August 15, 2018

Team Humprey finished up their week in Nosara with a breathtaking NINE Sailfish release day on the Harvester on August 15.

The mega panga was a busy place; how could it not be with more than one Sailfish release per hour?

Clearly the action hit a peak for this group of South Florida anglers.

Of course all nine fish were released safely with no problems.

In addition to the Sailfish releases, the crew also scored a icebox full of nice Dorados.

“I had an amazing experience with this company when I was in Costa Rica. They surpassed my expectations and helped make the already incredible experience a time I will never forget. My fondest memories will be the time spent on the Harvester with Captain Alex and first mate Wilson.”

“My group who joined me on this journey all work for a fishing charter company (Lady Pamela 2 Fishing Charters) in South Florida. We are avid fishermen who work on the water catching fish, everyday. It’s not only a passion, but a career. That being said, we all felt Captain Alex was by far one of the best we have ever seen. He has eyes like a hawk. He is quicker than a rattle snake. He is patient, eager and willing to teach the knowledge he has learned fishing the Pacific Ocean for almost his whole life to us fellow fishermen of Florida.”

“We fished three days out of our week stay. We decided to upgrade to a full eight hours for our last trip. That day we caught and released nine gorgeous sail fish. We caught everything from 75lb tuna to 15lb dorados out of our three trips, but the last day was by far an incredible experience. Our mate, Wilson, was extremely polite, helpful, and quick at getting the spread back out. I really can’t say enough about these gentlemen and how wonderful they are.”

“Our host, Craig, was very friendly an met us for our complementary breakfast just about every morning. (Breakfast was great by the way) he joined in on conversations with everyone staying at the little jungle town he created in Nosara. He was a great host an has built a phenomenal company.”

“We also did a horse back ride with Eduardo in the breath taking atmosphere that was surrounded by mountains, monkeys, waterfalls, flowers, incredible trees… (I could keep going) an we enjoyed every second of it! He matched all our personalities with each horse! They were well trained and taken care of. Eduardo was so sweet!! He told us all kinds of interesting facts about the jungle and the surrounding river. We rode up to his mothers house, where we were greeted with star fruit water, cold mountain water, and mouth watering sliced fruit. He showed us his gorgeous property and kept the interesting info about his culture an land going the whole time.”

“We then rode off again to several different waterfalls where we got to get wet with the horses and take awesome pictures. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. We then traveled back to his mamas house, where we had hands down the best meal we ate our entire trip. Fresh green salad with the best avacado you’ll ever eat. Chicken that was clearly prepared that morning, home made potato chips, rice and beans… uh I want more just thinking about it. Then the coffee!!! Oh the coffee! Beans from their tree, freshly ground, that was just heavenly. They were warm hearted, kind, humble people whom I will never forget.”

“If you are looking to stay at a beautiful location, do some incredible big game fishing, and explore the wonders of the jungle on horseback.. you will have a life changing experience if you book a vacation trip with Fishing Nosara. You won’t want to leave!!!”

Brittany Marie‎
Fort Lauderdale, FL
August 21, 2018

July 24, 2018

Kathleen Clarke came to us as a novice angler, but after her trip on the Discoverer she has cut her teeth as a big-time blue water angler.

These Sailfish put on a great show and the releases were quick and easy.

She wrote us a very nice email:

“Just wanted to let you know that we had an incredibly amazing time on our fishing trip.  I don’t think that it could have been any better.  Captain Carlos and Kevin were stellar – I would highly recommend that crew to anyone. ”

“All 5 in our party caught fish and we were not expecting to.  Kevin kept the boat very clean and tidy and made sure that we all had everything that we needed.  Lunch was excellent also, as was the fruit.  We caught a mix of mahi-mahi and sailfish. We saw porpoises and turtles too.”

“Thanks so much!!!”

Kathleen Clarke
July 26, 2018
Ottawa, ON


July 15, 2018

The Sherley/Jasak team continued their hot streak on the 15th with more great Sailfish action.

A pair of Sailfish releases got the party started, and then a MASSIVE Blue Marlin showed up looking for a fight.

Great work by Mate Johnny, Captain William, and this fun-loving group of Florida anglers

We got this great email once they got home:


“I returned last week from my trip to Nosara. Chet Jasak had booked the trip for us over a year and a half ago and it was great to finally get to go fish with your team in Costa Rica. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the trip and will recommend Fishing Nosara to everyone.

“One of the guys we took fishing with us has ALS and his mobility and strength are not the best. Both Captain William and Captain Francisco really accommodated us so that we were able to help our friend Bob land both a Sailfish and Marlin.”

“Bob was a diver and commercial fisherman in his earlier years, we are all 71 or older, and as he said this was probably his last chance to catch a Sailfish or Marlin and Captains William and Francisco made it happen.”

“If Francisco wanted to he could have ended our day earlier but he hung in and we got the Sailfish at the end of the day. Captain William had to work the Wanderer over and over to keep the Marlin in position so Bob and I could get it landed. These men and their crew (Johnny and Elias) are much more than just employees, they have heart and your are blessed to have them on your staff.”

Frank Bellizio
Tampa, FL
July 16, 2018

July 15, 2018

Lee Ann Martin was on the receiving end of great fishing action with multiple fun catches on the Harvester.

These nice (but blurry) Sailfish release shots were saved by the fact that Gail Burton took her own pictures…this is why it’s always smart to bring your own camera.

Later the group belted up for a bunch of Yellowfin Tuna catches.

Multiple simultaneous hook up led to several nice specimens on ice.

“We had the best time fishing yesterday!” Lee Ann sent us in an email. “Our Captain Alex was amazing! We caught lots of tuna & my sister got to reel in a sail fish!”

July 11, 2018

Bob Zuniga’s group nabbed the fish of a lifetime on July 11 with this strong Striped Marlin release on July 11.

Later on in the trip they added a nice White Tuna…a rare find this far offshore.

Here’s what Bob had to say in an email: “I just wanted to take the time to let you and your staff know that my group and I had the time of a lifetime! From the fishing, to the breakfast and all of the accommodations, we enjoyed every second we spent at your paradise! Your staff took customer service to the next level and the fishing is unlike I have ever encountered in the world. I just wanted to again send you my thanks and on behalf of my group… PURA VIDA!!! Robert Zuniga”

July 10, 2018

Paul Worthington kept his hot streak going with a fantastic follow-up performance on July 10.

A nice Sailfish was backed up by a delicious-looking Dorado. Great work by the Discoverer.

Here’s what Paul wrote in an email when he got back:

“Just a note to let you know we had a great time in Nosara. As always your local staff were knowledgeable, accommodating and  professional. From Marias breakfast to the guys in the office, along with those behind the scenes it was a positive experience!”

“I can’t say enough about Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin, so glad they have been reunited as a team! The fishing was good this time, but not great ! However I have been spoiled with great fishing in Nosara so many times my expectations are too high. I have fished around the world, but my number one destination has become Nosara…with FishingNosara.”
“Thanks to you and your staff.”
Captain Paul Worthington


June 11, 2018

Jeff Broome posted the trip of the year so far with Captain Alex on June 11. First off was a true Double Sailfish release.

After the safe release of both fish, they added a third Sailfish for good measure.

Then the real monster came calling as the Harvester reports another MASSIVE Marlin release (the second in two days):



Amazing work by Captain Alex, Mate Wilson, and these Jacksonville anglers.

Here’s what Jeff had to say in an email:

Craig & Matt,

Just wanted to say an enthusiastic THANK YOU for the incredible trip we had thanks to your team.  In 3 days (June 9,10,11) we got 3 Marlin (2 blue and a massive black!) 3 sailfish, a huge Dorado, and a good deal more Tuna and Mahi. 
Thanks to Capt Alex and his hard working deck hand Wilson, I was able to cross Marlin off my bucket list of fish to catch… definitely a dream for me and I know I speak for all the guys in our group that it was definitely the fishing trip of a lifetime! 
You could tell how passionate Alex was about fishing… his favorite thing to say after we brought in a catch was, “Let’s get another one!”

Pura Vida!

Jeff Broome
Jacksonville, FL
June 26, 2018

April 19, 2018

Dan Bowman brought his kids along for a very memorable day of fishing with Captain William on the 19th.

Check out what Dan had to say:


Best fishing trip EVER — and I got to enjoy it with Chloe and Sophie, my 4.5 year old daughters! William and Johnny were the best.

We fought through a slow morning with a huge Cubera snapping off on the reef to landing 3 Sailfish in the early afternoon (the first two being a double hookup which was super exciting) to be followed up with a monster Dorado on the way home.

My girls had the best time ever, as did I! Memories to last a lifetime. Thank you and your crew for being so accommodating! Can’t wait to come back and go out again!



Dan Bowman
Hampstead, NC
April 19, 2018