February 12, 2013

John Danner comes to us from the picturesque island community of Davis Island in the Tampa, FL area which is known for it’s world-class sailing. In fact every Thursday night there is an open regatta where local sailors can mix it up with traveling cup teams in Hillsborough Bay.

Well, Mr. Danner got into a different kind of sailing over the course of three trips with Captain David on the Explorer.

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This is the kind where you release multiple Sailfish from a 26-foot panga boat!
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Great work by Captain David and Mate Carlos to safely catch and release these beauties.

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Mr. Danner was all smiles when he came back. Here is the email he sent us:

Craig, Matt, and Arturo,

Again thank you for an awesome trip.  Everything was done beyond what I had expected. A friendly arrival, excellent advice, outstanding fishing, and complete satisfaction from start to finish. I have all ready told my friends of your outstanding operation. Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime.  Cannot wait to go again.
John Danner

January 14, 2013

Adrian Archuleta is back for more, and this time he brought a posse! Last year he fished with us on the Explorer but with a larger group came the step up to the flagship Wanderer.

The Sailfish have been on fire recently and this trip was a perfect example. Five total releases, including the very challenging Double Sailfish release.



Great work by the anglers and by Captain William to prevent a line-cross tangle. Next up the ladies put on a show for the fellas with some Sailfish releases of their own.


All fish were released safely as usual by the incomparable First Mate Alex.


Had a great time!  What an amazing business you have going down there! Kudos to the great staff and can’t wait to return! 

Pura Vida

Adrian and Emmy

December 27, 2012

Jake Winchester brought along his girlfriend Laurie and his brother Dave for a very fruitful day of offshore trolling. The mighty Wanderer put on a show for the Sailfish swarm and gave this group a great trip.

Sailfish release

They nabbed and released three Sailfish early in the trip, then switched over the spread to target table fare.

“Laurie caught the first fish,” Jake wrote in an email . “It was the largest of the Dorados. My brother Iron Dave and I snagged 2 dorados at the same time.”

“In total we each caught a Dorado and Sailfish. Awesome fishing trip. William and Alex were awesome. Thank you so much!”

December 2, 2012

Francois Bernier has been in Nosara since November and has waited patiently for his turn offshore on the mighty Wanderer. He scored some excellent Dorado on the Explorer last month and we are stoked to report that the greens kept coming in for him and his group on this trip.

Francois was joined by Mark and Paige Patrizio of New Jersey and the whole group had a blast.

“I thought a trip on the great blue would cheer them up a little,” wrote Mr. Bernier in an email. “And it did… Although we set out for sailfish, we took in four respectable dorados. The team of William and Alex is simply exceptional.”

By mid-day they had three fish in the box, and added some more action later in the day. “Paige had her first experience reeling in a fish without external assistance and she caught it like a pro. The nice fresh lunch thrown in was a pleasant surprise. I tell you, all aspects of this day were top-notch.”

Way to go Francois, Mark, and Paige on a fruitful day of marine life harvesting on the Wanderer!


August 30, 2012

Our new friend Ross Boyce is a world beating angler who comes to us from Brisbane, Australia. His email to us was so good that we’ve decided to reproduce it verbatim:

Great day yesterday, although nearly didn’t get to go. Overnight Wednesday we had the obligatory thunderstorm but with the loudest and most continuous thunder I have heard in my life and the most intense rain here for quite a number of years in such a short time; so much so the bridge on the road to Playa Garza had water over the top of the railings. (In actual fact it was to the top, approximately 4 feet over the road.)
Left at 7.30 but because of the rain, the foreshore water was brown and full of debris for about a mile out or more which precluded us from any bottom fishing. So headed for about the 12-14 mile mark out to sea where the swell was varying from 6 to 10 feet. Absolutely no action for trolling from 8.30 to 11.00; by this time we were about 18 –20 mile out then Wham!

Absolutely full of action for the next 2 .5 hours – a total of 6 sailfish caught and released including two double hook ups!!! Huge adrenaline rush.

Carlos (deck hand) and Captain David were brilliant and professional in the execution of boat work, gear rigging and handling of the fish during the capture and release. GREAT JOB….

During the past 2 years I have charter fished on the Great Barrier Reef, other parts of Australia, King fish at Tairua East Coast of New Zealand, Yellow Fin Tuna at Key West Florida, and on this vacation Salmon at Quadra Island, British Columbia before coming to Nosara and can I assure you the operation here is First Class!

Further heavy rain and thunder are expected in the next 24 hours..so will have to wait on the weather for the next charter.
The last picture indicates 5 fingers of the number of fish; but my camera battery ran out..bugger.

Ross Boyce
Manly, Brisbane Australia
currently in Nosara..August 31st

July 7, 2012

Our new friend Charles Mark Perdue joined Captain David and Mate Carlos on the famous Explorer for a 3/4 day trip, however the action was so intense that he extended his trip to a full day once they got out to the fishing grounds.

We’ll let Mr. Perdue tell the story:

“Craig, thanks again!!  Fishing with your group was the highlight of my brother’s trip to Costa Rica. Two of my brother’s caught a Sailfish and one caught a small Dorado.  My Brother-in-Law caught a sail as well.  What was great about the experience, is my 3 brothers had never been off-shore fishing except in a big party boat.  So, needless to say…they were really excited when they got to land sailfish!.”

“David and Carlos, were very good and patient.  We stayed out longer….we were having so much fun. I may be down again the week before X-mas and if so, I will book another day or two with you guys.”

June 3, 2012

Our new friends Asif and Sebastian joined our old buddy Jeff Grosshandler for what was supposed to be  a 5 hour half-day on the Explorer with Captain David and First Mate Alex on loan from the Wanderer.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and they had to shorten the trip due to big waves.

That didn’t stop the legendary Explorer from catching a nice Yellowfin Tuna, though. This 40lbs. monster came in the first 30 minutes of the trip. You can tell from the background in these pictures that the storms were just about to fire off.

Great work by the dynamic duo to keep the Explorer in one piece and to make sure all the clients made it back to shore safely. It’s days like this that we are so proud to have a boatman of David’s caliber on this vessel. Here’s what Jeff had to say:

“Wow, crazy storm! Alex and David handled everything amazingly well, Alex especially impressed me. We are going back out later this week, maybe Wednesday. There are huge Tuna there right now.”

April 21, 2012

Tyler and Emily Patterson won the Full of Bull Redfish Tournament last year and part of their prize included a half-day of fishing on the famous Wanderer. Captain William and First Mate Alex were primed to show these Jacksonville anglers the best fishing that Costa Rica has to offer.

The highlight of the trip was this excellent Sailfish release by Emily. Great work as always by the crew to ensure the safe release of this beautiful fish.

“We just got back Monday night after 7 awesome nights in Nosara.  Craig, your staff down there is amazing…Arturo is by far the most friendly and caring person I’ve ever met.  Manual, Javier, Eduardo, the cleaning staff, and William and Alex on the Wanderer were superb too!”

” We ended up going 2 for 10 on sails, my first ever landed, the other was pushing 100lbs!  I will absolutely do all that I can to spread the word on fishing the tournament next year and recommending Nosara Paradise Rentals to anyone planning a trip to Costa Rica.  Thanks again and it’s incredible that all of that happened because of a $50.00 redfish tournament.”

-Tyler and Emily Patterson