June 20, 2020

Our amazing crew has been working hard these last few months on the construction of Casa Bianca, so when Javier asked if he could launch one of the boats for a relaxing fishing time the answer was “Of course!”

Captain Alex and Mate Wilson of the Harvester found some nice Yellowfin Tunas just a few miles off of the beach. Alexander, Grevan, and Marino were happy to have these filets on ice.

Then, they spotted a large macha of porpoises a little bit further offshore. A funny thing happened on the way to the porpoise pod.

A 400+lbs. Blue Marlin caught up with a single lure that Captain Alex left in the water while in transit, and struck it while the Harvester was clipping along at 20 knots!

That is a new level of high-speed trolling! Safely battled by Foreman Dieter and released by Mate Wilson, this release is now part of the Harvester‘s untouchable legacy.

November 27, 2018

The Wanderer broke in her new motors with Nosara Paradise Rentals grounds crew members Grevan Hernandez and Dieter for a quick trip to the fish market.

Great work by our mechanic Oldemar on the new motor installation.

Later that week the flagship welcomed angler Dan Bofinger for a full day of action on the 27th.

After a few nice Dorado scores to start the day, they finished up with a nice run of Sailfish releases.

Great work by Captain William and the mighty Wanderer!