November 23, 2010

Russ and Nikki’s River Adventure

Adventure awaits around every corner in Costa Rica. Clients Russ and Nikki were on their way home from Nosara when they came upon a washed out bridge.

With no land access to the other side, Russ and Nikki were in danger of missing their outgoing flight in San Jose.

FishingNosara to the Rescue!

After loading their luggage across the river in a sling, it was Nikki and Russ’ turn.

They made it safe to the other side and made it home without further incident.
Great work by Javier, Manuel and Cumi in overcoming this obstacle.

Here is the email she sent to us:

“Thank you!! The trip was quite an adventure, looking back I wouldn’t change a thing!  We will be planning a trip back to Nosara during the “non-rainy” season. The staff at Nosara Paradise Rentals are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!! and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again.”

 Pura Vida,

July 29, 2010

On July 20th clients Doug, Ken, and Gina booked the Wanderer for a day of fishing and fun. Doug writes, “On the first trip, we had a nice Marlin hookup but after an hour, lost the battle.  Later that day, I landed a nice sailfish estimated at 125lbs.”

Doug was so stoked that on July 29th he enlisted his buddies Earl and Kevin to head out for another trip. Once again, They were on the hunt for Marlin. Doug writes, “On the second trip, we had six Marlin strikes but unfortunately no hook-ups. We did find a nice barrel floating and holding bait fish. We ended up landing four huge Dorado – 50lb-70lb range.”

He was all smiles back on shore. “Captain William, David and Alex were a ton of fun to fish with. I would recommend Captain William, the Wanderer, and it’s crew to anyone. These were two of the best days I spent during my month in the Nosara.”

June 30, 2010

Captain Eduardo’s performance has been outstanding the last month, but you must look past the catch count and poundage to really understand what make Captain Eduardo special. Check out this email we received at FishingNosara last week…it is unedited by our staff and represents a true testimonial:

WOW, what a thrill the fishing trips with Captain Eduardo were during our Nosara Costa Rica vacation this past week. Yes I said “trips”, we had so much fun our first half-day we went back the next week for a second half-day on the Nice n’ Tight.

I have to start with the whole group in the office of Fishing Nosara from Craig and the reservation I made a few months ago to Manuel in the Nosara office. He made me and my family feel so welcome and was so helpful. This is such a top notch outfit!

What can I say about Captain Eduardo, not just a great Captain, but an equally fantastic human being. He represents everyone in Costa Rica so well. We didn’t feel like we just went fishing, we made a friend. My boys are 10, 12, and 16 and he really made this fishing easy for them to do.

As far as the fishing, we got off to a slow start on the first trip, but hit some Mahi Mahi about 2 hours in, and we landed two and lost one big one. Then we caught a really nice sized Yellowfin tuna. We caught and released a big Needle Fish. In our five hours we saw hundreds of porpoises, manta rays jump out of the water, a marlin fly in the air, and a few sea turtles.

On our second trip it was just me and the two older boys. Twenty minutes out of port we hit tuna by using popper lures on the top water and in three hours landed 7 tuna, 2 Bonitas and a Rainbow Runner. We were beat and don’t think we could have reeled any more in so we headed in early.

Man, were the tuna fillets awesome and a local cook made Ceviche for us with the Mahi Mahi. It was out of this world.

I don’t know I can say “thanks” enough to cover how much fun we had and how much we look forward to visiting again.

W. Wayne Hopkins
Kutztown, PA


February 7, 2010

On February 7 clients Pat Webber and Lori Hoffman were on board the Wanderer and had a fantastic day. The highlight of their haul was this awesome 45lbs. Cuberra, and they had a blast on just a two-and-a-half hour trip. Look at this haul, and in such a short time!

“What a great crew, we really enjoyed our fishing with these guys.”

-Gaylon Catalano, after a half-day fishing February 7th and catching this superior Cuberra Snapper.

December 26, 2009

Captain William has the Wanderer dialed in for the new season, and in just two short months this boat has gone from the newcomer to a contender for top boat in the area.

On December 26, 2009 client Caleb Rose, his father Chris and sister Vita were on board the Wanderer.

“My trips were great,” Caleb writes. “I personally caught probably 10 Dorado and three white tuna. My father was thrilled to catch a 130lbs. Sailfish and several Dorado. My sister also caught two Dorado. Captain William did a great job of putting us on the fish and the mates (Alex and David) were very helpful and great to work with.”

Chris Rose continues, “We had a blast. The crew was exceptional, the boat was terrific, the weather was great, the fish were cooperative, and we are depressed to be in 14 degree weather with snow on the ground! Returning to Costa Rica is a priority for us.”

June 9, 2009

“This crew’s professionalism and expertise is second to none and I cannot praise them enough…I never dreamed in my limited time to fish I would get even close to landing a sailfish. Eduardo and his team made a dream come true: landing my first ever sailfish which was in excess of 100lb.” (see photo below)

“I highly recommend Captain Eduardo and his team; his boat Sportsman is adequately equipped and fit for purpose. I just wanted to say a big thanks to them as they are the business.”

                                 -Brian Keohane, after fishing on June 8th

April 15, 2009

Captain Vibert got The Outdoors Show team onboard for one of the most memorable catches of the year so far. Crewed by Vibert Blanche Jr. and David Barrantes, Captain Vibert took the Cabo inshore first, sight casting around for the shallow fish. They left the area only after hauling in a 50lbs. Cuberra that according to Craig Sutton “hit the lure like a Buick!”

Around 2:00pm they headed out for deeper water. They trolled around for less than a hour before a magnificent 400lbs. black marlin hit the spread. Craig hooked it, then Kevin Faver fought the great fish for 40 minutes, highlighted by a 35 second stretch of above-water motion. After a grueling fight, and a long week of fishing, Mr. Faver had caught himself a big-time Costa Rican black marlin!

“Everytime I think about that fish, a big smile creeps across my face.”
                                                             -Kevin Faver, one week after the catch