December 21, 2013

Matt and Kim Lowe brought their family down to Nosara and enjoyed some excellent fishing action on the Wanderer. You know it’s going to be  a nice trip when it starts off with a double Sailfish hookup.

Next up was a meaty Dorado snared by Matt Lowe. It’s awesome to see the kids get involved in the action…check out this beast!

 The highlight of the trip was Mrs. Lowe releasing this awesome Blue Marlin.

This high-flyer was a real fighter but the combination of Captain William on the wheel and First Mate Alex on the billshot, it never had a chance.

Matt finished off the day with another great Sailfish release…this Alaska-based fishing family has got the billfish game all figured out.

“I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time fishing on Saturday,” Kim wrote in an email. “The crew was amazing and the fishing was out of this world.”

December 19, 2013

Roger Bowgen brought his family to Nosara from the bitter cold of Connecticut and not only did they get treated to a week of tropical sunshine, but also had a mammoth day of Sailfish releases on the flagship Wanderer. 

The note attached to the fishing booking sheet read: “Son’s Birthday…target billfish”

Captain William took this family to Sailfish City. As usual the furious action kicked off early and didn’t relent until the end of the day.

Happy Birthday! Young Mr. Bowgen broke the ice with this excellent Sailfish at 9:30am, then it was sis’ turn to battle a blue water behemoth.

With a little help from the birthday boy she released this thick Sailfish around 11am.

Another sneaky Sailfish came calling and met the same fate as his brethren…a safe release by the super First Mate Alex.

After lunch the adults got their turn when a  pair of skywalking Sailfish took the bait.

These two sails were nearly simultaneous released, however this beast on the port side was too fired up to hold on to for long.

As a final curtain call, Team Bowgen executed the very challenging Double Sailfish release late in the day.

No help required for this pair of seasoned Sailfish scrappers…Under First Mate Alex’ supervision they pulled off the double release like old pros.

The Bowgen’s got more than just great release photos from this trip: Check out the big Dorado and tasty Yellowfin put on ice by these Northeastern anglers:

Excellent work by the flagship under the command of Captain William!

Here’s and email we received from Roger:

Good morning Craig!
Before 2013 disappears completely over the horizon, I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you to you and your crew  in Nosara. You have a first class, professional,operation in Costa Rica and as you know from the photographs/blog we had an amazing trip.
Both Captains and Mates are to be congratulated. For my son, his 21st birthday will never be forgotten
Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014!
Roger Bowgen

December 7, 2013

Mark Boyer and his family are from the hard-fishin’ town of Orange Park, FL just 10 miles south of our shops in Jacksonville. This hardy angler won his trip to Nosara at the Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament last July, and they scored big fish in Costa Rica like many of our Northeast Florida guests.

The Boyer family got off to a fast start with a trio of excellent Sailfish release.

After Mom scored the first release, it was time for the kids to flex their fishing muscles on a subsequent pair of Sails.

This one really lit up the sky with some above the water fireworks!

After the safe releasesm by First Mate Alex, Mark Boyer stepped up to the plate and bested the first Marlin of the young season on the mighty Wanderer.

It wasn’t just big billfish on the menu for the Boyers…check out these beautiful Dorados they put on ice!

Another great performance by the flagship with this great Florida family!

December 1, 2013

Kestrel Dickerson and her family hail from the beautiful town of Grand Junction, CO and even though the fishing there is more of the river variety this family strutted their stuff on the blue water with the famous Wanderer.

Right off the bat their youngster boated this excellent Ciero Mackeral. Known for it’s zero-shaped spots and delicious filets, this fish is a real winner…nice catch son!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The grown-up had their turn when a pair of Dorados hit the baits and set up a heart-stopping Double Dodo Battle!

Image Hosted by

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Image Hosted by

Hunting pairs of Dorados are infamous for zig-zagging to tangle the anglers…the fact that both fish made it to the cooler is a real testament to Captain William’s strength on the wheel and these anglers ability to keep cool under pressure.

Mr. Dickerson put the icing on the cake with a fantastic Rooster Fish release:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Great work by First Mate Alex on the safe release of this Rooster!

November 26, 2013

Our great friend Marion Lawler is back in Nosara for another round of deep sea fishing with his sons. The Wanderer was on top of her game as they hunted down a swarm of Dorados and Yellowfin Tunas for the refrigerator.

Marion’s sons got their first crack at blue water fishing with the Wanderer back in July 2012 where they performed brillantly, however clearly their a little more confident this time around:

JULY 2012:


Clearly they have been working on the craft cause they boated these monsters with the smooth precision of professionals.

Great work by this Texas posse! We expert to see these boys again soon.


November 22, 2013

Pat Faloona and his son booked the Wanderer for a morning of inshore fishing, and they report the first Yellowtail Snapper of the season on ice.

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Image Hosted by

This brightly-colored morsel is a chef’s delight, yielding rich white meat that is a real treat. They also added some vareity to the refrigerator in the form is this small White Tuna.

Image Hosted by

Not scale-tippers by any stretch, but still these are some great-tasting catches…excellent work son!