June 12, 2012

The fellas from St. Augustine Toyota kept the pressure on during their second fishing trip with Captain William on the Wanderer. Jeff, Ian, Robert, and Jeff added one more billfish to the scorecard by releasing this beauty in the first hour of the trip.

The offshore bite shut down, so the crafty Captain William took the flagship inshore to hunt reef monsters. Check out this mammoth 60lbs. Amberjack they pulled up from about 120 feet of water.

The Sails-men are going to finish their whirlwind fishing adventure on the Explorer and be back in the Showroom by Friday; head on in to St. Augustine Toyota this weekend to hear a few great fishing stories.

June 11, 2012

You ever wish you had the kind of boss who would send you and the boys on a fishing trip to Costa Rica? Tim Peeler of St. Augustine Toyota is that kind of boss.

He set up a 4 day mid-week vacation with 3 days of fishing as an incentive for the sales staff, and after a fantastic month of action on the showroom the trip to Costa Rica was won by Ian Barnett, Jeff Shearer, Jeff Blanchard and Robert Nolan.

Things got off to a fast start on their first day fishing on the Wanderer with Captain William. They started fishing at noon and by 12:45 this high-flying Sailfish had taken the bait

What a great way to start the day! Excellent fight and release as usual, but this would be the first of three Sailfish that would meet their match on this trip. The second came calling a few hours later at 3pm and once again the game was on.

The final Sailfish of the day came just on the heels of the second. Once again, the Wanderer would not be denied as these Florida anglers showed how we get down in the Sunshine State.

After 4 full hours of Sailfish battles, these ‘Sails’-men switched over the spread to target tasty Yellowfin Tunas and put a pair of plump Yella Fellas on ice.

Great start to the week for the St. Augustine Toyota posse!

June 8, 2012

Our good buddy Jeff Grosshandler of Namaste Oasis brought his friend Matt to FishingNosara to get a taste of top notch blue water billfish hunting. After riding out a heck of a storm earlier in the week on the Explorer, Jeff opted for the luxurious confines of the flagship Wanderer for this 3/4 day trip.

The weather was picture perfect as the Wanderer discovered the blue water break about 14 miles offshore. First Mate Alex deployed the spread and it was an immediate hit with several 15 – 20lbs. Dorados. With five greenies on ice they switched over to lures to coax in a big billfish.

This beautiful Sailfish hit the spread around 3:30pm and put up an aggressive 25 minute fight. Matt took care of business on the reel and with Captain William outmaneuvering the fish at every turn, it was only a matter of time until she was alongside for the release.

First Mate Alex handled the fish with great care and released her safe as always. Great day of fishing offshore for the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer!

“I had a great time fishing down in Nosara on the Adventurer, Wanderer and Explorer,” Matt wrote us in an email. “The Captains were all great and very friendly, also know how to fish which is the most important. I will be back, hopefully in February. Thank you.”

June 1, 2012

Client Alex Richter brought his wife Nicole and their kids for an epic fishing adventure on the mighty Wanderer. Captain William and First Mate Alex are always up for a Rooster fish hunt, but their performance today sets a new high point.

They released this GIGANTIC Rooster fish at 7:15am and released a second Rooster less than 15 minutes later. That is a heck of a lot of action in the first 30 minutes of the trip.

Check out the luminescent Rooster fish reflecting the blue hull of the Wanderer…what an amazing creature!

After a fast start like this, it is only fitting that the flagship followed up with one of the nicest Blue Marlin of the season in the late afternoon. This bombshell blasted throught the spread around 11am and the fight was on!

Alex got a little coaching from First Mate Alex and after a 30 minute slugfest brought her alongside for a safe release.

Outstanding work by Alex Richter and the mighty Wanderer to release three fish-of-a-lifetime on a single 5 hour trip!

Give a listen to Craig on the radio talking some trash on Saturday morning:

May 28, 2012

Client Bob Hartin and his group brought a great energy to the Wanderer today and on cue the mighty blue beauty delivered the goods for these fellas. Captain William headed offshore for deep water and the boys got off to a fast start.

This awesome Pacific Sailfish came roaring in just after 10am and with Bob on the reel and First Mate Alex coordinating the fight, this billfish release was smooth as silk.

With the trophy fish secure on the metaphorical mantle, the Wanderer switched to the deadly skipping ballyhoo rig and deployed a smaller hookset. The target species for this rig: Dorado!

Look at all the activity in the top of the water column. Captain William has a way of finding spots like this Marine Metropolis.

A trio of 35lbs. monsters were the highlights, but they had two more in the fishbox that weighed at least 25lbs.

Great fun fishing with this group of fired-up hombres…enjoy the filets fellas, but why not let Alex cut them off of the fish first?!

May 25, 2012

Craig Sutton made history two years ago on January 22, 2010 with what was at that time the biggest Cubera Snapper we’d ever seen. The Wanderer has utilized his special Cubera Snapper Tactic to put many clients on these Big Red Buicks (see All Cubera Catches) and some would say that Craig’s legacy has been lost in all this success.

Craig shot back to his rightful spot as King of the Cubera Hill with this MASSIVE 80+lbs. Cubera Snapper. This fish fought very hard, as described by Craig on the Florida Sportsman Radio program the following morning:

Craig and Paula have one more fishing day planned so lets see if he can top this excellent catch.

May 25, 2012

Jake Winchester had a blast on the mighty Wanderer today with Captain William and First Mate Alex. He brought his buddies Jeff Maly and John Savage for the trip and all hands were needed right away. They headed offshore to troll for billfish and out of four chances manages to catch and release one bad Pacific Sail

They also added a Yellowfin Tuna to the fishbox and this teeny Wahoo.

This “Wee-hoo” has the same distinctive glowing tiger stripes as his bigger brethren and would have made for one tasty sandwich had the boys not thrown him back. Hopefully we’ll see him again next year when he weighs 80lbs.

May 23, 2012

Steve Creasey will just not let up on these fish! After turning in two Hall of Fame performances in as many days, Mr. Creasey came back down to Earth with a normal fishing day…however ‘normal’ down here is still a world-class day anywhere else.

This Clearwater, FL angler added two more Pacific Sailfish releases to his scorecard plus added a trio of beefy Yellowfin Tunas to the fishbox.

Steve is set to finish his fishing vacation with Captain David on the Explorer after this excellent send-off for the Wanderer. Stay tuned!