August 22, 2019

“So here is how day 4 went,” wrote Steve Betz.

“We made a plan. I had already gotten a Sail so we all wanted Scott to get his wish fish. A Rooster.”

“First bait in the water and less than a minute and game on! The dude caught Foghorn Leghorn!”

“They all decided I should go next. I guess I had Snapper on the brain. I came up with my first Pacific Yellow Tail Snapper. That’s OK someone has to put dinner in the boat.”

“Lisa was next. It also didn’t take long and Lisa landed a beautiful Rooster.”

“Now it was Karen turn and landed her first sail. Yes Rafael Rios it was bigger than mine.”

“Great times with great friends! First time in a long time I have felt this blessed. Thank you Charlie Phillips and Laura Anne for inviting us to share this experience.”


Charlie replied: “We are both so happy y’all took a chance and a plane ride down with us. Descriptions never do it justice, so much to do and see down here. Congratulations on fine catches all around and still a few to check off on the next trip.”


Charlie continued after they got home: “Back from Nosara Paradise Rentals, Following one of the best trips down there I have had.”

“Fishing was as always awesome. Quality fish, good boats and equipment and highly talented crews. Nothing better than sharing the experience as close friends catch dream fish in foreign lands.”

“I did more exploring on my own this year than in my past trips and enjoyed every second of it. Every dirt path, I’d ask Laura Anne Phillips, wonder what’s down there and away we go. These ventures found me some intimate encounters with wildlife and I will make this a part of every trip going forward.”

“Costa Rica as a country is beautiful, the scenery, the wildlife and views are magical. But I have to say, the people in the small communities are equally beautiful. Patient and accepting of visitors, kind and helpful at every opportunity. I enjoy the culture as much as the scenery I believe.”

“Steve Betz, Karen Richey Betz, Lisa Throop, and Scott Throop; We enjoyed your company and hope you had as much fun as we did. If you now feel comfortable leading a group of your own down, then we have done our jobs.”

“Also great seeing friends from Florida down at the same time and sharing fish stories with them. Capt Rick Ryals so good seeing you. Craig Sutton always a pleasure and we can’t wait to be back down.”

August 18, 2019

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Charlie Phillips is back! As usual this Everglades-based charter legend brought a great group to Nosara.

Spinning Dolphins illuminated the path for Captain William, and they scored big on their first day, leading off with a nice Yellowfin Tuna.

After a hearty lunch of burritos, they laid waste to a bunch of Dorados.

Looks like dinner is served for these fun-loving Florida anglers.

August 15, 2014

Charlie Phillips’ posse saved the best for last, as on their final day of fishing on the Wanderer they scored a DOUBLE MASSIVE Marlin release.

We have some great video of this beast so look out for the full account on the next FishingNosara DVD due out this month.

The crew also added to their pile of filets…after a great day inshore on the 14th, they caught a whole bunch of filets to take home on the 15th.

August 14, 2014

Charlie Phillips stayed inshore today and knocked a big Rooster Fish off of his bucket list.

This catch as been a long time coming for this Everglades angler, and we are stoked to see this accomplishment.

The group also added tasty filets for the dinner table in the form of three nice Snappers and a pile of Yellowfin Tuna.

Looking good in the ice box and on the dinner plate!

August 13, 2014

The Wanderer is closing in on the final bell of the season like a thoroughbred and clients like Charlie Phillips’ group are feeling pumped to be along for the ride.

On August 13 scored two more wonderful Sailfish release for this Florida-based fishing posse.

For Kim Ponzio, this was her first ever billfish release and she fought it well all the way to the boat.

Great releases by First Mate Alex underscored Captain William’s keen hunting instincts as once again the flagship delivers the goods!

August 11, 2014

Charlie and the boys kept the pedal to the metal on the Wanderer with a fantastic outing that included SIX Sailfish releases and a beefy Dorado for the refrigerator.

Captain William found the Sailfish were thick as cordwood just a few miles out, and First Mate Alex put out an irresistible spread for the monsters.

Great safe releases on all six fish, but this big Dorado ain’t going anywhere except on ice!


Exceptional fishing from the King of Garza Bay.

August 3, 2013

Charlie and the boys couldn’t resist adding one more full day on the mighty Wanderer before returning to the States, and Capt. Phillips finally got his chance at the fish of a lifetime.

Charlie Phillips: Today was an epic end to a fantasy week for me. I battled the most noble of the billfish, the majestic Blue Marlin, and was rewarded with a photo, the hook removed and in my pocket then a successful release. One of the best days I have ever experienced on the water. And better yet we ended up two!

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The second Marlin (below) came at 11am for Charlie fresh on the heels of his first (above).

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Jason followed up with his own excellent Marlin release.

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Charlie Phillips: “This was by far the most enjoyable vacation that myself or anyone in my group has ever experienced. Your staff is wonderful and took care of us as though we were family the entire time, something that is greatly appreciated. And your captains and crews are true masters of their craft. As a working captain myself, it is a true joy watching them work to make our trips a great success.”

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