2, 2014

Mike Burling and his posse of Northeast Florida anglers have descended upon Nosara for another epic battle with big blue water billfish.

Their first stop was the super panga Explorer where the dynamic duo of Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin led the way to the blue water battleground.

This small Striped Marlin was the highlight of the day…not the biggest monster by any stretch but this fella still put up a heck of a fight.

They also added a pair of strong Sailfish releases to the scorecard.

Also they didn’t leave the boat empty-handed, thanks to this nice array of Dorado filets on ice.

Great well-rounded action from the unstoppable Explorer.




River Fishing Report – December 2014

Javier and the boys have been hitting the river hard this month with lots of nice catches.

Client Nelson Piche scored a nice 8lbs. Snook and and a pair of Corvinas:

Later in the month our friend Phong Nguyen added a trio of small Corvinas:

From shore or from Kayaks, the Fuppernos have the Rio Nosara all figured out.

Nice work at the river mouth!

December 1, 2014

Larry MacInnis was staying about 20km up the road from Nosara, but a hardened angler like Larry knows that is it worth a short drive to get hooked up with the best fishing team in the country.

He booked the flagship for a 6.5 hour excursion and they had great success.

Let’s have Larry tell the tale:


We had a great day of fishing on Dec. 1, 2014 aboard the Wanderer with Captain William and First mate Alex.

Those guys are real pros and had us on fish most of the day.

Caught 4 Dorado and 6 Sailfish and we appreciated the concern Alex had for the well being of the Sailfish keeping them out of the water only long enough for the photos.

Thanks for a memorable day. We hope to return.
Take care,
Larry MacInnis
St. Augustine, Florida

November 29, 2014

The battleship Discoverer deliver the fish-of-a-lifetime for Al Santiesteban and his family on their final fishing day:

This monster Blue Marlin is an angling accomplishment that many travel the world’s oceans in pursuit of, and the excitement generate by this catch can’t be overstated.

As has become their habit, this fishing family added a few more Sailfish to their scorecard later in the trip, rounding out an excellent week of fishing action.




Al has already booked a return trip in late-March and we expect another fantastic performance upon his return.

November 28, 2014

The Discoverer has been on a billfish-battling mission this month and on November 28 welcomed Al Santiesteban’s family along with Craig Sutton and Danny ‘Shake n Bake’ Baker for a great trip offshore.

They conquered five Pacific Sailfish, then turned their attention inshore where they bested a nice Dorado and a beefy Amberjack:

Great work all around from the crew of the battleship Discoverer!

November 27, 2014

Al Santiesteban scored huge again on the Wanderer with this sweet pair of Rooster Fish releases:

The second release was bigger than the first:

Oh yeah! That’s a true monster, safe released by First Mate Alex after the brief photo op.

These Tampa anglers kept up their filet stocks with this excellent Dorado added later in the trip:

Great work Al!

November 26, 2014

Like many of our past anglers, Tracey Stubits and crew hail from Northeast Florida near the original port of call for our flagship Wanderer.

The blue beauty sensed the presence of these Fernandina Beach fishermen and scored a HUGE BLACK MARLIN backed up by several nice Sailfish releases.

This monster gave a deep bulldog fight, but in the end couldn’t outmaneuver the famous flagship with Captain William on the wheel.

Nice release by First Mate Alex of a fish that is too big to fit in a picture!

Team Stubits also put three Sailfish releases on the scorecard: two in the morning, and the final one late in the day.

Great work by the best boat in the bay, the mighty Wanderer!