May 6, 2012

Marlin Alert! The mighty Wanderer and Hall of Famer Chuck Harris captured one of the meanest Blue Marlin of the season. This 350+lbs. brute mugged the spread until First Mate Alex deftly brought the circle hook home.

Captain William backed the beast down while Chuck won back line at a steady pace. After a vigorous 20 minute battle they had this big girl alongside for the release.

Another safe Marlin release for the Wanderer and a true fish of a lifetime for Florida angler Chuck Harris.

May 5, 2012

Hall of Famers Chuck Harris and Rick Blackburn have planned multiple days of fishing on the Wanderer. On their first day they opted for good-eating fish so Captain William chased down a large school of big Yellowfin Tunas. Check out these monsters:

Mr. Harris and his pal Dave Wesmoss have booked the Wanderer and Explorer solid this whole week. It will be exciting to see what they pull in as they grow more seasoned to Costa Rican fishing by the day. With all these tasty Yella Fellas, they will certainly be well fed for the week!

May 2, 2012

Garza was humming with energy on the morning of May 2 as FishingNosara joined some other area boats in welcoming 32 yoga students from the Yoga Shelter for a Marine Nature tour.

The FishingNosara flagship Wanderer led the way offshore for local boats Sportsman, High Roller, and Aimee Marie.  After seeing birds, turtles, dolphins, and other aquatic life the Yogis decided to take a peek beneath the waves.

Rain was falling on land but the conditions in San Juanillo Bay were perfect for snorkeling. The water was crystal blue and the current was not an issue. Looks like everyone took advantage of the opportunity to take the plunge…except this bird who decided to stay high and dry.

In the end it was a fun day all around. Nice job by the other area boats and by the Guiones Beach Transportation staff in their perfect execution of getting 30+ folks to and from Garza.

April 29, 2012

The Wanderer welcomed Mr. John Keep for a half-day excursion to the blue water and although the action was a little slow, this group persevered. They had one Sailfish in the spread early in the day and released him at 9:03am.

Careful with that tattoo…while it is a sweet looking Yellowfin Tuna, to the Sailfish it looks like breakfast!

The rest of the trip would prove slow, with only one Sailfish raised and no more releases. Still these clients had a great time and have the memory of a fantastic Sailfish release.

April 25, 2012

Susan and James Lewis have been burning the candle at both ends in Nosara this week. They fished on the Explorer, Adventurer, and Wanderer plus joined Javier for the exotic Horseback Mountain Tour.

The highlight of their fishing adventure was this massive Sailfish released with Captain William on the Wanderer. The winds were blowing hard and made offshore fishing a bit difficult, but the mighty blue beauty stood her ground against the wind and still managed to hook up this nice fish.

Great work by a fellow Jacksonville angler on the flagship Wanderer.

April 23, 2012

Chris Meade and his friends came to Nosara with the singular purpose of catching massive billfish, and we are stoked to report a record-setting day for this group from New York. They selected Captian William, First Mate Alex and the famous Wanderer to show them the way to the promised land.

How many billfish could they fit into a 5 hour half day trip? Let’s find out:

The first Sailfish came charging into the spread at 12:15pm and was released at 12:30pm which is a typical fight as long as the right angler, crew, and tackle are brought to bear on the feat. The second Sailfish wasn’t far behind and he was released at 1:0opm.

A third Sailfish reared its bill and once again Chris Meade’s group was up for the challenge. This predatory pelagic was released at 2:20pm

The highlight of the trip was this gorgeous Marlin released at 3:30pm. It bucked and barrel rolled on the way to boat, but Captain William acted quickly to de-tangle the fish while Alex kept her calm and steady.

What a beautiful specimen! Team Meade wasn’t satisfied, and they would close out the day with another pair of Sailfish releases at 4:03pm and 4:50pm.

Talk about squeezing every ounce of fishing out of a 5 hour trip…this is clearly a half-day for the ages!

April 21, 2012

Tyler and Emily Patterson won the Full of Bull Redfish Tournament last year and part of their prize included a half-day of fishing on the famous Wanderer. Captain William and First Mate Alex were primed to show these Jacksonville anglers the best fishing that Costa Rica has to offer.

The highlight of the trip was this excellent Sailfish release by Emily. Great work as always by the crew to ensure the safe release of this beautiful fish.

“We just got back Monday night after 7 awesome nights in Nosara.  Craig, your staff down there is amazing…Arturo is by far the most friendly and caring person I’ve ever met.  Manual, Javier, Eduardo, the cleaning staff, and William and Alex on the Wanderer were superb too!”

” We ended up going 2 for 10 on sails, my first ever landed, the other was pushing 100lbs!  I will absolutely do all that I can to spread the word on fishing the tournament next year and recommending Nosara Paradise Rentals to anyone planning a trip to Costa Rica.  Thanks again and it’s incredible that all of that happened because of a $50.00 redfish tournament.”

-Tyler and Emily Patterson

April 20, 2012

The VenHousen family finished their four days of fishing on the Wanderer with their best day yet.  Yesterday Grandpa got a bucket-liss-caliber Sailfish, so it was fitting that the youngest VenHousen match her Papi with a great Sail of her own!

Our Captains and crews are all family men who are very good with children. They make sure that every age has a fun, safe and memorable trip. Once this Sailfish took off the family pitched in and brought her alongside for a safe release.

Once she was swimming free, it was Mommy and Daddy’s turn for some bill collecting.

Check out the his and hers Sailfish releases to cap off a great week in trip Costa Rica: