March 18, 2021

Mike Loughrey and the Harvester scored big on March 18. The highlight was this floor-sweeping monster Dorado.

They augmented this catch with some smaller Yellowfin Tunas and a nice Sailfish release.

“Great time in Nosara last week,” Mike wrote via email. “Casa Neptune is a great spot for a couple folks. Thanks for everything. Fishing with Alex and Wilson was epic! Freddy, Javier, Mary, Alex & Yoseph were great to be with.”

March 14, 2021

Nate Goldstein and his family had a wonderful day on the Discoverer on March 14. The highligh of the day was this sweet Marlin fight, captured on video from the tower by Captain Carlos.

This one got away, but a nice Pacfic Sailfish wasn’t so wily.

After the safe release, they also kept the rods bent with several Yellowfin Tunas.

“Carlos and Kevin were fantastic.” Nate wrote in an email. “Kept it moving for the kids, good and mellow vibe, great communication and forethought. Thank you for running a tight ship.”

March 8, 2021

Jason Frelich’s group started their week with a BIG Dorado, then scored a swarm of Sailfish releases, and on their final trip scored the biggest Yellowfin Tuna of the season so far.

We can’t undestate how unusual it is to find big Yellowfins this time of year. What a blessing!

Earlier in the trip they scored this wonderful Rooster Fish release inshore.

Amazing job my Mate Wilson, Captain Alex, and the unbeatable Harvester.


Hey Craig,

I was part of the Frelich group that hauled in the 200 lb+ Yellowfin Tuna, which I must say I’m still enjoying. This was our 2nd vacation with Fishing Nosara and you and your team did not disappoint. I just wanted to relay a few things about our stay that really stood out.

This was our first time staying on the Fishing Nosara property, which is beautifully maintained tropical paradise “Paradise Rentals” is a good name, having the cart at our disposal made getting around a breeze. The pool and breakfast area really beautiful, tropical and needed after a long day of reeling in fish.

From the shuttles to and from the airport, to fishing, to anything we wanted was terrific and super punctual with no worries.

We went horse back riding one day, and the tour was fabulous. We had a lunch with the locals and it was delicious.

The fishing. We fished with Alex and Wilson, on the Fishing Nosara Super Panga all 3 days. I must say that Alex has super fish finding radar like a superhero. He is fishing excellence and partnering with Wilson make them a great 1-2 punch. On our 3 days fishing we caught 10 of 11 Sailfish, 28 lb Dorado, a 48 lb Rooster Fish (my prize catch) and fought the mighty 200 lb + Yellowfin for nearly 4 hrs. it made our several other tuna we caught in the 25lb range look like bait. Kudo’s go’s to our mighty fisherwoman “T” who fought the beast for over 2 hrs making the last 2 hrs an easy catch for Robbie her first mate.

Our over all experience with your accommodations, personnel and fishing was 5 star. Thank you again and hope to return soon.

David “Runcle Rave”

​Thank you,



David DelGrosso

February 18, 2021

Phil Egan’s hot streak continued on February 18. Here is the email he sent us after the trip:

Hey there Craig –

Had another killer day on the 5 hr trip on the Harvester yesterday. 3-4 miles out we had our first sail hooked up – the guys were still setting up and only had the shotgun line in the water.

Went on to go 5 for 7 on sails and 1 for 2 on dorado (24 lbs). That boat is a bad ass fishing machine!

Thanks for 3 great days of fishing. The boats and crews are all top notch. The guys all fish hard and with enthusiasm.

I can’t help but think they’ve all probably caught thousands of sails in their lifetimes, but treat each hookup with the excitement of it being their first.

Until next year!

Phil Egan

February 9, 2021

The Explorer performed brilliantly on February 9 with Norman Lindsey scoring a very challenging Double Sailfish release.

This would be the clear-cut highlight for most trips, but Norman also nagged a wonderful 50+lbs. Dorado.

“I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your captain and mate, and the entire experience,” Norman wrote to us via email. ‘Everything was top notch, and my wife and I had a blast!”

January 26, 2021

The Discoverer was excited to welcome back Ted Markow’s family for a return trip to the blue water.

Just like their trip last year, Team Markow did great. They enjoyed a fun Sailfish release, then nagged big Dorados.

They also battled a Blue Marlin but it spit the hook before it could be billed.

“Kevin and Carlos know what they are doing,” wrote Ted. “I watched Kevin prepping the equipment and bait on the ride out. He pays attention to details. Carlos sees the fish when they are going after the attractors. Kevin brings the bait close to the fish in order to hook them. They did not miss many fish.”

“What great memories for my 15 year old and 11 year old daughters. Not may 15 year old girls can say they fought a 200lb plus blue marlin for almost 30 minutes.”

“Great times!”

January 15, 2021

Dean Hayes’ group split up between the Discoverer and Wanderer on the 15th.

Over on the big battleship theiy scored nice Sailfish releases augmented by tasty Yellowfin Tunas.

Dean sent us this nice email after the trips: “We had great offshore trips. We boated 8 sails in the two days we went offshore! Your captains and mates were all very efficient and hospitable. Thanks for a great experience!!”

November 23, 2020

Our great friend Ernest Willam Catsulis has returned to Nosara for Thanksgiving week, and he brought his family along for this fishing adventure.

Gavin Harper nagged this nice Sailfish release for the trophy case, and then Tyler, Amanda and Hannah brought home dinner with these excellent Yellowfin Tunas and Dorados.

Amanda Jennings on Facebook: “Amazing day fishing with [Mate] Kevin Sequeira at FishingNosara. Kids had a blast, memories of a lifetime. Many thanks to the entire team!!”

March 7, 2020

Texas angler Mike Dickerson had a challenging day on March 7, but he and Captain David emerged victorius. In Mike’s words:

“HI Craig,

“Here’s a photo of the nice Jack Crevelle I caught Saturday fishing with David. Most of the day was pretty blown out with big wind waves and whitecaps moving against the swell, but I caught this fish during a short lull in the wind in the only relatively protected bit of water we found all day.”

“I did have one bite from what David was certain was a big roosterfish because it ate a big bait and was tearing line off the reel for about 15 seconds before he broke me off on a reef. So I didn’t get my roosterfish, but this was a nice consolation prize.”

“David worked his butt off all day, and I couldn’t have asked for a more heroic effort. Conditions were just very tough.”

“Thanks for accommodating me on this charter, and I’m happy to provide a very positive reference should you need it.”

February 26, 2020

John Shellhorn and Jim Freyburger fished with Captain Carlos on the Discoverer on February 25th.

They scored a Sailfish release early in the trip, then moved inshore for a great Rooster Fish release.

They rejoined the battleship on the 26th and finished off their time in Nosara with this amazing Cubera Snapper catch and release.

Here is the email John sent us after the trip:

Hi Craig!

Finally back in country and wanted to thank you for a great trip.

My wife and her friend Mary had never caught a billfish and on the Wanderer, caught four each in two days including a double hook-up. They were thrilled and will be talking about that for a long time.

I caught a nice 38 pound rooster and my friend Jim caught a nice Cuberra snapper while fishing the last two days with Captain Carlos on the Discoverer. Although we only fished a half day on our last day, our group total for the four days of fishing came to 13 sails, 6 tuna, 1 rooster and 1 snapper.

You guys have an excellent operation and we had an awesome trip! Your staff are incredible at their jobs and your facility offers world class fishing! It was great to get to spend a little time with you and we are really appreciative of an awesome trip. Will continue to spread the word (and pictures).

Pura Vida!

John Shellhorn