May 21, 2011

On May 21 we had an excellent sunset fishing trip on the Wanderer with Craig, Paula, Daniel, Alvaro and his wife Patty. The highlight of the three hour tour was the release of a beautiful 35lbs. Rooster Fish by Patty.

In addition the rest of the party knocked out five Bonitas and three tasty football-sized Yellowfin Tunas. This shows how the right crew and the right boat can deliver great fishing action in just three short hours. Great job by the Wanderer!

May 20, 2011

On May 20 Craig, Paula, and local Dan Rey took the Wanderer offshore again looking for the blue water break. After 8 miles and only a few jumping Sailfish, they thought better of the offshore action and returned inshore where most of that week’s good catches had been made. On cue they nailed a pair of Yellowfin tunas for the fishbox.

With billfish hunting you must be prepared to put in long hours trolling while waiting for that one big strike. Despite the zero releases, the late-day tuna scores really proves Captain William’s mettle and never-give-up spirit…even on a bad day the Wanderer catches fish.

Did you know that Jim Morrison is still alive and fishing with us in Nosara?

Just kidding, that’s our good buddy Dan Rey with a pair of Yellowfins, but the resemblance is striking!

May 19, 2011

Ben Richards and Alysia returned home from Nosara today, but before they left they went on the FishingNosara Kayak Safari tour. Check out these great pictures of fishing the scenic Nosara River Mouth.

The Kayak Safari Tours are already hugely popular with the nature appriciating outdoor adventuring crowd; now it is finally catching on with the fishing crowd. This river is chock full of Mangrove Snapper and Snook, so on your next Nosara trip you may want to take a day off of blue water fishing to sample this tranquil day of paddling and casting.

May 17, 2011

Fred Schramm and Eddie McGowan were kicking some fish butt all over the reef on from May 5 to May 17 with Captain David on the Explorer. Lots of Tunas in all varieties: White, Black, Yellowfin…the action was so hot we thought they might catch a can of Albacore!

Freddy and Eddie fished the next day with slow action, then on May 7 it picked up in a remarkable way. Captain David put them on the fish and they kept the decks bloody from start to finish. They hit shore with ten Yellowfin Tunas and ten Jacks in the fishbox. All the fish weighed over 15lbs., with a few of the Yella Fellas in the twenties.

Fantastic fourth day of fishing on May 9 with Captain David; as if their previous assault on Yellowfin tunas wasn’t enough, they boated twelve more of the meaty Yellow footballs on this trip. This 45lbs. Cuberra was the perfect finish to another great trip.

Fred Schramm and Eddie McGowan would not give these fish a break! On their fifth day of fishing on the Explorer they caught five more Yellowfin Tunas and another nice Cuberra Snapper; the big red Buick was estimated around 35lbs.

Freddy and Eddie came back on May 17 for a victory lap on the Explorer. They did their typical awesome work on the reefs and nailed another nice Cuberra Snapper and one of the largest Rainbow Runners we have seen this season.

Regular readers of this report know that Captain David has a great affection for loudly-colored boardshorts, so you know he was a fan of these Dorado shorts. Great catches by Fred Schramm and Eddie McGowan on a long week of excellent action.

May 16, 2011

Craig and Paula have been hunting offshore for billfish the last few days with slow action, so on May 16 they kept the Wanderer inshore over the legendary reef Pincha Padre.

They had a field day on Jack Crevalles and Bonita using a simple knocker rig with black tuna chunks for bait. Simple approach, but deadly effective. When the full moon came up later in the afternoon so did the big Cubera Snappers…unfortunately they mugged the bait so hard they forgot to eat the hooks.

Great rod-bending action from the Wanderer!

May 16, 2011

The Wanderer welcomed client Benjamin and his posse for a great day of fishing. Lots of action on the Yella fellas, big pink filets in the box, and even bigger smiles for the clients. A great trip to end a month that seems to just keep getting better.

The bite is sure to stay strong for the coming months and we know that wherever the fish are, Captain William will be right on top of them in the big blue beauty Wanderer.

May 15, 2011

May 15 was a double duty day for Alex and Captain William. In the morning they welcome client Marc from New York for a 3 hr. Yellowfin tuna hunt.

Craig, Paula and Javier went offshore for a billfish hunt that afternoon; unfortunately they only raised one sail.

Two days later they stayed inshore and worked over a school of Jack Crevelle and Bonita, then finished off the day by parking over a mancha (school) of Yellowfin Tuna; several double hook-ups led to some nice fish in the box: five Yellowfin tunas, eight Jack Crevelle, five Bonita, and a HUGE Needlefish