April 13, 2012

The newly minted Adventurer took client Laurie Anderson and her group out to the Pink Island for a afternoon Snorkel Safari Tour. Captain Carlos took the panga around the west point to the famous Pink Island.

This coral burm pokes out of the sea at low tide, and the island itself provides a barrier to the offshore winds. This keeps the water clear and the current rather slow; the recipe for perfect snorkeling conditions!

Additionally, there are several ancient (and not-so-ancient) sunken ships around this coral island. Laurie’s group enjoyed the snorkel-friendly conditions and had a wonderful time beneath the waves.

Our Snorkeling trips are safe, fun, and very popular with our guests. For those really wanting to take it to the next level, sign up for the new Lobster Tour and bring home some dinner from your Snorkeling excursion.

Casa Neptune Repair

One of Nosara Paradise Rental’s most endearing features is our Nature Preserve. Countless clients have enjoyed the tranquility of monkeys sunning in the trees overhead while pizotes meander through the grounds.

It’s not always that nice…in this installment of When Nature Attacks we look at what happens when the roof of our beloved Casa Neptune encounters the crown of a massive Guanacaste Tree:

As a Floridan who has put more than one roof on a house, I thought that this repair would take weeks if not months.

Imagine my surprise to receive this picture from Javier just six days later:

We’ve been telling y’all that Javier is a building legend for years now, but this project really takes the cake. I don’t know how they did it and I don’t want to know.

Fantastic work by Javier, Grevan, and the rest of Nosara Paradise Rentals team on this repair.

When nature attacks, we fix it!

December 16, 2011

Finally, many readers sent comments on Captain David’s beautiful rod rack he built for our vintage Safari cart last month.

First Mate Alex (who is an amazing carpenter in his own right) wasn’t about to let his good friend get the best of him, so he set out on his own woodworking mission.

The result is this beautiful rod holder to mount to the Wanderer‘s fighting chair.

Two things to notice here:

1.) I was just at the St. Pete and Ft. Lauderdale Boat shows and I did not see this level of woodworking craftsmanship, even with all the big-money boat builders in attendance.

Between the wood grain and the stain this piece has a finish that looks a mile deep.

2.) Ya gotta love a guy who does this on his day off! For a man who puts in 12-hour workdays on the water to sacrifice his own time shows Alex’s dedication to his boat and the FishingNosara team.

Salt Life

Salt Life Big Wave Challenge

The Salt Life Big Wave Challenge is an event that honors the surfer and photographer who capture the most popular big wave shot as voted on by thousands of online fans.

FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals were proud to award a week in Costa Rica and a fishing trip on the Explorer to the riders and shooters of these winning shots:

Great waves and great shots by these NE Florida legends!

2011 St. Petersburg Sail and Power Boat Show

It was a real thrill to take the show on the road to the 2011 St. Petersburg Sail and Power Boat Show.
Craig, Paula and Matty met thousands of great folks from the Tampa/St. Pete area and made new friends with all kinds of vendors.

We even managed to tick off the Coasties in the neighboring booth by playing AC/DC too loud, so that’s good too.

Big thanks to Chris Fleming of Show Management for making this event a huge success for us.

We look forward to seeing all of you again real soon. Pura Vida!

Year in Review

FishingNosara Year in Review

(click any month for the full report)

November 2010

In November we were putting the finishing touches on the Explorer, but the action on the Wanderer was truly world class. Bruce Sabine, John Harbord, and Joe Ronloff set a new standard for massive Yellowfin Tunas on the Wanderer.

Also local fisherman Eduardo Berrios had some great catches and Juan Adriatico welcomed the massive Cuberra Snappers back into the fishbox. Great start to the season!

Things continued to improve in December with several Marlin releases on the scorecard. The Lougran Wedding was a great fiesta on the NPR campus, plus the boys did a number on a behemoth Broomtail Grouper.

Our buddies Charly and Silvia also took out a few massive Yella fellas on the blue beauty.

Steve Mears also hooked up a Hall of Fame Blue Marlin and a bunch of kids from California had a blast on the Wanderer.

January 2011

In January the Explorer got off to a fast start…it was booked for the first six days after completing the final rigging! The inaugural clients on the Explorer caught a wide array of Tunas, Jacks, and reef snappers.

Steve and Alex Levine put the first billfish in the Explorer with a beautiful Sailfish release while the Wanderer welcomed Roy and Cathy Cox, Henry Doggrell, and Ed Haynes; all had huge fish.

February was a Marlin month for George Shipley and Dennis Paul who both nailed Hall of Fame-caliber monsters.

The bottom fishing was top-notch as well with tons of Tunas, Snappers, Groupers, and more caught on the Explorer and the Wanderer.

This month also marked the first shipment of Safari Carts to Guiones Beach and they have become legendary around town.

March 2011

In March, Matty and Captain Jack took a break from boat building and Safari Cart construction to remember why they work so hard…12 fishing trips in 13 days for the build team certainly got them their fishing fix. They also turned in a strong showing in the annual Ship of Fools tournament.

Meanwhile, the Marlin began to get scarce and the Sailfish swooped in and started tearing up the spreads. March brought the first double billfish releases of the season which was a sign of things to come in 2011.

Captain William and Alex hosted new Hall of Fame inductees Morgan Tribble, Woods Payne, George Ramsey, and Ken Strickler for three days of blistering action in April. The Marlin/Sailfish double header release has yet to be equaled.

Ricky Soloman, Eric Kelly, and Brian Ware also scored nice Marlin releases as the Wanderer ended the month with 12 billfish releases in a 10 day span.

May 2011

In May the Yellowfin Tunas started chewing the bottoms out of the boats with clients reporting 100lbs. days all month long. Also we had our first repeat Hall of Famer in the form of Dennis Paul and his massive Cuberra Snapper.

Another Hall of Fame day was had by Mike Cothran with multiple billfish releases including a nice Striped Marlin. Also Captain David welcomed our new friend Eddie McGowan for a feast over the reefs.

June brought some great clients our way and the inshore bite stayed hot. Ben Richards and Alycia Chalcraft has some great catches and our old buddy Dan Rey made his annual appearance on the Wanderer.
Also in June was the biggest Marlin of the season scored by newly minted Hall of Famers Tyson Wegman and Marcia Mulford. This team also scored a double Sailfish release to go with the mammoth Marlin.

July 2011

July’s report could be summed up with three letters…OMG! (That’s ‘Oh My Gosh’ to all our readers over 40 years old).
Jennie and Johnny Daniels had an excellent honeymoon trip with Captain David and we welcome our great friend Greg Vetto back to Nosara for some great fishing.

The Wanderer was slap full of Yellowfin tuna by the end of the month with multiple Yella fellas over 100lbs.

The Marlin left town in August and FishingNosara changed our address to ‘Sailfish City’.

It was not unusual to have reports of five or six releases per trip this month; this trend was hammered home by the Brothers Bickel who had two double Sailfish releases in one day!

Throw in some Dorados, Cuberras, and big Yella fellas and you have one of the best months in FishingNosara history.

September 2011

With most of the other boats on the hill, FishingNosara kept thing popping in September with some great Sailfish releases. Client Marc Carson on the Explorer caught the fish of a lifetime with Captain David while Captain William and First Mate Alex stayed on the Sailfish with Wade Boyken on the Wanderer.

We finished the season with a pair of excellent Sailfish releases by the legendary Senorita Richmond Phipps.

With her blessing, we put the 2011 season to rest with high hopes for another amazing season of Costa Rican sportfishing in 2012.

October 15, 2011

We always have two eyes on the ocean: one for good fishing conditions, and the other for good surf.

Fortunately a good buddy of ours has set up and all new surf forecast blog called DaBuh’s Surf Forcast. Check out the kind of charts he has on his site:

In addition to this live surf intelligence this blog has lots of good content on a variety of surf topics and is a fun read.  Keep an eye on DaBuh for more additions and improvements in the coming weeks. Pura Vida!

October 10, 2011

FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals have kept the foot on the gas despite the off-season rainy conditions and the subsequent effect they have on conditions in Nosara. Check out this shot from our buddy Coconut Harry of the gas station in Nosara:

Manuel contributed this shot from earlier in the week:

Still, work continues around the Nosara Paradise Rentals campus as we prepare to make 2012 a banner year. Casa Neptune was the final house to get a fresh coat of paint and it came out perfect as always.

Meanwhile Captain David and Cumy have given the trusty Land Cruiser a thorough bumper-to-bumper inspection and she is all set for another great year ferrying our clients to and from the airports, not to mention hauling the boats in and out of the water!

Captain William and First Mate Alex have the Wanderer almost all the way tightened up and ready for another season of great fishing; Alex applied his carpentry skills to this new tabletop in the cabin which will serve as a great place to prepare tackle at the start of the day and prepare sushi at the end of the day!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and FishingNosara is proud to introduce our new Pink Safari Cart! A portion of the proceeds from the rental of this beautiful buggy will benefit breast cancer research…not just in October but forever! Special thanks to Craig Sutton Jr. of All Jakd Up Motorsports in Jacksonville for the custom paint job.

Finally, Craig and Matty are beating a path all over the Southeastern US promoting FishingNosara. We have begun offering a stellar vacation package at select Coastal Conservation Association Florida events and have had super time meeting all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts at the banquets.

Also Craig has been making the rounds at the New Smyrna Billfish Invitational and the El Pescado Tournament spreading the Pura Vida spirit. We are looking forward to the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show later this month as well. If you’re in the area c’mon and see us!

September 22, 2011

The Ostinal Turtle Migration is in full effect! From August to December these ancient creatures arrive to nearby Playa Ostinal to lay their eggs; after 14 days the hatchlings make a mad dash for the sea. Due to human interference, there are only 6 places left on Earth where this phenomenon can be witnessed.

If you are planning on visiting the Nosara area in the next few months you do not want to miss this event. FishingNosara offers guided Safari Tours to Ostinal for both the arrividad and regresso, so make sure you plan a day for the turtles.