February 22, 2011

Client Submitted Report: Brenton Young

“We had an awesome time on the boat.  As a person who has fished most of my life I understand slow days.  We paid for a boat charter and there is no promise of fish.  The group said it was one of the best days they have had in CR and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.”

Fishing in Costa Rica

“William and Alex were awesome and made the trip even more enjoyable.  Alex really knows he is doing, and William took us through a huge pod of porpoise several times because he saw how happy it made the girls.”

“I will be back and will definitely charter the Wanderer again.”

February 21, 2011

Tough action today in Nosara…the conditions offshore were windy with high seas and the inshore water was green as emerald. With such poor visibility in the water, it’s no surprise that all of the boats in Garza had trouble getting fish.

Costa Rica Fishing Boat Explorer

Over on the Explorer Captain David kept the rods bending for client Cameron on a half-day trip, but unfortunately none of the catches were ones to write home about: three average Black tunas and a lonely Bar Jack.

Fishing in Costa Rica

Annie Robinson booked the Wanderer for a half-day and had similarly marginal results. Despite some surface activity and some promising nibbles, all she came home with was a single Yellowfin Tuna.

February 20, 2011

Old fishing saying: When the bite gets soft, the tough get hard.

With the full moon still hanging like a noose over the blue water, David Dahl and the rest of his Northeast Florida fishing posse came to town looking to break the slump. Some of the best catches in the Fishing Nosara Hall of Fame come from Florida’s First Coast, and sure enough David Dahl from Duval had a great day fishing.

Costa Rica Sailfish

The bite was slow at first, but shortly after noon they raised up the first sailfish. Then a Marlin came tearing through the spread and began laying waste to the spread. Two more sailfish came calling throughout the day and by the end of the trip they had raised a total of four billfish and released one beautiful Pacific Sailfish.

February 19, 2011

The word for ‘to lose a fish’ down here is Sanachoz, and unfortunately this dirty word got thrown around a little bit today.

Brenton and his group booked the Wanderer for the morning and went off-shore hunting for billfish. Things looked promising when they raised up a sailfish, but the bite was soft and they couldn’t get the hooks home this time.

31 Foot Wanderer Nosara Costa Rica

It’s worth noting that the full moon has a profound effect on billfish surface striking behavior, plus since we are only 9 degrees N of the equator the moon stays out much longer.

Family Fun Fishing in Costa Rica
Sr. Berrios in January 2011

Over on the Explorer our good buddy Eduardo Berrios brought some friends down from San Jose for a fishing trip. One of the Explorer‘s first clients back in December, Sr. Berrios is no stranger to success on the big bottom fish in Garza. This time, he had a HUGE fish on the bottom, but the big beast escaped…Sanachoz!

These kind of days are bound to happen, but keep an eye out once this moon recedes for the action to light right back up.

February 17, 2011

Big news from Nosara Paradise Rentals (which is FishingNosara’s sister company)…we have acquired the land behind our Guiones Beach office with the intent of building a state-of-the-art shop for our new Safari Carts.

Once completed, this area will allow for top-notch maintainance and service on our carts, trucks, and boats. The central design element is the same as with all our improvements: Privacy and quiet. Rest assured that all our future guests will continue to enjoy the tranquility, privacy, and peacefulness that has made Nosara Paradise Rentals famous.

Also, keep an eye peeled for Phase II of this development which will feature a restaurant, fresh fish market, and late-night watering hole. For now, get ready for the baddest vehicles Nosara has ever seen:

February 14, 2011

Nice weather and great action today. Over on the Explorer client Rory Lavechia caught Black tunas and Jacks on a morning trip. Meanwhile over on the Wanderer client Joseph Accarino 15 Black tunas and several jacks in just 3.5 hours.

Tuna Costa Rica

Girl with Fish Costa Rica

When the morning is this hot, you know the afternoon billfish feed is going to be crazy, and sure enough client Stephen nailed a fantastic Sailfish in the afternoon.

Costa Rica Sailfish

To finish off the evening, client Brian Jones was with Captain Vibert on the Cabo and caught 10 Black tunas on a 2.5 hour Sunset fishing trip. Busy day for the FishingNosara team, but some great catches and satisfied clients to show for it.

February 13, 2011

Great news from the Explorer! Client George Shipley had a banner day on the 26′ Super Panga with the boat’s first ever Double Billfish day. Captain David pointed the Explorer just a little more offshore than usual, and just like that this 200lbs.+ Striped Marlin came tearing through the spread.

A quick fight and a photograph later, then it was time to get the lines back out and go for number two. Before long they had nabbed this 100lbs. Sailfish to complete the day.

These are outstanding results for just a 5 hr. trip, and Captain David has shown that the Explorer can deliver great fishing action usually thought possible on boats twice her size.