August 9, 2021

Billy Meeks and Jerome McKown were back for more on the 9th. Let’s hear Jerome’s account:

Another great day of fishing in Nosara, Costa Rica.

My good fishing partner and friend Billy Meeks had an amazing day on the water with Fishing Nosara on the Harvester with Capt. Alex.

We started the day with Billy catching and landing a 7’ sailfish.  We actually saw him strike and eat the surface bait.  Pretty cool for sure.

Then I was able to catch another rooster fish.

Good fight beautiful colors on this fish. 

Later this afternoon Billy was able to catch and land another Rooster Fish.  His fish was definitely bigger than mine; 48lbs

Within 10 minutes from Billy’s release I popped another rooster fish.  It was a monster.  The granddaddy of the rooster fish.  We able to see him briefly before he broke the hook.  Capt. Alex estimated to be nearly 70 lbs.😡

All I could think of was the movie…Grumpy Old Men and how they were always trying catch.. “Catfish Hunter”…

So another day is in the books.  We were able to photo and release these magnificent fighters for another day.

We laughed hard, fished hard, and now we have wonderful memories of today’s events which will last forever in our mind and heart…

We not fishing tomorrow, but come Wednesday let me just say.. Catfish hunter rooster we are coming for you.. Game on.  Lol.   Wish us luck on our final day fishing this paradise called Nosara, Costa Rica..🎣🦵🏾🤙

Tight lines,

Capt. J

August 7, 2021

Texas angling legends Jerome McKown and Billy Meeks have joined forces to wallop the fish of the general Nosara area.

On August 7, Captain Alex kept the Harvester near-shore, and Jerome scored this solid Rooster fish release.

Not to be outdone, Billy Meeks bested one of the biggest Red Groupers we have ever seen. This leviathan’s strength was sufficient to snap one of our spinning rods in half, but Billy didn’t give up the fight.

Great work by the mega panga and these Lone Star anglers!

February 2, 2021

Billy Meeks, Jeff Forrester, Collin Gibson, Derek Deyo, and Patrick were on board the Discoverer for the catch of a lifetime on February 2.

Get a load of this amazing Marlin release.

They also added a nice Yellowfin Tuna for the dinner table.

Great work by these Texas anglers.