July 7, 2015

All boats were deployed on July 7, but as always the Wanderer led the way with several sweet Sailfish releases and lots of Yellowfin Tuna filets for a great family of fishermen.

It’s always a treat to see youngsters get their fishing games started, but with these kind of big pelagics I hope they don’t get spoiled!

The grown-ups got in on the action as well:

The Yellowfin Tuna have established a beachhead a few miles offshore and it will take our Navy a few months to break through their lines.

Until then it’s gonna be big smiles and full fishboxes!

July 2, 2015

“Great time had by all, here are some pictures from our 7/2 trip on Wanderer.” writes Jeff Beall.

Check out this monster:

Later on they encountered a school of big Yellowfin Tunas.

Each of the boys tackled a Yella Fella of their own on this trip.

First Mate Alex is always trying new things, and for these big Tunas he likes to vent them of their blood immediately after the catch using a strong rope and a small incision above the tail.

This keeps the boat clean, preserves ice, and most importantly produces a blast of oxygen-rich blood into the spread which attracts more bites.

Great work by this hard-fishing family!

July 1, 2015

Todd Marr and his family took advantage of a last-minute opening on the Wanderer, scoring big Yellowfin tunas backed up by some sweet Sailfish:

The big Yellowfins are back for the summer and our crews are primed to hop all over them.

Todd hooked up a big high-flying Sailfish later in the trip and this pelagic put on a show for the Marr family:

Excellent fish handling saw to yet another safe billfish release for the mighty Wanderer.


June 20, 2015

The mighty Wanderer delivered the goods for Gary Pickel and his family with a MASSIVE Black Marlin release:

This beast hit the hook just after 9am and put up a 30 minute fight leading to a safe release.

After the safe release by First Mate Alex, they scored a nice pair of Sailfish:

Then they backed up the monster billfish with a slew of big Yellowfin Tunas…Captain William knows that you follow the birds and the porpoises to the land of giant Yella Fellas:

Great fish-hunting by Master Captain William and the flagship Wanderer.

June 16, 2015

Angler Sterling Johnson enjoyed an excellent day of Yellowfin Tuna action on June 16.

These big Yella Fellas are starting to arrive to our area and the are feeding hard on bait schools.

Needless to say we are all over this invasion of Yellow Submarines.

The Discoverer also scored a Sailfish to round out the scorecard. Great day from the battleship.

June 3, 2015

Sometimes it’s best to let the anglers do the talking…here’s a review from angler Andre Carbo of their recent trip:

After reading an article in Florida Sportsman a few months back, 3 of us booked a 5 day trip with Nosara Paradise Rentals. We flew into Liberia airport on May 28th and took the 2 1/2 hour drive to Nosara. It is a very remote resort with the last 20 miles being a slow drive due to gravel pot hole ridden roads. Each day we woke up at 6am to a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, cereal, yogurt an fruit. We came back to a clean house and washed/folded laundry.

We did a 3 full day offshore trip on the Wanderer, a 31′ T-craft, with William and Alex. I couldn’t be happier with the experience we had with those two. On day 1 they picked us up at 615am and drove us to the bay. We took a small craft out to the Wanderer where we headed out each day. We went out to the fishing grounds where they looked for schools of bait, dolphins feeding or floating debris.

The first catch of the day was an 80 or so pound Sailfish that I hooked into. What a great way to start the day out. We came across a piece of debris and caught numerous small yellowfin tuna as bait. A little while later, BAM!! A Blue Marlin. After a good 45 minute fight we landed him.

The rest of the day we caught numerous small YellowFin which made great boat side shashimi and dinner that night.

On Day 2, we headed out at the usual time and headed out looking bait fish. Soon, we found a huge pod of dolphins and birds feeding. It was a sight worth seeing. So, we trolled live bait and ballyhoo and caught 3 30-40 pound yellowfins at the same time. A TRIPLE HOOKUP!

A little later we had a double hook up that resulted in the biggest tuna I’ve ever had on a line. About 10 minutes in it shook the hook. I was a little disappointed but, it was a big change from what we usually catch from kayaks here in S. FL. The rest of the day was spent catching small tuna which resulted in seared tuna and shashimi for dinner the next two nights.

On the final day, we headed out and slammed a 100-120 pound spearfish. Which is one beautiful and colorful to see coming up from the water. We later found some dolphin feeding and spent a couple of hours catching eight 10-15 pound yellowfins.

We started heading in for the day and Alex spotted a log floating that was covered in bait.

They went out of their way to try to land us another Marlin. After we caught a few tuna, we rigged them up and trolled for Marlin. About 40 minutes in we hooked a 400 plus pound Blue Marlin. It was some of the most magnificent jumps I had seen in a while. After a brief 20 minute fight I landed the biggest fish yet.

A perfect end to a amazing offshore trip. A big thanks to Alex and William for a memorable experience.

Andre Carbo
June 3, 2015
Oakland Park, FL