July 18, 2012

Brad Hrebenar, David Marino and the rest of their Texas posse booked the Wanderer for a half day trip with outstanding results. With Captain William still on the injured list, command of the flagship was temporarily bequeathed to Captain Carlos of the Adventurer joined by mate-in-training Francisco.

New faces in new places, but the result is the same for the mighty Wanderer: This group released four excellent Sailfish and had a nice White tuna for the dinner table.

Take a look at this little guy; estimated at 50lbs. this adolescent Sailfish is more reminecent of a full-grown Atlantic Sailfish. Give him another year or so and this beastie will be bigger than Francisco.

Young billfish like this require even more gentle handling and we are glad to report this fish (like all billfish we catch) was safely released.

Captain Carlos also reports that he had a Marlin on a teaser, but “he will eat next time.” The Marlin have been scarce since May, but as long as the Sailfish are around it seems that everyone is all smiles.

July 17, 2012

Richard Harris and Morgan Trible enlisted the mighty blue Wanderer for their second of three trips and the offshore harvester was ready for work; however the legendary Captain William would not be along for this trip as he recently suffered a cut to his foot.

The doctors say he will be back in action in no time, and until then the helm of the Wanderer is being manned by her long time First Mate.

Captain Alex Moreno brought along Carlos of Explorer / Adventurer fame and these two young guns put on a show for Morgan and his dad. First up was a awesome Dorado estimated to weigh 30lbs.

Close on the heels of the tasty Mahi was an equally scrumptious Yellowfin Tuna also tipping the scales north of 25lbs.

With dinner accounted for, Alex and Carlos set out the billfish spread and like clockwork a powerful Pacific Sailfish came tearing through the spread just after 1pm.

Richard Harris kept the line taut as Alex spun the Wanderer into the evasive fish. Carlos kept things in order in the cockpit and Mr. Harris released his first-ever Pacific Sailfish at just after 1:20pm.

Great work as always by the crew to keep this fish calm and unstressed for another safe release!

Morgan and Richard have one more full day on the Wanderer so lets keep our fingers crossed for continuing great action.

July 15, 2012

Northeast Florida angler Austin Hattaway booked the big blue beauty for a billfish hunt, and as always the flagship Wanderer delivered the goods for an angler from her former port of call.

They had two Sailfish strikes throughout the trip and capitalized on both; the first came calling at 9 am just minutes after the flagship deployed the spread.

Sailfish number two came in for a landing just after 1pm and this fish was still ticked off after the brief 10 minute fight. Nice work by Mate Carlos to keep this pelagic under control.

Great work by the Wanderer and Florida’s own Austin Hattaway!

July 11, 2012

Client Marion Lawler III is on vacation in Costa Rica with his family and chartered the Wanderer for a 6.5 hour offshore excursion. These experienced Texas anglers turned in a magnificent performance on the FishingNosara flagship.

This Sailfish lit up the spread just after 12 o’clock and put on quite a show for young Mr. Lawler; the expression on this lads face shows what big-time sportfishing is all about.

Captain William kept this monster on a short leash with his masterful boat handling skills while First Mate Alex expertly directed the safe release.

The billfish vanished around 1:30, but over on the Explorer Captain David radioed in that he had found a large school of feeding porpoises. Captain William followed his hunch and fell in next to a pod of spinning porpoises, knowing that they would lead the Wanderer to a pot of Yellowfin gold.

Sure enough around 3pm this HUGE Yellowfin tuna was hooked up and it was Marion’s other son on the reel this time.

A beautiful Sailfish release for the trophy case and about 40lbs. of Yellowfin for the dinner table…that’s about a perfect day for Team Lawler!

July 8, 2012

The Wanderer‘s smooth ride, spacious interior and family-friendly crew make her the first choice for family fishing trips. Katherine brought her two boys along for a 2.5 hour inshore trip and they returned to shore with four small Dorados and two big smiles!

Captain William is a great father and along with First Mate Alex they do an outstanding job of teaching the craft of sportfishing to youngsters.

More importantly they create a safe and fun atmosphere so all anglers can relax and enjoy the trip. Great work all around!

July 8, 2012

Jacksonville anglers Jesus Pulido and Dianne Gregory has an outstanding trip on the Wanderer today. Dianne got things going early with this beautiful Pacific Sailfish release around 9:30am.

Great release by First Mate Alex on this true fish of a lifetime!

This posse then set about filling the fishbox with fresh filets and found these excellent Yellowfin Tunas in a school offshore. They had several simultaneous hook-ups and ended up with four monsters on ice, plus they added a Dorado for good measure.

Clean-up, needed in the fish department.”

Once again the Wanderer turns in an off-the-charts for this Duval county group on just a 5 hour half-day!

July 7, 2012

Dave Priddy followed up his Sailfish release with another two behemoths today. These fish came calling at 9:40 and 10:30 respectively, and neither one could match the mighty Wanderer with Dave on the reel.

The second fish was potentially a double-header but his hunting buddy escaped.

As the half-day trip came to a close they added this tasty Wahoo estimated to weigh between 12lbs. – 18lbs.

Great work all around by David Priddy and the flagship Wanderer.

July 6, 2012

Our new friends Terrance Karnal and Brittney Niccole joined our old buddy Jeff Grosshandler for a magical half-day offshore with Captain William on the Wanderer. This deadly duo of New York anglers laid the smack down on a nice Sailfish.

Nice work by Mate Carlos (on loan from the Explorer / Adventurer) on the safe capture and release of this fish.

Get a load of these well-dressed anglers! You know the old saying in NYC, “either you’re City, or you’re country.”