June 9, 2009

May 29th was a day of variety for client Ivan DeLuca, catching a 15lbs. dorado, a 5lbs. jack, and a pair of 10lbs. black tunas.The highlight was this excellent Yellowfun Tuna.

Ivan came back a week later and was joined by Conceige Numero Uno Manuel and Mate David Barrantes for a full day with Captain Vibert, and they redefined ‘day of variety’ by reeling in three 12lbs. yellowfin tuna, a 5lbs. gerguero snapper, three little suegras, and a beautiful 10lbs.


June 9, 2009

“This crew’s professionalism and expertise is second to none and I cannot praise them enough…I never dreamed in my limited time to fish I would get even close to landing a sailfish. Eduardo and his team made a dream come true: landing my first ever sailfish which was in excess of 100lb.” (see photo below)

“I highly recommend Captain Eduardo and his team; his boat Sportsman is adequately equipped and fit for purpose. I just wanted to say a big thanks to them as they are the business.”

                                 -Brian Keohane, after fishing on June 8th

May 28, 2009

On May 28th Captain Eduardo has a full boat (Tania, Braulio, Jaime, Kendal, Manuel, Javier, Miguel and Greivin) on a three-hour sunset cruise. They had an awesome time, hightlighted by this beautiful 40lbs. wahoo catch.
It’s always a thrill when our great staff gets in on the fishing action, and these big smiles a perfect illustration of the Pura Vida lifestyle!


May 16, 2009

On May 16th clients Andy and Debbie had a Sailfish field-day. Throughout the day, sixteen of the big beauties came tearing through the spread; by the end of the day they had caught and released seven Sailfish, all 110lbs! They came back in two days and raised seven more Sailfish, and this time they released four of the monster fish, one weighing over 120lbs!

They also added this healthy Wahoo:

It’s been said that once you catch a big sailfish, it’s all you can think about for the next week. This is clearly true for Andy and Debbie, who booked two more trips with Captain Eduardo on May 20th and 22nd. These additional trips added five more 120lbs. Sailfish to their record, and brought them a couple of 20lbs. dorados.

May 10, 2009

Check out this excellent Sailfish caught by our good friend and Jacksonville angler Dan Parker and his wife Charlene:

Captain Dan Parker and his wife Charlene started off the second day with three 15lbs. yellowfin tunas and three 20lbs. dorados. A few minutes later a 40lbs. wahoo hit the fish box, there was only one thing left to get. Sure enough, a 250lbs. Marlin came tearing through the spread and Mr. Parker hooked him up, completing a trip that saw a little bit of everything.



April 21, 2009

April 21st was Captain Eduardo’s turn with The Outdoors Show team. Once again Kevin and Carrie Faver, Mike, Craig and Manuel were along for the cruise. They warmed up by catching a 15lbs. dorado and a 35lbs. yellow tuna. The big hit came in the form of this strong-fighting 120lbs. sailfish.

Be sure to watch this catch:

April 15, 2009

Captain Vibert got The Outdoors Show team onboard for one of the most memorable catches of the year so far. Crewed by Vibert Blanche Jr. and David Barrantes, Captain Vibert took the Cabo inshore first, sight casting around for the shallow fish. They left the area only after hauling in a 50lbs. Cuberra that according to Craig Sutton “hit the lure like a Buick!”

Around 2:00pm they headed out for deeper water. They trolled around for less than a hour before a magnificent 400lbs. black marlin hit the spread. Craig hooked it, then Kevin Faver fought the great fish for 40 minutes, highlighted by a 35 second stretch of above-water motion. After a grueling fight, and a long week of fishing, Mr. Faver had caught himself a big-time Costa Rican black marlin!

“Everytime I think about that fish, a big smile creeps across my face.”
                                                             -Kevin Faver, one week after the catch