March 28, 2012

Chris DiCola and his lovely wife Carolyn have been fishing hard this whole week, but March 28 was certainly the highlight of their four fishing excursions. Enlisting Captain William and First Mate Alex of the legendary Wanderer, this husband and wife fishing team from Pennsylvania went on a very fruitful billfish hunt.

They released two Sailfish during the 10am morning bite, then added one more during the 1pm afternoon session.

As an added bonus Chris nailed this meaty Dorado for the dinner table.

Chris and Carolyn were nice enough to provide the filets for a little dinner party at Rancho Tico with Craig, Matty, Captain Jack, and the Bickel group. As always great friendships are forged over fresh fish filets.

March 27, 2012

Jeff Bickel was introduced to big Sailfish when he had a double release with his brother Brian back in January. 

This time there was a mighty billfish waiting on him and he bested this beastie in just 15 minutes.

Our new friend Steve matched his fishing buddy with a tremendous Sailfish release of his own.

Of course First Mate Alex saw to the safe release of both monsters. With the trophies released, Jeff and Steve checked in at the fish market and scooped up more that 50 pounds of Mahi-mahi.

Great gaff shot by First Mate Alex but an even better photo by Captain William:



March 26, 2012

Our new friends Chris and Carolyn DiCola ripped the Sailfish out of the frame on their first day of fishing today. The bills came in hot and heavy, but the Wanderer has built a reputation as the toughest bill collector in town.

The days action saw three beautiful Sailfish releases…great work on the reels by Team DiCola and by First Mate Alex to ensure the unstressed release of these magical creatures.

The DiCola’s have much more fishing planned this week, so look out for these Pennsylvania-based anglers.

March 25, 2012

Our great friend Jeff Bickel is back in Nosara for several days of fishing this week and he brought a whole posse of good folks from South Georgia. They left the wives to hang out by the pool while they set the hooks into some great tasting bottom fish.

Highlighted by a huge Jack Crevalle and a nice Red Grouper, these boys really hit the fish hard this week.

March 17, 2012

Melita Ganoe and her family won the 1st Annual FishingNosara Family Cup at the Jacksonville Kayak Tournament last May.

They arrived to the Wanderer with good eating fish on their minds and they came away with three great species: White Tuna, Red Grouper, and Congrio.

Awesome work by the Ganoe family and the mighty Wanderer.

March 15, 2012

John Havins and his group from Houston booked Captain William and the Wanderer for an afternoon half day on March 15. He’s staying with our buddy Jeff over at Namaste Oasis so it was natural that he would have a great day on the flagship.

The knocked out a pair of 15lbs. Groupers and added some big Jack Crevalles for good measure. The Grouper bite has turned into a staple and we hope these tasty critters stick around for the rest of the season.