April 17, 2011

On Sunday night the General Manager of Nosara Paradise Rentals Javier Hernandez took our two newest employees out for a sunset cruise on the Explorer. Our staff is a tight-knit group of friends and family, so anytime we bring new people into the fold it is a special occasion.

Kelvin and Artrero

Kelvin (left) has been brought on board as the chief technician for the Safari Carts. He also takes a central role in the repair and upkeep of all things mechanical and technical on the NPR campus.

Artrero (right) is a welcome addition to our office staff where he specializes in sales, client relations, and assists Manuel and Javier on the day-to-day operations. His brother is Nice n’ Tight/Sportsman Captain Eduardo Carrillo.

Both of these gentlemen are doing great and we hope to have them with us for a long time.

As for the fishing, Captain David took them out to Pincha Padre (literally translated: Your Daddy’s Spot) and they caught some Black Tuna and a few nice Jacks.

Javier with Jack

April 5, 2011

The Explorer was back on duty the morning of March 25 with client Luke and early half day. They got off to a quick start, catching a 20lbs. Dorado and a football-sized Yellowfin Tuna.

Around 11am the billfish woke up and began assaulting the Explorer‘s spread. In less than an hour they raised three Sailfish and released two. Excellent action no matter how you slice it!

For a victory lap, Luke and David visited the inshore reef for a quick casting session and once again put the hooks into an incredible fish… a 60lbs. Rooster Fish!

After the Ship of Fools, we knew there would be no post tournament letdown for the Explorer. Captain David on the barroom brawler called the Explorer caught a white tuna, a 25lbs. Yellowfin tuna, and a 45lbs. Dorado. Excellent trip!

April 4, 2011

We got some great news from the Explorer on April 4. The Super Panga with the supersized heart was booked by client Kieran Charles Fleming from Michigan for a full day of offshore billfish hunting. Captain David enlisted First Mate Alex from the Wanderer for the trip, and the boys did an excellent job of putting the clients on the fish of their dreams.

Sailfish Release Costa Rica

First up was a nice Sailfish release estimated over 100lbs. While that may satisfy most panga boats, the Explorer is not your daddy’s panga…it is a billfish hunter to the bone!

Blue Marlin

Just ask this 300lbs. Blue Marlin that Captain David and Kieran released late in the day!

Blue Marlin Costa Rica

Marlin Release CR

The moral of this story? The fish don’t care how big the boat is. The right tackle, the right captain, and a good angler are all that is required to catch the fish of a lifetime on the 26′ foot giant killer…Explorer!

April 1, 2011

Captain David took clients Michael and Sarah out on the Explorer for a 2.5 hour morning trip. They found hot action at a very famous reef just off of Garza called Picha Padre. On this very short trip they caught a nice white tuna and three useful black tunas.

Captain David Barrantes, Garza

The Explorer always delivers action from big billfish to feisty inshore species. Another great performance from Captain David.

March 29, 2011

No post tournament letdown for FishingNosara! After a grueling weekend of tournament fishing and multi-charter days, our Captains and crews have kept their collective foot on the metaphorical pedal.

Captain David on the barroom brawler called the Explorer caught a white tuna, a 25lbs. Yellowfin tuna, and a 45lbs. Dorado. Excellent trip to the fish market!

Wanderer fishing boat

Meanwhile on the blue beauty Wanderer the billfish were popping all day long. Captain William kept a steady hand on the tiller while First Mate Alex ran the cockpit like a champion. By days end the boys had released three beautiful Sailfish.

Sailfish Release Costa Rica

Seems like the bite is really turning on both inshore and out deep. Looks like this season is about to really get cooking.

Ship of Fools Tournament Recap – March 27, 2011

FishingNosara made a great splash at the Ship of Fools Tournament held in our home port of Garza, CR. This tournament focuses on Marlins and Sailfish and features some of the best captains in the area plus attracts big money fishing teams from around the world.

With bragging rights on the line, we decided to up the ante by enlisting Captain David and the Explorer which put us on the smallest boat in the field. The more conventional choice would have been Captain William and the 32′ Wanderer, but the blue beauty was already booked by clients Kenny, Woods, Morgan, and Dave.

Jumping Sailfish Costa Rica

The Explorer roared out of Garza with authority on the morning of March 26 with fresh lines, new baits, and AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” blasting from the newly-installed stereo system.

The awkward glances from the other boats turned into admiration as the 26′ Super Panga lit up the scorecard with this Sailfish release, the first of the tournament.

Sailfish Costa Rica

By midday several other boats were reporting billfish releases and the Explorer slipped down the standings a bit. However, the boat reporting the most billfish releases was not one of the other tournament boats…it was the Wanderer!

Costa Rica Fishing

We took this shot from the Explorer while Alex, William, and the boys on the Wanderer were reeling in a Marlin fresh after releasing a sailfish. By the end of the first day, the Explorer was in the middle of the pack and the Wanderer would have been winning (if they had been entered in the tournament, that is).

The second day was similar to the first. We had a nice Sailfish release early in the morning, then missed on a few nice fish. The Explorer caught a nice Roosterfish but unfortunately this tournament did not offer any points for that species.

In the end, the Explorer finished in fourth place with 200 points. The Wanderer would have unofficially come in second with 825 points over the two days.

Most importantly was that all the boats and crews came to respect a 26′ Super Panga capable of catching monster fish over 20 miles offshore. We have been saying that this boat has the capabilities of a 40+ foot craft since the beginning, and the Ship of Fools Tournament was  our chance to prove it.

Captain David

Great work by Captain David and the whole FishingNosara family.

March 24, 2011

Captain David on the Explorer is doing great things for all our clients big and small. Check out this great Cubera Snapper these little dudes pulled in on a three hour sunset cruise on March 24.

Costa Rica fishing with kids

These sunset cruises are a fantastic way for youngsters to learn the craft of sportfishing without committing to a full day out on the ocean.

March 23, 2011

What better way to prepare for the Ship of Fools Tournament than a little intersquad scrimmage between the Wanderer and the Explorer.

On the Super Panga was Captain David, Craig, Matty, and Jack who had their sights set on Sailfish. Sure enough after the daily mopping of stray tunas on the ride out Captain David set the TLDs out in a classic Bait-and-switch high speed spread.

Around 10 am the first bill started shopping the baits, first the short line, then the long outrigger, and finally settling on a bonefish rigged on the shotgun line. The line screamed off and Jack locked in for the fight. In shockingly efficent fight, Jack brought the Sailfish home in 8 minutes. Great work by boat, angler, and Captain.

Meanwhile, the Wanderer was not about to let the litte brother eat all the food. They came roaring up behind the Explorer and immediately put a nice Sailfish on the hook. A short fight and a quick release later and the score was nearly tied with the Explorer holding a slim lead in the form of a Bluefin tuna and a White tuna.


When Alex returned the teasers to the water he noticed that a curious Marlin had popped up about 50 yards behind the boat. He immediately pitched a rigged ballyhoo to the blue monster and set the hook with expert ease.

So the Wanderer won the scrimmage, but the ability to share spots and tactics will no doubt help FishingNosara find its way to the top of the leaderboard this weekend.

March 18, 2011

Jack and Matty along with clients Jim and Bryan were out on the Explorer getting geared up for the Ship of Fools Tournament this weekend. With a scoring system that rewards big billfish and multiple inshore species in a weighted fashion, this local tourneo is THE bragging rights event of the season.

Yellowfin on Gaff

To prepare, we are tightening up our Cuberra Snapper tactics in a way that also permits for solid Yellowfin action. This way we can fill up the scorecard in multiple ways. Matty nailed this one late in the day on a 2.5 hour evening trip.

Costa Rica Fishing

Cuberra Snapper