September 15, 2012


Tim Seyda and his lovely wife Nancy were interested in some billfish hunting and were willint to wait for a break in the weather to try it. These Northeast Florida anglers have wetted many a line, but this is the first Sailfish to which they have ever buried the hook.

They also added a tasty Pacific Ponpano for the dinner table and made it to shore just in time to beat the incoming afternoon rain storms. Definately a great way to spend their last day before returning to Jacksonville.

¨Craig: Fun trip caught one sailfish…. first time been fishing for sail so glad we caught one ….. Thanks again and was fun to meet u guys….¨
pure vida
Tim / Nancy Seyda


September 1, 2012

Australian badass Ross Boyce closed down the season today on the unstoppable Explorer and send the Super panga to the hill with a great send off. He replicated his awesome performance earlier in the week with another pair of Sailfish releases.

Ross boasts that he has fishing in small boats for big game all around the world, but his experience on the Explorer was truly one for the memories.

The Super panga ends the year with a staggering number of trips run (120) and bright future for the 2013 season. Stay tuned because if the weather breaks over the next two month we may just sneak the Explorer back in the water for some scattered day trips.

We were told that this hull could withstand a beating, but even in our wildest dreams we never imagined that this boat would stand so strong after so many trips. Big thanks to our main man Ernesto at NBC Boatworks…we´ll be calling him soon for a 15 foot panga for our new Garza transport vessel for sure!

August 30, 2012

Our new friend Ross Boyce is a world beating angler who comes to us from Brisbane, Australia. His email to us was so good that we’ve decided to reproduce it verbatim:

Great day yesterday, although nearly didn’t get to go. Overnight Wednesday we had the obligatory thunderstorm but with the loudest and most continuous thunder I have heard in my life and the most intense rain here for quite a number of years in such a short time; so much so the bridge on the road to Playa Garza had water over the top of the railings. (In actual fact it was to the top, approximately 4 feet over the road.)
Left at 7.30 but because of the rain, the foreshore water was brown and full of debris for about a mile out or more which precluded us from any bottom fishing. So headed for about the 12-14 mile mark out to sea where the swell was varying from 6 to 10 feet. Absolutely no action for trolling from 8.30 to 11.00; by this time we were about 18 –20 mile out then Wham!

Absolutely full of action for the next 2 .5 hours – a total of 6 sailfish caught and released including two double hook ups!!! Huge adrenaline rush.

Carlos (deck hand) and Captain David were brilliant and professional in the execution of boat work, gear rigging and handling of the fish during the capture and release. GREAT JOB….

During the past 2 years I have charter fished on the Great Barrier Reef, other parts of Australia, King fish at Tairua East Coast of New Zealand, Yellow Fin Tuna at Key West Florida, and on this vacation Salmon at Quadra Island, British Columbia before coming to Nosara and can I assure you the operation here is First Class!

Further heavy rain and thunder are expected in the next 24 will have to wait on the weather for the next charter.
The last picture indicates 5 fingers of the number of fish; but my camera battery ran out..bugger.

Ross Boyce
Manly, Brisbane Australia
currently in Nosara..August 31st

August 22, 2012

Although some big swells tore through the area this last week, the Explorer found a break in the weather on August 22 and delivered an outstanding trip for clients Buff and Melanie Hendricks from New Smryna Beach, FL. They scored two nice Pacific Sailfish releases and tabled one of the biggest Dorados of the season.

Let’s have Mr. Hendricks’ take on the action: “We fish out of Ponce Inlet often, so the short ride to large fish was terrific. We were very comfortable with Captain David and  Carlos and felt we were in excellent hands.”

“The fishing was superb, (just look at the size of the Dorado) and you can count on us doing it again.”


Melanie had this note to add: “Captain David and Carlos are a great team! We were very impressed and had a great trip!”

August 17, 2012

It was an awesome pleasure to welcome two of our best old friends to the Explorer for an unforgettable day of billfish action. Greg Saig and Tommy Rady are co-founders of Salt Life and have been surfing and fishing around Costa Rica for as long as we can remember.


They booked Captain David and Mate Carlos for a half-day afternoon trip on the Explorer and hooked up their first Sailfish just after 1 pm.

Greg and TR followed up this release with two more mighty Pacific Sailfish releases plus they had a battle with a big Blue Marlin. They didn’t best that beast, but still a three-Sailfish release day is none to shabby.

This water looks so good that it is hard to believe that in a week we will be pulling the boats for the off-season. Conditions were that of a tranquil lake out in the Pacific Ocean on this day.

July 22, 2012

Our new friends Terrance and Brittney are back in Nosara and scheduled a nice half day trip with our buddy Jeff Grosshandler and Captain David on the Explorer. It was a day filled with action with nice catches of Ponpano and Cierro Mackerel.

Jeff made a new friend on the casting platform and Brittney seemingly couldn’t wait for this tasty Cierro Mackerel to hit the sushi tray.

It was a great trip with lots of fresh filets to go around. Three different species should make this week one of delicacies and decadence for this newly-engaged NY couple.

July 18, 2012

Craig Sutton, Jr. came to Nosara to celebrate his birthday with his new fiancee Erica and found some time to get on the water with Captain David on the Explorer. With Carlos serving over on the Wanderer, it was up to Craig to function as angler and first mate for the unstoppable Super panga.

After missing on an early strike, the team recovered with a Double Header Sailfish release around 10:30am. Craig had to fight the first fish from a stationary boat as Captain David cleared the lines with one hand and hooked the second fish with his other hand.

“I’ve caught a lot a Sailfish, but this was the first one that talked to me,” Craig later commented. “He covered 25 feet in a single jump and it was all I could do to keep the line from falling into the water.”

After a quick release shot Craig billed the second fish; though not the behemoth of the first one, you can tell from the strain on Craig’s face that this fish was also a serious beast.

Like any good future husband, Craig also stopped to pick up dinner on the way home in the form of this nice 15lbs. Bluefin Tuna.