January 12, 2019

The Harvester welcomed FishingNosara Hall of Famer and Northeast FishingNosara Representative Mark Cooney for an excellent day of catching on the 12th.

BIG Yellowfin Tunas put the mega panga (and her tackle) to the test. Look at this rod-snapping catch:

The Harvester‘s “Never Surrender” attitude was on display at this 40+lbs. Yellowfin managed to break a rod, but not break the mega panga’s spirit.

Later in the day the fish got bigger for Team Cooney.

With tons of Yellowfin Tuna on ice, the ocean changed it up and provided  lovely Dorado scores.

Fantastic work by Captain Alex and the Harvester!


January 11, 2019

The other half of Adam LeMaster’s group was on the Discoverer on the 11th, and angler Roger Salinas managed to one-up the flagship with this feisty Blue Marlin release.

Excellent work by Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin to round up this monster…they also add a Sailfish release later in the trip:

Like the other group, they stocked up on Dorado filets.

However they upped the ante with multiple awesome Yellowfin Tunas on ice.

Great job by the big battleship!