July 14, 2015

The big Battleship welcomed some little anglers for some fun inshore action on July 14.

Captain David (a father of two himself) is an excellent teacher of the craft and the Discoverer is a great place for youngsters to catch the fishing bug.

Nice work on these critters, especially considering it’s been years since we saw the elusive Congrio (the eel/fish hybrid held by the kid in the red shirt). That is one tasty filet right there!

February 1, 2013

Another tranquil day on the Nosara River! Mike Young and his group took to the pleasant water for a gentle half day of floating and sightseeing. They saw lots of birds and reptiles, plus came upon a nice group of SUP riders also cruising the river.

Our Kayak Tours are very popular for both anglers and nature lovers alike, plus they are a cost-effective way to spend a lovely afternoon. Looks like Mikey and his folks found the perfect way to relax between offshore fishing days.

January 22, 2013

Time for another installment of the FishingNosara maintenance odyssey! This time, the crew of the Wanderer replaces mooring point in Garza bay that we have used for over 3 years to tie off the beloved flagship.

You can see here that the rope itself has begun to fray and stretch:

Not pictured are the four 55-gallon drums filled with concrete that serve as the anchor point for this rope at the bottom of the bay. Captain William and Alex prepared a new floating ball system and affixed it to a hefty length of 2-inch diameter marine-grade rope.

Next up the boys strapped on the re-breathers and dove down to the bottom. Let’s hope no vengeful Sailfish find their way into Garza and exact revenge on the two most productive fisherman in the area!

Everything went smoothly below the surface and the Wanderer is sitting pretty on her new leash. Excellent work by the best crew in Costa Rica on the water, on land and even under the water!

Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic

FishingNosara was honored to award the second annual FishingNosara Family Cup to the Cabler Family at the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic on May 11-12, 2012.

Captain Cru accepted the award on for the family. They have won a week of fun and fishing in Nosara and we can’t wait to welcome this family to our little slice of paradise.

Don’t forget to read up on the fun had by last years’ FishingNosara Family Cup winners Team Ganoe.

This event has grown over the years into one of the biggest soirees on the Jacksonville fishing scene; this year’s highlights included a speech from Mayor Alvin Brown, a captain’s meeting hosted by radio celebrities Kirk Waltz and Kevin Faver plus thousands of dollars worth of prizes raffled of to a room full of eager and excited anglers.

Special thanks to Kayak Mike of JaxKayak.com for making this event super special. We can’t wait til next year and the third annual FishingNosara Family Cup.

Southeast US Boat Show Recap

FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals were excited to raffle off a Free Trip to Costa Rica this weekend at the Southeast US Boat Show in Jacksonville, FL. It was a thrill to be supported in the local media with TV, radio and newspaper advertising courtesy of the Florida-Times Union. Check out the love:

Matty was among the first vendors on the scene at Met Park, so naturally the FishingNosara trailer found its way to the best spot in the venue.

We partnered with our friends over at Mid Florida Golf Cars to provide site transportation for the show staff.

This also gave us the opportunity to unveil our newest Safari Carts complete with custom paint scheme by Craig Sutton of All Jakd Up Motorsports.

We’ve named this color Purple Passion Pearl, and trust me that heads will turn once these get to Nosara. The Six Passenger version was used to transport the contestants for the bikini contest.

Once the event got rolling Craig and Matty were beset on all sides by great prospects and would-be raffle winners. Seems like everyone in Jacksonville signed up for a free trip to Costa Rica!

There were threats of rain on the second day of the show, but it was mostly nice weather for the whole event. The wind compromised our flagpoles, so Craig acted quickly to improvise a method to keep our flags in the air.

The rain did little to damp the spirits of the crowd who enjoyed live music, great food, and cold beer all weekend long.

We are pumped to announce that the winner of the free trip to Costa Rica is Wendy B., a nurse here in Jacksonville. She has been contacted and is currently getting her arrangements in order for the big trip.

All told it was a great weekend with some great folks. Big thanks to Stephanie and Jimmy of Current Productions for putting on a fantastic boat show.