February 26, 2012

John Michael Burling and the boys finished off their fishing odyssey with Captain David on the 27 foot Super Panga Explorer. After fishing for a few day on the bigger boats, one could imagine that the fishing on the barroom brawler would be a let down…turns out they saved the best for last

First up on the hook was another nice Red Grouper weighing in at a good 15 lbs.

With dinner taken care of, this group set out for the deeper water and tried to best their wonderful Blue Marlin release from the previous day. The first curious billfish that came knocking was this awesome Sailfish, which when released was estimated to weigh over 120lbs.

The final victory lap came for these guys in the form of this massive Striped Marlin. Usually the Stripeys are the smallest of our Marlins, but this guy is a behemoth…it looks like it’s got shoulders!

All in all it was a great week of fishing for the Burling group with lots of good fishing stories to take back home.

February 25, 2012

Amazing news from the mighty Wanderer!

On Day 3 of their Costa Rican Fishing Adventure, John Michael Burling and his group hooked up one of the nicest Blue Marlin of the season. This fish tore through the spread hot and heavy picking off baits until First Mate Alex dropped a fateful pitch bait to the beast. Captain William spun the boat around and keep this monster on a short leash…too much slack and this baby would be a memory.

After a vigorous half-hour battle this Blue Marlin was ready to be released to do battle another day.

See you next time pal!

February 21, 2012

Captain David and Mate Carlos of the magnificent Explorer took another huge stride to cementing this Super panga’s reputation as the best pound-for-poung boat in Garza with client Greg Raab on February 21. The blue water break was a quick 5 mile ride off of the beach and Captain David put out the billfish spread.

This behemoth took hold around 2pm and screamed off about a hundred yards of line in a flash. Mate Carlos saw her a split-second before the strike, thus giving Captain David the advantage when it came to backtracking towards the torpedoing Marlin.

Upon release this fish was estimated to weigh a bit upwards of 300lbs. Most importantly she was released unharmed and unstressed, ready to do battle again.

Greg Raab also added a nice Red Grouper for the dinner table, but we know the fishing story he’ll be telling the boys back on Long Island Sound. Great work besting a real sea monster and true fish of a lifetime!

February 16, 2012

Dennis Seltsam came to Nosara with a singular purpose: Catch the fish of a lifetime! This Kentucky angler booked the Wanderer for a full day of Marlin hunting and I’d say the time spend traveling and trolling paid off.

Take a look at this beastie:

This Blue Marlin is estimate to weigh 250lbs. which isn’t exactly a record breaker, but look at that girth! This barrel-shaped torpedo gave Mr. Seltsam a heck of a fight but once again Captain William and the Wanderer prevailed victorious.

Great safe release as always by First Mate Alex!

Dennis will be working the inshore reefs tomorrow with Captain David on the Explorer and we’ll see if the good times keep rolling.

February 15, 2012

Amazing Striped Marlin release today on the Wanderer! Mississippi’s own Josh Luke and Emily booked a half-day on the mighty blue bomber and Captain William delivered the goods for these client.

This guy put on a show as Josh brought him alongside for the release. Excellent teamwork by First Mate Alex and Josh to ensure the safe handling and release of this majestic Marlin.

After four Striped Marlin releases yesterday, it’s clear that the Wanderer has the Stripeys on the run!

February 14, 2012

Our great friend Wayne Estes from Jacksonville has made multiple runs offshore with us over the years, but today’s “Valentine’s Day Massacre” will live on forever in FishingNosara history as the most productive day of Marlin fishing to date. Mr. Estes caught and released an unheard-of number of Striped Marlin.

The good-looking blue water was far away by our standards (30 miles) but Captain William’s gambit to go this far out paid dividends early and often. Things started off well with an early Sailfish release by Mr. Estes.

After the Sail was safely released the Wanderer was ambushed by wave after wave of Striped Marlin. The first one hit around 8:30 am and the Estes’ released one an hour for the next four hours.

That’s right, FOUR Striped Marlin release on a five-hour trip. Throw the early Sailfish in the mix and you have a exemplary day of Hall of Fame-caliber fishing.

Most importantly, all five billfish were safely and quickly released. We look forward to catching them another day.

What an amazing trip for the crew and clients! Great job by Captain William and First Mate Alex to deliver the trip of a lifetime to old friend Wayne Estes.

February 5, 2012

What a great trip for Colorado angler John Betz! He and the wife put in the hours necessary for bill fishing success and their temporal investments paid huge dividends.

The highlight of the trip with this incredible Striped Marlin (safe released as always), but Mrs. Betz backed up that monster with a beastie of her own: this beautiful Pacific Sailfish.

Another fantastic trip from Captain William and the world-famous Wanderer!