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Current Costa Rica Fishing Report

Javier on the Radio – February 4, 2012

Check out El Jefe on the air of the famous La Buena Pescas Programa de Radio on the morning of February 4, 2012.

Javier tells Captain Atanes about our recent Grand Slam, fishing at the Nosara River mouth, and the ease of traveling to Nosara. Take a listen to his report:

Thanks to Captain Sergio Atanes and the whole team at ReelFishy.com!

Daily Fishing Update  – February 2, 2012

FishingNosara has been working for years to dispel certain myths about fishing in Costa Rica, namely that the fishery is world-class yet the boats and tackle are the exact opposite. Our reputation for top-notch tackle and aggressive fishing proceeded us when we received a call from Derrell McCrary.

Mr. McCrary was fishing on another boat in the  area back in December when he noticed that FishingNosara was catching monsters while he was catching minnows.

He booked a full day on the Wanderer and this time we vowed that his fishing experience would be world class.

Captain William pointed the mighty Wanderer south and found the blue water break just 6 miles offshore. The spread was working early in the day, snaring a pair of nice Dorados (Mahi-Mahi) that weighed 30lbs. each. Here is one of the tasty green morsels:

After a brief spell of nothing biting, the 1pm Sailfish bite lit up and two hungry Pacific Sailfish came tearing through the spread. First Mate Alex coordinated the fights and the releases, notching the Wanderer‘s scorecard with three more excellent billfish releases including a double header release.

This performance certainly exorcised the Costa Rica fishing demons for Derrell McCrary, but FishingNosara’s reputation wasn’t built on meeting expectations but on exceeding them. That is why after 7 great hours of fishing the mighty Wanderer still had a trick up her sleeve.

This 180lbs. Striped Marlin releases is the third of the month for Captain William and proves that the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer is indeed the top boat in the area; she is a vessel that flourishes where other fail.

Daily Fishing Update  – February 1, 2012

Legendary day for the mighty Wanderer and the Zach Condon group. This New Hampshire-based angler has seen the results put up by Captain William and First Mate Alex for other New Englanders (most recently the Mukon family) and he immediately booked a full day on the on the flagship.

Zach said they wanted billfish…Fishin’ Accomplished!

As usual the big blue beast delivered the goods for these clients who released a MASSIVE 300+lbs. Blue Marlin and backed that up with a 180lbs. Striped Marlin. They also had a Sailfish but lost it right next to the boat, literally inches from the second Grand Slam of the young season for the Wanderer.

First up was the bad Blue Marlin…this guy is a monster even by Costa Rican standards! Amazing teamwork to safely land this monster and set up a safe Marlin release.

Looks like we need to get a wide angle lens for the camera!

We talk a lot about successful billfish being the result of combining the right boat, angler, and tackle for the job. This dedication to teamwork and precision was on display an hour later when another bodacious billfish beckoned.

Look at this picture from the Striped Marlin battle, and take careful note of everyone’s eyes:

  • The angler’s eyes are on locked on the fish and she is focused on maintaining tension and winning back line from the Marlin.
  • Her assistant is baling the line back on to the spool properly, thus freeing the angler from worrying about the tackle.
  • First Mate Alex is watching the tip of the rod for clues on the Marlin’s next move. He can tell by the faintest jerk or vibration of the rod tip if the fish is about to take off running, dive deep, or charge the boat…by transmitting this info to Captain William at the tiller he provides the Wanderer with a split-second advantage over the Marlin.

Focused Angler + Proper Tackle + Captain/Crew teamwork = Great Marlin Releases!

What an outstanding trip for Zach Condon! This was certainly a trip for the ages and another Hall of Fame performance for the mighty Wanderer.

Daily Fishing Update  – January 31, 2012

Excellent day of fishing on the Wanderer by client Dave Ulev from Illinois. His group wanted to specifically target Yellowfin Tuna so Captain William chased the dolphin schools while First Mate Alex deployed a spread featuring the undeniable Cedar plug.

The fish came in hot and heavy, one after the other, and Dave didn’t stop until the box was filled with Yella fellas and Jack Crevalle.

Great filets for Dave and another outstanding effort by the famous Wanderer!

Daily Fishing Update  – January 30, 2012

We were stoked to host a wedding fishing fiesta with Rob Anderson and his group from Dallas, TX. They split the party between the Wanderer and the Explorer. Both boats saw consistent action, but the Wanderer had the edge when it comes to good eatin’ keepers.

Captain William and the big blue beauty accounted for 10 Yellowfin tunas and five Jack Crevalles in the fishbox, while over on the Explorer Captain David’s group got a bunch of Bonita and a few feisty reef Snapper.

No matter how you score it, Mr. Anderson and his group certainly caught enough fish for the wedding party. Great work team!

Jacksonville Boat Show Recap – January 30, 2012

Nosara Paradise Rentals and FishingNosara had an excellent weekend at the 65th Annual Jacksonville Boat Show at the Prime Osborn Convention Center. We met thousands of great folks and managed to raise over $500 for Jacksonville Marine Charities.

The big winner of our $1450 vacation package was Margo from Jacksonville. Her name was pulled at random from over 100 entries and she is packing her bags for a week in paradise. Here is her email to Craig:

Dear Craig,

Oh My !!! Still am pinching myself about the trip to Costa Rica !!!!! WOW ! I think I am still somewhat numb about it all. Can’t thank you enough for your offering such a fabulous prize ! And to have won it is beyond my wildest imagination !!!! Thank you, thank you!


Daily Fishing Update – January 29, 2012

Richmond and Brooke followed up they inshore sushi shopping trip with another trip with Captain David on the indefatigable Explorer. This time they were joined by Daniel Shields (FishingNosara’s Chief Technology/Ecology Advisor) and his lovely wife Maria Yetty.

Captain David put the barroom brawler onto a secret spot of the reef, and today’s was twice as productive has Richmond’s prior trip. The highlight of the day was this intriguing Rooster Fish, which was released after the photo session.

They backed up that catch with some meat for the cooler in the form of a few nice Jack Crevalles and more Tuna.

Most importantly Hall of Famer Richmond Phipps had a great time on the Explorer and will certainly be back for some more old-school extreme panga fishing.

Daily Fishing Update – January 28, 2012

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Richmond Phipps made her first visit to the Explorer today and certainly got back to her fishing roots on the 26-foot Super Panga. Senora Phipps has been working the fish in Garza Bay from panga boats since the Nixon administration and the reef dwellers still tremble in fear when Richmond in on the water.

Richmond was joined by her daughter and great friend to FishingNosara Brooke Shields for the first of two trips on the Explorer. Captain David kept them on the fish, and in less than three hours they pulled in a pair of nice White Tunas for the dinner table along with some other assorted nibbles.

Fantastic evening of inshore fishing for Richmond and Brooke on the powerful 26-foot Explorer.

Daily Fishing Update – January 27, 2012

Captain David and the 26-foot Explorer welcomed Jay Johnston and his group for an afternoon half-day fishing trip. The California anglers wanted to target Yellowfin Tuna primarily, but the 1pm Sailfish bite proved too alluring so Captain David took it offshore early in the trip.

This excellent Sailfish was released unharmed after a brief but vigorous 10 minute fight. Captain David knows what to do when these big fish come calling and he brought this fight to a quick, safe and satisfying conclusion.

Jay’s posse kept their collective foot on the gas once the Explorer returned inshore and anchored up to Pincha Padre. They finished the evening with 10 Yellowfin Tunas weighing between 12lbs. and 20lbs. in the box.

Check out the Wasabi/Soy sauce tray in the right foreground…No one’s going hungry in the Johnston group tonight!

Daily Fishing Update – January 27, 2012

Amazing Kayak Safari Tour today that featured a canine companion and an excellent Snook catch by El Jefe. Local man Humberto Avila was joined by guide Arturo for a lazy float down the Rio Nosara.

Once they got to the river mouth and broke out the fishing poles, look who they ran into:

No other than Nosara Paradise Rentals GM Javier Hernandez along with another fantastic Snook. El Jefe is a Snook catching machine and he always knows where the big boys are hiding. Another great day on the river!

Daily Fishing Update – January 25, 2012

Brian Bickel and his boys from South Georgia lit it up today with nice Sailfish and Dorados. The spinning porpoises led the famous Wanderer out to a full-on feeding frenzy.

They had three Sailfish in the spread throughout the day with two successful catch and releases.

This hungry posse also put three big Dorados in the box which should keep them pleasantly plump for the rest of the week.

Great start for these fellas who still have more fishing planned this week.

Daily Fishing Update – January 23, 2012

Janae finished her fishing vacation in with FishingNosara with another outing on the 26-foot Super Panga Explorer with Captain David and Mate Pipio. She added to her previous billfish releases with another excellent Sailfish at around 1:30pm.

Later on she had a nice Wahoo and but it shot like a missle and broke the line; shades of fishing stories from the Ledge back home in Jacksonville. They moved inshore to end the day and caught a few nice Black Tunas.

Here is the email she sent us once she got home:

“What an awesome time we had in Nosara! The fishing was so fun and Nosara is a great little place!! We are already talking about when we can come back! I just wanted to thank you again for answering my millions of questions and helping me prepare!! Can’t wait to come back again!!! Pura Vida!!!”

Daily Fishing Update – January 23, 2012

The Wanderer played host to client Michelle Guiliano and her friends from California for a very memorable 6.5 hour trip out to the blue water.

They started the day by taking care of dinner in the form of this 20lbs. Dorado; not the biggest Mahi we’ve seen around recently but certainly enough to put some meat on ice and gnosh on fresh sushi FishingNosara-style!

You can set your watch down here by the 1pm Sailfish bite and today was no different. A half-dozen majestic Sailfish came ripping through the spread and was tearing off baits left and right.

Michelle hooked up the first one, and the group finished with three awesome Pacific Sailfish releases.

Greayt work by Captain William and First Mate Alex who turned in a banner day for these nice folks from the other Sunshine State!

Daily Fishing Update – January 22, 2012

Amazing day on the Explorer for client Janae visiting from Florida. She represented the Sunshine State well on her first day by scoring some meaty Dorados, but today she had one thing on her mind: Offshore Billfish Hunting!

Captain David and Mate Carlos took the 26-foot brawler about 6 miles out the blue water when a flock of diving birds led the way for the Explorer into a feeding frenzy.

The first Sailfish came up and annhilated a long shotgun bait and Janae took him on a quick ride to the boat for this excellent release shot.

No sooner than Carlos could get the baits back in the water than the Sailfish’s hunting buddy came calling. Captain David had to back this fish down quickly because of the amount of line it peeled off with the initial strike; still the team of Captain David on the wheel and Janae on the reel wrapped up this fight in 20 minutes.

Great releases by Mate Carlos to ensure the safety of fish, boat and angler. Let’s see what Janae has in store for them later this week as she wraps up her birthday getaway in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Daily Fishing Update – January 22, 2012

Mark and Melody Mukon finished their week of strong fishing with the perfect souvenir for each other:  “His and Hers” Sailfish releases. Mark was first up, and his monster Sailfish put on a tail-walking show on his way to the mighty Wanderer.

Melody Mukon was next up on the reel when at 1pm the second Sailfish came barreling through the spread. The hypnotic power of her Pink FishingNosara hat worked on this billfish as First Mate Alex coaxed him alongside for another safe release.

Great work by this Connecticut couple of bill collectors to cap off an outstanding week of fishing in Costa Rica.

Daily Fishing Update – January 21, 2012

Jacksonville angler and Florida Sportsman calendar model Janae had a great morning on the 26-foot Super Panga Explorer. She is in Nosara celebrating her birthday and thankfully the fish decided to attend the party.

She got into town from Florida late last night and then hit the water first thing in the morning…that’s how we fish in Duval, folks.

Captain David reports that she caught a pair of 40lbs. Mahi-Mahi and that she was super-stoked to have some fish for the fridge.

Janae will be fishing again on Monday and we’ll see how things go offshore; the way this week has gone it’s fair to say that things should be poppin’.

Daily Fishing Update – January 20, 2012

The Wanderer lit it up today with a pair of great trips featuring a big Sailfish release and lots of fresh fish filets for our friends.

Mark and Melody Mukon booked a full 8 hour day on the big blue battlewagon and these Connecticut anglers were looking for billfish and meat for the cooler; frankly they got all they could handle!

The day got off to a slow start but the 1pm Sailfish bite has been on like clockwork this week and sure enough this mighty Pacific Sailfish challenged Mr. Mukon and the Wanderer to a fight.

Captain William spun the Wanderer into a position of power while Mark put a swift 15 minute beating on this billfish. First Mate Alex executed a perfect bill and release, and this monster swam away free and will be ready for another scrap soon.

That awesome fish turned out to be the plug in the dam because once it was released the Wanderer was beset on all sides by hungry Dorados. Perhaps they were lured in by Melody’s freshly-purchased Pink FishingNosara hat…hmmmmm that particular color of hat always seems to bring good luck to a boat.

The feeding frenzy that followed brought in four nice Mahi-Mahis ranging from 25lbs. to the 60lbs. whopper pictured with Captain William.

Melody and Mark Mukon added this feisty little Wahoo to the shopping cart just as they checked out from the fish market. They have two more full days of fishing planned this week…look out fish, the Mukon’s are just getting started!

Daily Fishing Update – January 20, 2012

Charles Barend and his family took a lovely 2.5 hour sunset cruise on the Explorer and had some nice results fishing with Captain David and Mate Carlos. They started with a Bonita on the planer/spoon to use for bait, and sure enough the better-tasting fish were hungry.

The filled the fishbox with three big Jack Crevalles and a tasty White tuna. Looks like the kids had a great time and this family fishing frenzy fed the fridge with fresh fish filets for all!

Daily Fishing Update – January 18, 2012

Wonderful sunset family fishing trip today on the Wanderer. Patrick Dollard and his family caught three Jack Crevalles and four Bonitos on a very relaxing three hour cruise.

Mix the tranquil conditions with some rod-bendin’ action and you have the recipe for a perfect Costa Rican evening. The big smile on her face says it all:

Respect to this young man who can handle his own fish for the picture. Another satisfied family from FishingNosara!

Daily Fishing Update – January 18, 2012

Another great client-submitted report from John Maysak:

Here are the pictures of my trip with my friend Barth on Nice n’ Tight with Captain Eduardo.

I was lucky enough to be on the rod and bring this big girl to the side of the boat for a clean release after an hour and fifteen minute epic hard-fought battle with lots of boat maneuvering help from Eduardo.

This fish measured 13 feet tip to tip with a girth somewhere north of 80 inches and we estimated her at 500 pounds!

Don’t let the diminutive Nice n’ Tight fool you! She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing whose bite is much worse than her bark.

Pura Vida,

John Maysak

Daily Fishing Update – January 17, 2012

How would John Harbord and Bruce Sabine fare after a seven billfish day yesterday? Would they have anything left in the tank after three excellent days of fishing both offshore and the inshore reefs? Would the billfish finally evade their crafty capture?

Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, and Sailfish released!

This is the classic Grand Slam and is by far the rarest feat in billfishing. Less than a dozen Grand Slams are reported worldwide in a given year and this performance will serve as the high water mark for years to come for Costa Rican sportfishing.

The Stripey was the first one to get snared by the mighty Wanderer‘s spread and John did great work to make this fight quick and efficient. Captain William kept the boat in perfect position for the contest and the angler kept tension like a pro.

Fantastic work by First Mate Alex who is always pumped up when big billfish come calling.

Next up was a very nice Pacific Sailfish which would be a highlight on any other day with any other anglers; for these hombres this Sailfish release was as routine as a free throw.

The final piece of the Grand Slam came in the form of this MASSIVE Black Marlin that came calling later in the day. This monster was huge and the look on Alex’s face tells the tale.

What a fantastic release photo…magazine cover anyone?

Once back in Garza Bay the Tampa-based fishing team was elated, and added this 145lbs. Brown Marlin release:

Legendary fishing by these FishingNosara Hall of Famers!

Daily Fishing Update – January 16, 2012

Bruce Sabine, John Harbord, and the rest of the Tampa group…Welcome to the FishingNosara Hall of Fame!

You know it’s a good trip when it starts with a Striped Marlin release. This was the second Stripey of the season and is a Hall of Fame fish all by itself.

Then the boys added six Sailfish releases to the scorecard including the unheard-of TRIPLE HEADER SAILFISH RELEASE!

Maybe it was the blue water moving close to shore. Maybe it was the years of fishing experience that John and Bruce bring to the water. Maybe it was First Mate Alex’ lucky white sunglasses. Whatever happened out there today, all the tumblers fell into place and unlocked the perfect day of fishing for these clients.

Of course all 7 billfish were released alive and well and ready to be caught again. Excellent teamwork by Captain William and First Mate Alex to maintain the saftey of the billfish, anglers, and equipement.

Great work gentelmen…you have earned your enshrinement to the Hall of Fame!

Daily Fishing Update – January 15, 2012

The Tampa boys stayed inshore once again on January 15 and if you think that means they settled for small fish, then you have no clue about the kind of monsters that live on the reefs in Costa Rica.

This Broomtail Grouper appears to weigh over 50lbs. which would make it the largest Cabrilla caught since Matty’s monster back in November 2010. Sheesh, the lips on this fish probably weigh five pounds:

John followed up the largest Grouper we’ve seen this year with the smallest grouper we’ve ever seen. Ya might be able to get half a sandwich out of this little fella, but instead we threw this one back…maybe in another ten years he will resemble his departed big brother.

The blue water is beckoning these boys and they are planning to head offshore early tomorrow. Let’s keep an eye on these world-class anglers as they head out to challenge some top-notch billfish.

Daily Fishing Update – January 14, 2012

Bruce Sabine and John Harbord are back! These excellent Tampa anglers narrowly missed getting inducted into the FishingNosara Hall of Fame back in November 2010 when they destroyed about 500lbs. of Yellowfin tuna on a single day.

On January 14 they kicked off their fishing trips with Captain William for an inshore fridge-filling fishing frenzy.

They caught a Yella fella and a white tuna, then went offshore and released a nice pacific sailfish. The West Coast Lawn boys have three more trips planned this week and it is safe to say that the Hall of Fame might get a little more crowded by week’s end.

Daily Fishing Update – January 13, 2012

After releasing a big Blue Marlin last season, Ted and Linda Thompson returned to the Wanderer for a half-day of fishing on January 13 and once again did a little bill collecting.

First thing in the morning the Wanderer found a hungry Sailfish on the line and Team Thompson brought the behemoth alongside for a nice clean release.

Great work by First Mate Alex and Captain William to release the fish unstressed. The Thompsons are considering fishing some more days this week which certainly spells trouble for the local billfish population. Stay tuned!

Daily Fishing Update – January 13, 2012

Check out this great client submitted report for John Maysak:

“My friends and I went fishing with Captain Eduardo for a full day offshore trip aboard the Sportsman. We released 1 sailfish, saw another that never bit, and caught 3 bonito.”

“Eduardo and his mates worked incredibly hard to make the day a memorable one for all of us, so much so that we booked another full day trip next week! It’s easy to tell how much they enjoy their work and they are very good at it.”

“To top off the day mate Chano sold us some langoustines to cook for our dinner”

Photos by John Maysak
, Washington, DC

Daily Fishing Update – January 12, 2012

The Wanderer took client Christian on a 2.5 hour sunset fishing trip on January 12 and delivered some great inshore action in short order. First he caught five Jack Crevalles and a Bonita as a warm up, then finished the trip strong by boating a 25lbs. Cubera Snapper. These clients were really excited when they got back to shore.

It’s worth noting that earlier in the day Captain David of the Explorer also reported good action on Jack Crevalles and a Cubera snapper. Our Captains are not selfish; they share fishing intelligence with each other which gives our clients that little extra edge when they hit the water. Excellent sunset trip by Captain William and the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer!

Daily Fishing Update – January 12, 2012

Unfortunately water and wind conditions have made offshore billfishing a fruitless venture for the last five days or so, but the Captains and crews of FishingNosara are not ones to throw in the towel when the going gets tough.

The boys have stayed inshore this week and satisfied their clients with big Jack Crevalles and other reef dwellers. Client John Wellborn booked the Explorer on January 12 and in addition to the requisite Crevalles, Mr. Wellborn found himself on the business end of a monster Cubera Snapper.

This meaty bulldog weighed about 30lbs. and should keep John Wellborn and his group full of fish for several days. Excellent job by Captain David of adapting to the difficult offshore conditions and delivering the goods for his clients.

Daily Fishing Update – January 11, 2012

The Explorer played host to a company outing starring El Jefe Javier Hernandez doing work on the inshore species that have moved into the area. Looking sharp in his dress whites, the GM of Nosara Paradise Rentals showed his mastery of marine marksmanship.

Javier nailed this nice Jack Crevelle in the late afternoon and piled the fishbox with several other nice catches. Nice evening of “work” for Javier!

Daily Fishing Update – January 11, 2012

We have received word of a MASSIVE Dorado caught on the Wanderer by client Jim Bates that may be the biggest of the season so far. Captain William reports that this monster weighed upwards of 50lbs. and by these pictures I think he may be underestimating a bit.

What an excellent gaff shot by First Mate Alex! For those who don’t know the goal is to strike the fish in the head as far from the filets as possible. This prevents blood contamination in the meat and ensures maximum meat yield.

“Thanks for everything Craig…we will back again. The house was great and my friends had a great time. The Wanderer was a nice boat and great crew. We saw lots of wildlife and caught dinner…not bad! Thanks again for all your hospitality  we will be back as soon as we can.” -Jim Bates

Daily Fishing Update – January 10, 2012

Lots of sad faces around Garza today because the offshore fishing was really slow.  Today nine boats went offshore and just one saw a Sailfish.

On the Wanderer client Allen Valique lost 2 big Dorados and the only boats reporting catches were of the small Bonita or Jack Crevalle variety.

The prevailing logic is that the full moon screwed up the feeding pattern and that as the moon wanes the bite should turn back on in a big way. Stay tuned!

Daily Fishing Update – January 9, 2012

Calm seas and clear water meant that January 9 was a perfect day for a family snorkeling trip. Client Jens Mickstrom from Denmark booked the Explorer for a combination snorkeling/fishing excursion and had a great time with his wife and kids.

In these pictures the Danes are taking a break on a reef outcropping just a few feet below the surface. Excellent navigation by Captain David in showing these clients all the good underwater vistas all the while maintaining overwatch on the snorkelers.

Another safe and fun Safari Tour from FishingNosara!

Daily Fishing Update – January 8, 2012

Very productive day of fishing on the Explorer for Colorado-based client Adrian Archuleta with lots of good inshore action.

Captain David kept this group parked on top of the legendary reef at Pincha Padre and the Jack Crevalles showed up with big appetites. By the end of the half-day trip they had put eight lovely Jacks in the fishbox.

Excellent work as always by Captain David, Mate Carlos and the unstoppable Explorer.

Daily Fishing Update – January 7, 2012

After boating 15 nice fish to finish 2011, Sr. Eduardo Berrios and his padre set out to make their first trip of 2012 just as fruitful.

They put several Bonita in the bait bucket to get started then put the teasers out for billfish.

Captian David keep changing up the Explorer‘s spread to try to coax the big billfish up to the surface.

Unfortunately the Sails and Marlin were scarce and the Berrios boys only had a few small nibbles on the trip.

Eduardo uploaded this photo from the boat along with this caption:

“Heading home after spending the entire day on the water. No billfish but we still had a great time.”

Daily Fishing Update – January 7, 2012

Our good friend Dan Pai was back on the water with Captain William and the famous Wanderer. He was joined by his son and they had an excellent day of rod-bendin’ inshore action.

They had a few early Bonita that served as excellent bait hunks, which in turn led to a half-dozen beautiful Jack Crevalles in the fishbox.

Great work by the Pai boys and the 31-foot Wanderer!

Daily Fishing Update – January 6, 2012

Betsy Parker and her party had a huge day on the famous Wanderer today highlighted by the first Rooster fish release of the season. Although this is not the biggest specimen of pez gallo we have seen down here, it’s still the fish of a lifetime for the inshore angler.

This one was estimated to weigh 25lbs. and she backed up that catch with a nice White tuna, three Bonitas and five Jack Crevalles between 15-25lbs.

Great inshore action from the big blue beauty called the Wanderer.

Daily Fishing Update – January 3, 2012

John Fitzgerald from Connecticut caught the first Striped Marlin of the season today on the 26-foot fish-fightin’ Explorer.

This rarest of all Marlin species weighed and estimated 200lbs. and was released alive and unstressed as always.

Excellent work by First Mate Carlos on the safe handling of this majestic fish.

It’s amazing how fast the fishing can turn down here…just yesterday Captain William of the Wanderer filed this unfortunate report: “Well, really slow today. We only had a sail on the teaser, but nothing. It’s too windy offshore and the water is green.” Now, Captain William can catch fish in a crock pot so if he says they ain’t bitin’ trust me they ain’t bitin’

Just a day later and Mr. Fitzgerald potentially fished himself right into the Hall of Fame. He backed up the Marlin release with this nice Jack on a topwater plug.

Check out this email we got from Mr. Fitzgerald: Hey Craig just wanted to let you know that Cap David and Carlos are a great team! They put me on a bunch of fish today including a 200 plus Striped Marlin!!! Pura Vida! Many thanks John Fitz”

Great work by Captain David, First Mate Carlos, John Fitzgerald and the unconquerable Explorer on the first Striped Marlin of the season.

Daily Fishing Update – January 3, 2012

Captain David and the Explorer got an early start today with client John Wellborn fishing at first light. They had lines in the water at 6:30am and got a few early-rising Bonita to use for bait.

The first good eatin’ fish was a White tuna weighing about 15lbs. After a few mystery nibbles, the Penn spinning rod screamed off its report and Mr. Wellborn roped in a 40lbs.+ Macarella (Spanish Mackerel in gringo). The early bird may get the worm, but on the Explorer the early fish get the hook!

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