August 1, 2009

July 28th marked the arrival of one of our favorite clients, Richard Moran. Mr. Moran brought the whole family to Nosara, and fortunately he caught enough fish to feed them all.

On his first day, Richard filled the fishbox with a 10lbs. Yellow tuna, two 15lbs. Jacks, and six 10lbs. Black tunas, plus he reeled in a 10lbs rainbow runner and a little needle fish for good measure.

Then he invited Javier and Craig of Nosara Paradise Rentals along for the ride, and the extra hands were put to good use as the spread was literally getting shredded by some aggressive sailfish. Richard caught and released a massive 120lbs. Sailfish, the biggest single fish of his trip, but not his best total day of fishing.

That came on August 3rd when, once again joined by Craig Sutton, Richard Moran successfully fought four 50lbs. Yellowfin tuna! These are by far the biggest tuna we’ve seen in these waters this year, and it seems as though this tuna bite will hold strong in the coming months as the rainy season approaches.

July 15, 2009

On July 14th client James had a banner day with Captian Vibert. By the end of the trip he had caught five 18lbs. jacks, two 15lbs. yellowfin tuna, and a very elusive 18lbs. white tuna. We’ve seen lots of clients going after these excellent tasting fish recently, and the diversity of the table fare is a testiment to Captain Vibert’s long experience fishing these waters.

The next day, client David filled released this amazing Rooster Fish: